Bernal’s OLP

For Monday, May 14, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Photo: @VPITV

On Friday Night, the head of Fedenaga, Carlos Albornoz, denounced the death “in irregular circumstances” of cattle farmer Carlos Manuel Tarazona (AKA Cocha), owner of a slaughterhouse in Rubio municipality, Táchira State.

Shortly after, governor Laidy Gómez demanded on Twitter an official version of the incident, because “the strange conditions of his death” had caused consternation in the population. On social networks, people blamed the murder on Urban Agriculture Minister Freddy Bernal, who was appointed “protector” of Táchira, a role invented by chavismo to impose trumped-up authorities on those democratically elected. On Saturday morning, Bernal issued a statement —still without electricity, as is usual in Táchira— claiming that Mr. Tarazona had an arrest warrant against him because “he was financing paramilitary groups at the border and he was also financing right-wing groups,” adding that most of the cattle he slaughtered “was smuggled across the border,” that he altered the price of meat in the area at leisure and calling him a “mobster and a paramilitary”. He claimed that Tarazona fired against the commission that went to look for him and that they had to fire back.

The minister’s entire statement was a justification of the incident’s conclusion but not an explanation; a justification of an OLP-like death.

The silent Prosecutor’s Office

Beatriz Tarazona, daughter of the victim, denied Bernal’s version and denounced the murder and the robbery they suffered afterwards. The Ombudsman’s Office has become increasingly useless with time, so any expectations about its actions is almost null. But imposed prosecutor general Saab, so slow with matters of the nation’s embezzlement, has been even less effective in ordering an investigation to solve this incident. Meanwhile, lawmaker Delsa Solórzano, head of the National Assembly’s Interior Policy Committee, announced that they’ll open an investigation on Tarazona’s case and pointed out that lawmaker Franklin Duarte even went to the morgue with the farmer’s family.

The right to life doesn’t depend on whether a citizen is good or bad, that’s why Freddy Bernal’s testimony about the case and later statements issued from Táchira State are so hard to believe. We can add his walks alongside men with long weapons and no uniforms, and we can forget about Westworld.

The walking dead

Diosdado Cabello spoke this Sunday about the May 20 process. According to him, the fact that the opposition won’t participate —aside from the disqualification of political leaders and parties and the disregard for the negotiation process in the Dominican Republic— shows that they knew they wouldn’t win, and he also spoke of “the human miseries,” which prevented them from agreeing on a single candidacy. And so, he said that non-participation is influenced by the United States, by an “imperialism” that’s currently “on a radical phase,” and cautioned that the U.S. won’t be able to prevent the May 20 process. Relieved because migration of Venezuelans “isn’t the revolution’s fault,” blaming it on a campaign against self-esteem which “has turned a certain amount of people into zombies.” He had the gall to urge migrants to return and say that they won’t allow any humanitarian channel because “Venezuela has money to pay for whatever it needs.” Who produces it?

Giveaways, the common strategy

The fury in social media over the elections is endless. In the street, as Michael Penfold aptly sums up, people suffer the vertigo of hyperinflation in the price of food.

According to him: “Any other recent experience in Latin America pales in comparison to the speed of this process. It’s clear that we’re on the brink in Venezuela.” Meanwhile, candidate Javier Bertucci keeps giving away soups, hiring entertainers for children and offering free haircuts in all of his events. Henri Falcón throws Bs. 50 and Bs. 100 banknotes and announces Claudio Fermín as his vice-president. Nicolás keeps putting up useless exercises on Facebook Live, promising the delivery of CLAP boxes, more benefits paid for with State funds and revealing a plan for May 20: PSUV carnet holders must vote early so they can later take another person to vote “at noon or in the afternoon.” And while National Electoral Council authority Luis Emilio Rondón called people to vote en masse, the audience of a concert of the Venezuela Symphonic Orchestra expressed their rejection to next Sunday’s process.

The core of the opposition’s dilemma remains the same: neither abstention nor turnout will be massive.


More people dead and wounded, as well as serious property damage, was the balance of clashes between protesters, the National Police and paramilitary groups (Sandinista Youth and “hordes” aligned with Ortega) in Masaya on Saturday. A doctor of the volunteer brigades working in Masaya told AFP that 25 people wounded were attended in a single medical post alone, several of them with bullet wounds. The Nicaragua Human Rights Center (CENIDH) condemned the repression and demanded that the government order the police “to stop firing against the people.”

