Nicolás Jekyll, Nicolás Hyde

For Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Overjoyed by the certification of the world’s fourth largest gold mine here in Venezuela, but upset with the measures taken by Donald Trump against the petro. Buoyant with the handover, like the two millionth housing unit, but irritated by the sanctions against four officials of his administration. Claiming that housing construction is only possible in socialism, but denouncing that the anti-petro campaign started in the National Assembly. Saying that “the petro is unstoppable,” but condemning the persecution against his government, Nicolás morphed from one role to another, ignoring the contradictions in his messages, because it’s hard to be the prosperous candidate when you’re also the infamous president. Nicolás promised that the coming housing units will be financed with petros and cautioned the U.S. that the people will make them pay dearly for their evil. He also remarked that the carnet de la patria will be a requirement to obtain one of those houses. He memorably explained that Trump’s obsession with his regime is “induced by people who write to him on WhatsApp.” Brilliant.

Cards vs. carnets

Ignoring the World Electoral Freedom Index (WEFI) where Venezuela ranks 102th among the 198 countries in the study, describing us as a nation with an insufficient degree of electoral freedom, Henri Falcón presented his campaign team, announcing Claudio Fermín as its chief. His political manager, economist Francisco Rodríguez, restated the proposal of dollarizing the economy, adding the issuance of a solidarity debit card with a monthly $25 bonus for adults and $10 for children, which will be funded from the national budget. Falcón claimed that he fully agrees with the proposals of the Broad Front for a Free Venezuela and that he’s been talking daily with various leaders, so he celebrated diversity and difference as examples of democracy. He needs lots of training in spokesmanship and rhetoric in his main messages: after being re-elected as mayor and losing his third term straight as a governor, he incoherently claimed that he doesn’t want to rule for life. He should also set up a casting to choose more inspired talents if he wants to repeat the formula of using people as a background. Those he had yesterday always applauded after the audience and it’s a miracle they didn’t yawn.

And the National Assembly

Yesterday, Parliament condemned May 20 elections, approving an agreement to Ratify the Demand for Free and Transparent Elections in Venezuela, urging OAS countries not to recognize them, among other reasons because the change from April 22 to May 20 is evidence of the alliance between the Electoral Branch and the ANC. For the AN, this election constitutes a simulacrum “that seeks to provide the regime with an appearance of legality,” so OAS member states should join the demand for free, universal, direct and secret elections “that allow a democratic change in the country.”

No to the petro

Aside from the assertions in the article published by the Time magazine about the backing and help that Russian authorities provided to the petro as a way to sidestep American sanctions, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in Exile voided the cryptoasset, admitting a nullification request filed on January 8, with the argument that Nicolás is not currently the legitimate president of Venezuela (?) “thus he has no authority to issue decrees.” And so, the jurists based their decision on article 318 of the Constitution, establishing the bolivar as the only legal tender in Venezuela, which makes it “legally impossible to establish another national monetary unit, virtual or otherwise.” It would’ve been easier for them to say that the government can’t issue new debt supported by the country’s assets without the National Assembly’s approval. They also ordered the Armed Forces, judges, prosecutors and police officers to disregard the regime and to restore constitutional order and the rule of law, with actions that put an end to “injustice, arbitrariness, abuse and the violation of rights.”

If that were possible, they wouldn’t be in exile.

Meanwhile, the TSJ’s Constitutional Chamber notified the end of former mayor Enzo Scarano’s political disqualification.


  • While Donald Trump revealed his intentions to meet with Vladimir Putin soon, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that the U.S. will continue to assess the Venezuelan crisis and that they’re considering additional sanctions.
  • Mark Green, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), reported that they’ll immediately hand over $2.5 million to help Venezuelan citizens migrating to Colombia, to provide them with food and medicines. Colombia estimates that the daily attention for Venezuelans arriving to the country is $5. Nikki Haley, American ambassador before the UN, said that this humanitarian financing is based on the fact that our crisis is a threat for the stability of the entire region, explaining that the regime’s refusal to receive humanitarian aid “is only fueling the mass exodus.”
  • Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that he’ll keep working with the government of Brazil to recover democracy in Venezuela: “Once again, we urge president Nicolás Maduro to accept the humanitarian aid we’ve offered.” Michel Temer said that our situation affects all of Latin America: “What we want is political peace in Venezuela, full democracy during elections and the end of attacks against dissenters of the currently constituted regime,” Temer remarked.
  • Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said that The Hague will pay special attention to the defense of its Caribbean islands due to the regional instability prompted by Venezuela’s situation and immigration waves.
  • Tensions caused by the mass exodus already had a serious demonstration in Roraima (Brazil) after a Brazilian citizen, Eulis Marinho de Souza, was murdered in a bar fight between two Venezuelans (one of them also died) causing a group of people to assault a Venezuelan shelter, expelling them and burning their belongings. It was tough to hear them talk so soon about how fed up they are with “the Venezuelan invasion.”
  • The National Health Institute of Colombia also expressed its concern for the possible increase in Venezuelan-imported diseases. Although they trust the coverage of their vaccination campaigns, they’re hardly free from risk. Read the statement of UCAB’s Human Rights Center urging host countries to establish protective measures for Venezuelan migrants.
  • Lawmaker Julio Borges and Carlos Vecchio asked OAS chief Luis Almagro to take measures to help Venezuelans solve the political crisis, restating the need to create a humanitarian channel. During their stay in the U.S., Vecchio and Borges will meet with vice-president Mike pence.

