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Jorge Rodríguez continues his mission of granting interviews to change the perception about the government. This time he spoke to BBC Mundo. Journalist Juan Paullier didn’t make it easy for him to dispatch the questions about our crisis with lies and denials. I’ll spare you his parroting about the economic war and induced inflation, so let’s focus on the best argument he could come up with to explain why Nicolás is the best candidate to solve the crisis that he himself caused: because he’s loyal to Chávez! Defining chavismo as “highly self-critical,” he mentioned three variables: social missions slowed down (but the carnet de la patria saved us); the rentier model (which they’ll tackle by producing what we consume) and the drop in oil output, explained solely by corruption. At a political level, Rodríguez has no criticism for chavismo, but he does have some for the opposition leadership, those who “don’t recognize chavismo as a social, political and spiritual force.” Raúl Castro did a better job in his “acknowledgement of mistakes” published yesterday.

Denials and lies

Rodríguez denied that the Executive blocked the National Assembly’s authority and called the opposition racist; he denied the political disqualifications of opposition leaders, he lied about Leopoldo López’s case and about the imposed revalidation process for opposition parties. He had the nerve to claim that child mortality and shortage issues have dropped, celebrating that in Venezuela, public services are free, a simple explanation for their current collapse. He denied blackouts and defended the efficiency of the health system; he denied human rights violations; he claimed that branch autonomy isn’t compromised because it’s established in the Constitution and restricted the need for humanitarian aid to wars and catastrophes, saying that the only help they need is for sanctions to be lifted. It was beautiful to see him talk about distorted readings and twisted truths, about psychological and media warfare against Venezuela, but without mentioning chavismo’s own actions. Hooray for Juan Paullier. Shame on Jorge.

Sovereigns and petros

Yesterday, Central Bank chairman Ramón Lobo presented the monetary reconversion proposal before the ANC’s Economy Committee, as if they had any authority on that regard, once again sidestepping the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, one of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bitfinex, reported that they won’t include the petro in their transactions, due to its features and the sanctions weighing on it.

A notable detail about the petro is that the minimum investment to buy it was fixed at 1,000 euros (for 20 petros), which is why it’s strange that Nicolás wants it to become a method for Venezuelans to pay for goods and services.

Additionally, Twitter announced that they will ban advertisement for initial cryptocurrency offers on their platform, mirroring similar restrictions adopted by Google and Facebook. This announcement hit the price of bitcoin, one of the most popular virtual currencies.

The looming horror

Five national guards were arrested by the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM) for the kidnapping of two young men in Puerto Cabello, Carabobo.

Crime journalist Román Camacho tweeted:

The men were at the beach when they were approached by the guards, who asked them what they were doing there. Ignoring the reply, the guards fabricated the story that they were going to steal copper wiring in the area; they beat them and took them on a GN truck. Later, they demanded that the men give them the address to their homes, as well as the payment of Bs. 60 million and a pack of diapers for their release. The guards threatened to kill one of them and shoot at their house if they didn’t comply. Then, they released one of them to cover the demands, calling him from time to time to pressure him, while beating the other one. The released victim reported the incident to DGCIM agents and they coordinated the release, arresting the guards and rescuing the other man.

The involvement of police and military officers in this kind of crimes is increasingly frequent, sadly.


  • Kim Jong-Un’s visit to Beijing is perceived as a significant step toward North Korean preparations for the talks agreed with South Korea and the United States. Kim guaranteed Xi Jinping that he’s committed to denuclearization.
  • Venezuela hasn’t offered to use petros to pay its debts with Russia, according to the chief of the state debt department of the Russian Finance Ministry, Konstantin Vyshkovsky.
  • The Center for a Secure and Free Society released a report detailing the activities of the extremist group Hezbollah in the world, and showing Venezuela as an epicenter of this terrorist group’s operation in Latin America. U.S. national security analyst Joseph Humire says that Venezuela is one of the essential territories used by the Islamic organization, with the support of the Venezuelan government, adding that, besides ours, Hezbollah uses other nations to engage in smuggling, establish operation centers and obtain financing to train their troops.
  • Lawmaker Delsa Solórzano asked the parliamentarians gathered at the plenary of the Inter Parliamentary Union to raise their voice and demand the opening of a humanitarian channel to bring medicine and food to Venezuela. In their speech, the Spanish delegation said: “Venezuela has gone from being the model democracy in Latin America to becoming a failed state.”
  • In 2016, Latin America was declared free of measles, but a new outbreak in Venezuela combined with the massive exodus threatens both that declaration and neighboring nations: Brazil now has 14 confirmed cases and Colombia three, all of them Venezuelan.
  • AP released and interesting work about the enormous challenge that waraos represent for Brazilian authorities charged with accommodating thousands of Venezuelans crossing the border. Not only do they arrive with more health problems than the rest, the sensible cultural and linguistic differences have forced the authorities to establish shelters exclusively for them. Brazil hopes they’ll be able to return to their lands, because integrating them to their society isn’t a realistic prospect. Read it when you can.