The Chief of the Public Relations Division of the Nicaraguan Army, colonel Manuel Guevara, denied that Army forces are being used for repression and rejected the “manipulated reports that seek to show us repressing” protests, adding that the Army believes “that dialogue is the solution.” This statement was disseminated as a declaration of distance between the Army and Daniel Ortega whom, far from his usual long speeches, merely read a communiqué to claim that “peace is the path and the only door for cohabitation and the respect of calm and security for everyone,” demanding an end to bloodshed, as of he wasn’t the one responsible for it. The period that the Church gave the government to show “credible signs” to support the call for dialogue ended last night.


  • White House national security adviser John Bolton said that the U.S. is willing to increase pressure and exposure “about what’s really happening in Venezuela”; saying that what has taken place in Venezuela under the governments of Chávez and Maduro is “a tragedy.”
  • Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero said that, after May 20, the Executive will decide whether they’ll appoint another ambassador to Venezuela, adding that it’s paramount to send clear signals to the Venezuelan government that “patience is running out in many countries (…) that neighboring countries are also suffering this situation and this migration. They cannot treat an entire country that way.”
  • A court in Curaçao authorized ConocoPhillips to seize $636 million in PDVSA assets. Reuters reported last Friday that PDVSA was preparing to shut down the Isla refinery.
  • Peru’s Immigration office announced that Venezuelans who are processing their request to receive the Temporary Stay Permit (PTP) in the country, will be issued the “Extraordinary-Provisional Work Permit Certificate” for free. The rule will come into force on May 21.
  • This Sunday, Mariano Rajoy and Juan Manuel Santos expressed their “great concern” for Venezuela and agreed on the need to find a democratic solution to the crisis.
  • Bolivian President Evo Morales denounced that the U.S. and the OAS are implementing “a plan to defeat Venezuela” before May 20, adding that they’ll “attempt to carry out a military invasion” after the elections, with the support of the Armed Forces of neighboring countries.

This Monday, May 15, the Lima Group meets in Mexico. According to Foreign Minister Ampuero, today’s “must be a statement with a new quality, a new level” and it must be accompanied with measures that have a concrete impact.

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  1. More people dead and wounded, as well as serious property damage, was the balance of clashes between protesters, the National Police and paramilitary groups (Sandinista Youth and “hordes” aligned with Ortega) in Masaya on Saturday.

    Back in the day, the Sandinista hordes were known as turbas divinas. Jeffry House, with his experience of Sandinismo, could inform us. Haven’t heard from Mr. House in quite some time.

  2. “Bolivian President Evo Morales denounced that the U.S. and the OAS are implementing “a plan to defeat Venezuela” before May 20, adding that they’ll “attempt to carry out a military invasion” after the elections, with the support of the Armed Forces of neighboring countries.”


    Damn, I wish this guy could be right at least this one time.

    • Meh. The Chavistas and their lapdogs in the revolution have been predicting the imminent invasion of Venezuela for the last 20 years. Like that preacher in California (Camping?) who kept saying the end was nigh… and each time he was wrong, more and more of his followers left his flock. (Until HE finally died!)

      Morales, Chavez and Maduro haven’t been right on anything, ever. Why would they get so lucky at to be correct now?

      What is really a shame is that the Chavist voters don’t keep track of the number of times that their leadership is wrong. They would have LONG since abandoned Chavismo.

  3. “White House national security adviser John Bolton said that the U.S. is willing to increase pressure and exposure “about what’s really happening in Venezuela”; saying that what has taken place in Venezuela under the governments of Chávez and Maduro is “a tragedy.”

    Things are about to get exciting in Kleptozuela after the election fraud. Methinks Pompeo, Bolton and Trump have been waiting for things to clear up in the region, including Colombia, Mexico, Brasil, Cuba and Nicaragua. Now that things look more stable, with Chavismo and Populism looking much worse, the USA will tighten up concrete economic sanctions against Nicolasno’s Regime, convincing India to join them in shutting down the oil/gasoline cash completely. With Chile, Colombia, Argentina and the Peru group joining in, plus Macron and the EU supporting these severe actions.

    After that doesn’t work in kicking out the genocidal tyranny out, after some popular protests Nicaraguan style, repressed by the Guardia Nazional, after the economic conditions get even worse and the last million people flee, then I still think it’s in the USA’s interest, and the Region’s interest to intervene militarily and remove that cancer. Briefly, well planned, coordinated with some military malcontents and MUD insiders. Only because it’s in their geo-political and economic interests, not because of humanitarian aid or moral crap, mind you. And if it finally happens, even this year, it will be short and sweet, few troops, gone in a couple weeks, to leave the Mudcrap with that Kleptozuelan mess in their hands. Things are about to heat up real quick after the fraud.