In the first day that pensions are paid by ID card number, lines increased significantly. Ignoring the schedules for the new “programmed” power cuts, the government announced water rationing, as if it had ever ended. Imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab should change his “anti-corruption avenger” performance. The administration should issue an apology for so many years harboring so much corruption, it would be more sensible than announcing arrests in batches each week.

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  1. “…adding the issuance of a solidarity debit card with a monthly $25 bonus for adults and $10 for children, which will be funded from the national budget.”

    Woot! Free shit! More free shit from politicians who think that wealth “just appears” out of thin air.

    Does the moron know that there is no wealth to disperse? Or is he counting on the fact that Venezuelans who vote are unconcerned about the nuances of logic?

    This is why I have little hope for Venezuela. Morons like Henri Falcón will keep getting votes and nothing will change, because idiots keep voting themselves “free shit” that appears out of the ether.

    • As I write below, these measures and moronic words have one specific target demographic; the clueless, tragically under-educated, gullible, corruptible, hungry, desperate pueblo-people. These are career politicians, they are trained to lie. They know these are empty promises, surreal, designed to get votes from an astonishingly ignorant populace. People without strong moral values who are desperate enough, clueless enough to sell their souls for a few arepas or some coveted Huggies diapers. Do you think they have the slightest clue about basic economics, blatant populism, or simply that nothing’s for free? ZERO clue.

      That’s the Castro-Chavista Machiavellic plan in full fruition, working to perfection: Force most educated people out, impoverish the heck out of the remaining population, scare them to death so they don’t dare revolt, make them dependable, keep them busy surviving and looking for food, then bribe them. Y listo el pollo: Narco-Klepto Cubazuela has been served.

    • The only thing that may finally inspire the type of grass roots revolt that removes the regime from power is the people being convinced that they would get all kinds of “free stuff” if Maduro was out of power.
      When people are so incensed with not getting something for nothing that they take to the streets and don’t go home, things may change. They need to believe that the rigged election cheated them out of “getting theirs”.
      I think Falcon is part of the problem. If he were to win the election, the election would still be illegitimate due to the illegal ANC calling the election and the illegal disqualification of other candidates. At the same time, I hope Falcon makes every type of promise imaginable. Promise cars, I Phones, Houses, HD TV’s and anything else to everybody.
      I want the people that haven’t been motivated by the already appalling conditions to finally snap.
      If making unrealistic promises is what it takes, who cares?
      The US embassy should announce that visa applications will be accepted once Maduro is gone from power. This is not completely untrue. The inability to properly vet people coupled with the regime’s ties to Hezbollah are the major reasons that the US has ceased issuing visas to Venezuelans.
      The one thing the opposition has that they should be using to their advantage is the certain knowledge of how the “election” will turn out.
      Everyone knows that Maduro will be declared the winner. Using this to their advantage to invoke the reaction needed to remove this regime is what they should be focusing on. This ability to see into the future is a gift that the regime has given the opposition. They need to unite and have a consistent message of a bright future once Maduro is gone. Simply explaining that sanctions will be lifted and that the long road to rebuilding the country can begin, won’t work. The people need to think they will receive immediate benefits from Falcon’s victory.

      • Just what the U.S. needs. More Venezuelans.

        The State Department determines how many immigrant visas it issues for each country, and considering that 9 out of 10 Venezuelans coming to the U.S. on tourist visas overstay their dates, fat chance of the number of immigrant visas being increased.