Hopefully, Enrique Ochoa Antich will come up with better statements in the future. The ones he offered yesterday were regrettable, unless his goal was not to “add votes” for Henri Falcón.

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  1. “Losing touch with reality”.

    After this erroneous and misleading title, Naky’s report is accurate. Too many people in the media and elsewhere say in the that the Kleptozuelan Tropical Narco-Tyrants have “lost touch with reality”. That they are just clueless, misinformed, incompetent, or one of my favorite criollo words “desubicados”.. Ubiquense, coño, ubiquense!” or so they claim. Even the pathetic MUD “opposition” keeps regurgitating such load of crap. As if they just didn’t know how to govern any better.. A retarded MONKEY could govern better.

    Hell no. They know exactly where they are. They know exactly what’s going on, the humanitarian crisis they thrive on, the hunger they planned, created and maintain, the dependency on Clapcraps and state id’s for leeches, the economic rules dictated by Castrismo such as exchange controls, the destruction of private property, the massive brain-drain and immigration they LOVE to cause, all part of the integral Master Plan of complete Cubanization of Kleptozuela. Not only they know exactly what’s going on in every town, they planned it carefully long ago, and executed the plan almost to perfection. Divide, impoverish people, kick the best people out, control the corrupt military and all branches and then, disguise themselves as a “democracy”.

    That’s the only reason why bloody mega-criminals as Rodriguez even spend time overseas with their bullshit propaganda, trying to appease clueless media like “El Pais” that there’s some normalcy in the kleptozuelan hellhole. They have not lost touch with any reality at all, they just follow what Cuba has done for 6 decades, LIE, and then LIE some more, with the same old lies about “Economic Wars”, “interventionism” and the evil Gringo Empire.. Guess what, Millions of clueless Pueblo-People are ignorant enough to believe some of those galactic turds, and millions of people overseas, better educated but far away, might also believe such deliberate, carefully concocted lies. Son menos pendejos de lo que parecen. They just have certain clueless Target Audiences in mind. Not you. Or anyone reasonably educated and informed. Their audiences are gullible, clueless, and they are everywhere, from the United Nations fanciest lobby to the filthiest Petare shantytown with 5 million of zombie-sheep inhabitants.

    • I can’t add anything — so sad and true! You always know what leftists are guilty of: just listen to their accusations toward others.

    • I had reached the same conclusion four years ago:

      “” start of quote “”

      All the regime cares about are two things :
      – To keep its hands on oil money, a concentrated source of wealth which is easy to control and divide between the members of the regime.
      – To destroy any existing actual or potential counter-power that may challenge its grasp on oil and prevent any new counter-power from emerging.

      The poorer the country, the better for the regime. Poor people are easy to control and repress. Poor people may revolt once in a while but they don’t run revolutions or overthrow regimes. As long the process of lumpenization of the population does not trig an insurrection too large to be contained or repressed, the poorer, the better. It only has to be done slowly, so people get progressively used to chaos, destitution and helplessness, just like the proverbial frog swimming in its pot on the stove, just like Venezuelans for the past 15 years.

      Remember, for an oppressive regime, when a large rent like oil is available, your countrymen are no longer a resource you need to control soviet or Mao-style and make work at your benefit through coercion or conviction. They are just people you don’t care about and who just happen to stand on your oil. They are a mere hindrance, an encumbrance you just need to neutralize or eliminate.

      “” end of quote “”

      Now, as of today, I’m not so sure.

      They are succeeding remarkably well at objective (2), making sure there’s no one left to oppose them. But given how badly they are failing at objective (1), controlling and keeping the oil flowing, I’m starting to have some serious doubts.

      They may well be simply stupid. Just depraved looters, simply plundering what they can put their hands on today, without the merest whiff of a thought for the long term outcome.

  2. The involvement of police and military officers in this kind of crimes is increasingly frequent, sadly.
    Probably more frequent these days, as salaries haven’t kept up with hyperinflation. but not something Venezuela hasn’t been experiencing for a long time- albeit not at current frequencies. When you put “20% of crimes in Venezuela committed by policemen” into a search engine (without quotes), you get a a lot of hits. One example: Military and Police Corruption: Venezuela’s Growing Evil.

