OAS calls upon Venezuela to reconsider the April 22nd presidential elections


After months of awkward silence, the OAS has finally approved a resolution regarding the situation in Venezuela. The text presented by Argentina, Brazil, the United States of America, Mexico, Panama and Saint Lucia is, contrary to multilateral diplomacy fashion, short and sweet.

In a few paragraphs, the text expresses the region’s growing concern regarding the political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. It also “calls upon” the Venezuelan government to “reconsider” its call for presidential elections and to provide sufficient time as well as all necessary guarantees for a free, just, transparent and credible process.

But if you judged it by Venezuela’s Ambassador Samuel Moncada’s statement, you would think the resolution was calling for a full-fledged military invasion while the Marines were already positioned at the shores of La Guaira. If adopted, Moncada said, massive violence would be unleashed in the country and it would bring about a coup that would replace Maduro with a US-friendly government nothing new really.

This time, however, Moncada outperformed his mentor, Delcy Eloina, as his words reached new levels of cynicism and cruelty in the face of countless stories of hunger and lack of medicines we systematically hear and see every day: through sanctions, he argued, the US government has hijacked “billions of dollars” in oil revenue that could have been used to import medicines and food el pueblo needed. As if today’s massive shortages would have started only a few months ago.

After the typical procedural maneuvering to block the session, ably led by the soft spoken Ambassador of Bolivia, Diego Pary, the resolution was finally approved by 19 votes in favor and 8 abstentions, including those from traditional Bolivarian allies like Nicaragua, El Salvador and Ecuador. Only 5 voted against.  

It is the first time the Permanent Council clearly recognizes and addresses the severity of the humanitarian situation and asks the government to do something about it.

Though some might consider the resolution somewhat weak, is significant on several accounts.

First, it reflects that there is a much wider disposition to call on Maduro and his pals to basically stop doing whatever they want with the country, its people and its democracy. The regime’s tricks are becoming increasingly more difficult to disguise, particularly in the face of its illegal and murky dealings regarding the April 22 elections.

Second, it is the first time the Permanent Council clearly recognizes and addresses the severity of the humanitarian situation and asks the government to do something about it, including accepting international aid. This is a relevant point as the sheer magnitude of the humanitarian emergency is difficult to deny and even harder to hide. The mood around the neighborhood might well be expectation about who would be next in line to be hit with a wave of Venezuelan migrants that are fleeing the country in search of food, medicines and medical attention. And that includes the English speaking Caribbean. This was probably a factor, together with the decline in influence derived from a depleted petrochequera, which made some countries abstain during the voting.

And third, this vote with its 19 countries in favor, compared to previous ones, is certainly a milestone in terms of international support. Only a couple of years ago, a similar text wouldn’t have passed the test. Its general tone, concrete but far from aggressively demanding Venezuela to stop the elections and open a humanitarian corridor, facilitated this result.

So the wind seems to be blowing against the Bolivarian revolution, taking it deeper and deeper into international isolation. It would appear as if the era in which the region was under the spell of the Socialismo del Siglo XXI is coming to an end.

But let’s not fool ourselves thinking that this means the regime’s end is near.

This is another move on the board, though significant, in order to increase the pressure on Maduro and to make him and his regime responsible for what they do and don’t.

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  1. Blah..blah..blah..blah.. The freaking OEA, useless, almost as laughable, Zero Results anywhere. It should be called OEABZR: Organizacion de Estados Americanos Burocratas Zero Resultados.

    Along with the equally PATHETIC United Nations and its Senior Mercenary Advisors like the De Zayas crook.
    Has anyone in the OEABZR or the UNBZR confronted De Zayas about his flagrant report of non-existent humanitarian crisis in Klepto-Cubazuela? Anyone? From any country? Of course not.. They should all be ashamed of themselves, making big salaries just to TALK about starving people while letting them starve and kill each other.

    Let’s just hope that my buddy Rex notices all of these AEA and UN worthless clowns, including some flat-out mercenaries for hire, while he waits for the right moment to ACT. You see, unlike these useless international bureaucratic bullshit “prestigious” outfits, Rex is a man of few words.