  2. Nocolasno, Cabello, DelcyBitch, Padrino, they can all get away with being ‘contradictory’ and flat-out obvious liars because their audience is far less alert than Naky and far less knowledgeable than anyone with half a decent education. People are often still shocked at what these criminals have the nerve to say, fairy tales about ‘economic wars’, sabotages from the ultra-derecha fascita or that one must pray and dance to have electricity. They forget that they are not the intended audience for those Galactic Chavista Turds (GCT’s). They could not care less about what some “gringos” here or there may think. The Castrista doctrine is to confuse the average pueblo-people, utterly clueless, uninformed, uneducated, extremely gullible. The people that are left after most of the few educated ones left the hellhole they purposefully created for them to leave. Zombies, very simple, poor, clueless people. The are the remaining masses they insist on lying to to, confusing them with complicated financial ruses as the Klepto-Petro (if educated people have trouble understanding Crypto Currencies and Blockchains, imagine Wilmer Ramon or Maikel Jose trying to grab the concept). That’s who Masburro talks to when he talks about chickens with chickens on national TV.

  3. Missing the biggest Venezuela news of the day, the U.S. arrest of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. Google News his name. This is BIG, dead bodies and all.

  4. Missing the biggest Venezuela news of the day, the U.S. arrest of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. Google News his name. This is BIG, dead bodies and all.

  5. Missing the biggest Venezuela news of the day, the U.S. arrest of Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad. Google News his name. This is a huge story, dead bodies and all.

  6. The 4th largest ore resource in the world eh. Well it is based on PEA and uses only indicated and measured resources. Inferred resources can’t be included. To convert the resources to a proven and probable reserve, which might actually make economic success will take a lot of drilling and time. The PEA is exactly what it says it is, preliminary. The economic parameters are derived from estimates of what the costs might be and are not precise. +/- 25% at best. Nobody would finance a project of this size without completing a bankable feasibility study which tighten up the estimates. considerably. Lots of time and money. Even if a production decision was made today it would take 3 years at least for commercial production. My estimate provided things go smoothly is at least 7 years from today. Drilling, environmental studies, indigenous consultation, engineering studies, procrumeent of equipment, social issues such as all the illegal miners, training of staff, financing. It goes on and on and having worked in Venezuela it is not easy. Gold Reserve can’t take short cuts nor can most foreign companies outside of China or Russia without legal problems in their domiciles countries. NGO court actions could tie them up for years.

    Venezuela claims t have the worlds largest certified oil reserves, whatever that means without any ability to extract them and actually receive more than the cost of production. Their “certified” gold resource isn’t any different

    • “….outside of China or Russia…” But those are the countries that Chavismo is relying on for a financial lifeline (of course, for expertise and additional manpower needed for repression and propaganda, they rely on Cuba).

  7. For you Falsonistas and anti-Falsonistas out there: an interesting rumor/scenario.

    CastroChavistas are organizing a “golden life raft” for the rats, yet trying to remain rojo rojita in miraflores post 5/20.

    Maduro is going to take the fall and Falson will be the next prez.

    Even more interesting: MRod Torrez, LOD, Rafa Ramirez and other “ex-Chavistas” will be in his cabinet. So all along this was Pure Show and something organized under the table. Hopefully the golden life raft sinks.

    Nevertheless an interesting rumor from El filosofo Maracucho.

  8. Could have sworn I said a couple of weeks ago that the regime will surprise everyone again by doing the unthinkable – running an honest election, counting all the votes, and losing! They’ll then make a graceful, woeful, tearful concession speech, legitimately claim political asylum in Cuba to shield them from prosecution, build a resort community on the coast, and then, irony of ironies, the Cuban regime will grow jealous and expropriate their villas, move five poor Cuban families into each of them to breed chickens, and turn their resort community olympic pool into a fish hatchery.

    Um … It’s so nice to know everyone is reading whatever I post!

  9. In my opinion, the Regime has no intention of losing any election–losing control, even if only superficially for publicity reasons, is not in the Castro-Communist playbook. The mythical Bravo “Pueblo” will literally continue to starve to death before rising up against Ven. military/Colectivos force–and, forget about them voting for extravagant Oppo freebies in TOTALLY RIGGED elections. The final solution is Ven. military uprising (preferred, but difficult due to Cuban G-2 penetration/control/purges), or U.S. military intervention (a surgical-only strike wont cut it–the Castro-Narco-Communist cancer is too widely spread, and, if not excised soon, will inevitably spread to other largely poor/Have-Not LA nations in the U.S.’s backyard).

    • I agree with you NET, and it is best to plan for the Pueblo Chimbo vs. CastroChavistas till the bitter end (and only Caracazo 2.0 will unseat them)… but this would be an interesting scenario to see play out– and we always have to be on the lookout for the trampa with whatever they do.

      BTW godgiven hair was celebrating last night Kuczynski’s exit. Hope this will not change the tone at the Cumbre.

    • If Venezuela succeeds in deposing the current regime, as I said months ago, your comparatively small country could turn into a world leadership example of how to turn back oppression. What form of government Venezuela would establish is up to you, but I would hope it is something along the lines of what Chile has done.


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