    In 2009, Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami said that 20 percent of crimes in Venezuela are committed by police officers and, despite a lack of statistics, general perception is that those numbers have since increased. That perception has been fed by cases like the January 2015 arrest of 11 judicial police officers who were holding a local merchant for ransom in their police station.

    Will there be a reckoning?

  3. Naky, you are the one losing touch with reality. Stop all these gossipings and stupid reporting on nothing. Please work something productive. How do you keep up with corruption without being corrupted yourself? Thanks

    • lapuremerde, apparently you missed out on the sample of hydrogen sulfide released by Amuay. It would clear your mind (as an alternate you use di-borane or hydrogen cyanide). You should take some to Mad Ernie and Tarek, the three of you can snort them with some crack, Best Wishes

    • Thus spake the reasoned voice of the Chavist sycophant… blathering on at the keyboard, when he could be doing something “useful and productive” in ChavismoLand.

      Slow day at Aporrea, lapuremerde?

    • I think this guy isn’t like marc, i dont know if he’s paid or anything, but it’s obvious he isn’t even putting some effort, considering his name is french for “la pura mierda” or “pure shit”.

  4. And as we all know, a hallmark of a highly self-critical spiritual force is the need to put posters saying you should not say bad things about the dead guru, right Mr. Rodriguez?

  5. To people like Rodriguez reality is unimportant , what’s important is what can be done to change peoples PERCEPTION of reality thru outright lies, deception , misinformation , defamation and any other means , for that it is sometimes useful to adopt self delusional stances that try to replace reality with some make believe fantasy if only to make yourself sound more convincing ……they ‘had a lot of practice but the flood of information and on the spot witness reports and miles and miles of films and huge photo coverage of whats happening in Venezuela is so overwhelming that theyve lost whatever credibility they might have had in the past …..if you travel to almost any country and meet with ordinary people, when they learn you come from Venezuela their response is one of conmmiseration for what Venezuela is going through , I can vouch for this personally as can many relatives and friends that have been abroad in recent times …….!! They have to keep going with their fake smiles and lies , mostly in order to save some last shred of tattered credence for that audience which is Venezuelas current ruling clique and their few remaining hard line followers inside the country !! For the rest its all a cruel exercise at trying to dupe people that already know the score…!!

    • Bill B.,

      It was the Communist’s propensity to deny reality that led Author Ayn Rand to call her philosophy “Objectivism”. We have to remember that Chavismo did not invent this playbook. It originated in the Russian Communist Revolution and has been continuously refined since by many players, including the Nazis. Chavismo inherited their copy from Castro. The most central theme in all versions is the denial of an objective reality… the idea that “truth” is whatever the State says it is.

  6. “don’t recognize chavismo as a social, political and spiritual force.”

    Except a “force” is not a thing in itself, rather is known and recognized by it’s results in the real world. The results are a failed state – of that we may be sure. If the results are attributed to external forces, then the force in charge (Chavismo) was not up for the task. To my knowledge, there is no known historical evidence that Chavismo style socialismo has ever rendered the utopia which it promises, rather it has always resulted in financial and social disaster. The insanity is in believing the model will result in something different then current day Venezuela. That’s what make Rodriguez – despite the suit and tie and cock and bull – the very model of insanity.

    But this is academic. The question, now, is what to DO about it.

  7. Jorge Rodríguez is the brother of Delcy Rodríguez
    It is no surprise that they are related. This is what happens when first cousins marry.
    I wasted a few moments reading the article on BBC Mundo. It just as well could have been an interview with Joseph Goebbels in 1939.
    “The Minister for Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, said in an interview with BBC Mundo at the Venezuelan embassy in Paris that if Venezuelan sovereignty was respected, “without a doubt” they would accept assistance, …”
    In other words If the humanitarian aid is controlled by the regime. No country except Russia or China is going to hand the regime aid and naively expect it to actually get to the most needy people.
    last week General Padrino stated that there would be no humanitarian aid channel opened until international sanctions were lifted.
    Speaking of Russia, what happened to the endless supplies of wheat that was promised to the regime? Russia had a bumper grain harvest this past year and may have become the world’s number 1 exporter.
    The bakeries should be giving bread away.

  8. If it is a force it is a toxic and destructive one , it is of course political in nature but rooted in the narcissistic personality and rethorical and histrionic abilities of the defunct Mr Chavez , casting a shadow that still darkens the countrys fate. It caters to certain ideological conceits for display purposes but the end goal is the adquisitioon and retention of absolute power as an end in itself …….it cannot have of course any claim to spirituality unless one thinks that spirituality is showcasing of the cheapest sentimentality and the most brutal cult of raw force and violence.


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