    Of course, the Genecidal Tropical Tyranny will laugh at all this OEA hot air, and steal the bogus April 22nd election. The OEABZR and the UNBZR better shut the hell up when Rex decides to lay down the hammer after shut down the oil cash for Kleptozuela. Hopefully, that won’t be empty demagoguery talk, it will be the necessary concrete action with palpable results to knock off the Criminal Kleptocrats and bring in immediate humanitarian aid by full boatloads the very next day. See if the freaking OEA-BZR can at least help with that: take off the ties and jackets and go load some wheat and meat into humanitarian relief boats, after Rex hits Chavismo where it really hurts.

    • My vision is to shut down US oil imports, shut down Venezuela air space and parachute in tons and tons of medicines and staple food products by air while landing aid on shore as well. One massive assault of aid! A war of aid! An invasion!

      • The goons will just confiscate whatever comes on hsore, stash half for themselves and repackage the leftovers into CLAP bags taking whatever credit.

  2. “RESUELVE:” Absolutamente NADA.

    “1. Exhortar al Gobierno de Venezuela a que reconsidere la convocatoria de las
    elecciones presidenciales y presente un nuevo calendario electoral que haga posible la realización de
    elecciones con todas las garantías necesarias para un proceso libre, justo, transparente, legítimo y
    creíble, que incluya la participación de todos los partidos y actores políticos venezolanos sin
    proscritos de ninguna clase, observadores internacionales independientes, acceso libre e igualitario a
    los medios de comunicación, y con un Consejo Nacional Electoral cuya composición garantice su
    independencia y autonomía y que goce de la confianza de todos los actores políticos..

    Yeah, right. So after such flaky recomendations, Cabello, Tarek, Delcy and Padrino will fire TibiBitch, build a new, clean CNE, free Leopoldo, Ledezma and all others, activate their political parties plus Maria Corina and Capriles themselves, use a clean voting system (other than Rodriguez’s and Chavez’s Smartmatic, which by their own admission, Smartmatic’s Manager own admission, stole at least 1 million votes before), etc.

    Y las vacas de la OEA Vuelan.

    “2. Solicitar al Gobierno de Venezuela que implemente las medidas necesarias para
    evitar el agravamiento de la situación humanitaria, incluida la aceptación de la asistencia ofrecida
    por la comunidad internacional.”

    Aha, Juan. Cual crisis? Si las Naciones Unidas – UN – no ven crisis alguna.. Es la guerra economica gringa..

    “3. Mantenerse atento a la situación…”

    Eso si. Importantisimo. “Cuando llega mi cheque”? Y mis vacaciones en Europa, retiro? ..

    Unscrupulous Bureaucratic Leeches with infiltrated mercenaries for hire, that’s all they are at OEA and UN.

  3. Just counting votes, there seems to have been sideways movement, rather than progress towards invoking the Democratic Charter. Compared to the June 19, 2017 vote:

    Belize moved from Yes to Abstain

    Surinam moved from Abstain to No.
    Venezuela moved from Absent to No.

    San Cristobal (St. Kitts) y Nieves moved from No to Abstain
    Nicaragua moved from No to Abstain.

    Antigua and Barbuda moved from Abstain to Absent
    Grenada moved from Abstain to Absent.

    Nevertheless, as Naky pointed out, the resolution is much stronger than previously resolutions, so given the stronger resolution, the apparent sideways movement of the vote total is some form of progress.

  4. What could they have “Resolved”, at the very least?

    Something simple as this.

    “CONSIDERING the rushing of elections, systematic neutralization of opposition leaders and parties, including political prisoners. Considering the suspect nature of the electoral power CNE, clearly at the Dictatorship’s orders, Considering the electronic Smartmatic system has itself admitted previous massive fraud. Considering that it is impossible to reinstate these opposition leaders and parties, clean the CNE, and program International Inspectors in such short notice..


    – Demand postponement of this rushed election, for at least one more year, until transparent democratic voting conditions are in place. Leopoldo Lopez, Capriles, Ledezma, Maria Corina are enabled to participate as as candidates. Large International Inspectors delegation. Agree to the MUD demands from DR.


    If all of the above conditions are not met, and the premature, fraudulent elections carried out on April 22nd. The OEA will NOT recognize the results or validity of the self-declared government. Diplomatic and other sanctions would be immediately considered and applied.



  5. I could never be a politician. I read about some of the Caribean votes at the OAS and it made my stomach turn. Can you imagine voting to abstain or voting absent when people are oppressed and hungry just because your country received cheap oil treatments. Cynical and depressing.


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