  4. Except, there is nothing, no opposition, waiting in the wings to take control and bring stability. If there is an intervention things will quickly collapse (the little still functioing) into more chaos, civil war, collectivos acting as war lords, (more) massive emigration, etc. Another possible Iraq/Syria in Gringoland backyard. Remember, if you break it you own it.

    • Pompeo and friends are probably working on some “stabilizing international force”, with the Peru 12, Brasil and Duque in Colombia to guard the borders, Macron is all for it too. There would be a temporal transitional phase with corrupt military, Sebin and Collectivos trying to regain power, a mess, sure. But with enough “allied” tanks out there in the major cities (a few dozen would suffice) and an international “peace force” for the transition it wouldn’t be “civil war”. And the opposition would take over, as weak and divided as they are, Maria Corina and Leopoldo Lopez would jump in in no time.

      There’s a big difference between the Catholic, rather peaceful typical Venezuelan “pueblo” — and Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. Those are freaking religious fanatics that have been fighting all their lives. Yes, there would be turmoil and “war lords” in the poor barriadas, and tough towns, Petare, La Boyera, Guatire.. But they have been at war anyway for years, they know each other. Venezuela would never be another Afghanistan or Syria. Totally different scenarios and different people. No Jihad in Kleptozuela..

      • There will be no “stabilizing international force” that includes the United States. Mainly because there is nothing in Venezuela worth dying for.

        El Pueblo love Chavez. They might think that Maduro needs to go, but they would happily put up with (fill in the blank VZ MUD moron) if they promised Chavismo 2.0. A close look at all the political parties that constitute MUD bear that out. All of them are Socialistic.

        Uncle Sam works his magic via subterfuge. I can assure you that by this time next year, if Maduro is still in power, Venezuela won’t be pumping out a gallon of oil. As such, Uncle Sam needs to do nothing except wait and allow Maduro to do all of the hard work.

        • Guapo I think the policy makers in Washington are thinking the same thing. However, a humanitarian intervention, such as blue helmets coming in should not be ruled out of the equation. But yes, most intelligent policy makers in this world know this shit will implode and then the question is who will pick up the pieces.

  5. Claudio Fermin!!!… If Hollywood pick this up, the potential movie or documentary titles would go like this:

    “The Zombie Apocalypse, When Venezuelan Hopes Landed on a Bunch of Dead People (and Dead Ears)”
    “520 F-Day”
    “Black Death, The Falson Electoral Ticket”
    “30 Years of Solitude, When Fermin Rebuilt the Downtown Walkways and Lived to Become Vice-President”
    “When AD Met PSUV”
    “(H)Jalando Bola Se Llega Lejos, La Historia de Dos Discimiles Politicos Que Pasaron a la Historia”
    “Fermin, The Last Adeco”
    ” Aristobulo & Caludio, VP Black Chicks”

  6. I’m still willing to take bets!!!!

    I bet the good old US of A will NEVER EVER intervene military in Venezuela. …. EVER!!!! Nor will any of the neighbouring countries. … EVER!!!!

    • Uncle doesn’t need to. Maduro will do all the hard work.

      Besides, Uncle knows how to monkey wrench. He knows who to pay. I would wager you could find 500 PsVSA faithful who would jump at the chance to put a few tidy little packages next to some valves in Amuay in exchange for a passport, Boca condo and $100,000 tax free.

      A single Chinook doesn’t get off the ground for less than $50,000 AvGas. A condo and fat checking account is a bargain for Uncle!

  7. True story: You know what the tough-talking Diosdado Cabello did during the last coup d’etat? Pissed his pants. Chabestia and all the rest were also scared to death. Padrino would probably ruin his pants even more at the first sight of a Seal Team 6 marine.

  8. “Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero said that… it’s paramount to send clear signals to the Venezuelan government.”

    Further proof that the world will let Vz stew and spiral further downward. This is the natural order — anacyclosis can not be reversed.

    • It is safe to say that few Foreign Ministers have the background of Roberto Ampuero. A member of Communist Youth during the Allende years, he escaped to East Germany after the coup. In East Germany he fell in love with the daughter of a member of Castro’s Nomenklatura. They moved to Cuba and married. Some years later, disillusioned with Real Existing Socialism as practiced in Cuba, he finagled a scholarship to East Germany, and several years later escaped to West Germany. He later became an author. Nuestros años verde olivo is a memoir of his time in Cuba. He is best known for his detective novels featuring Cayetano Brulé.Roberto Ampuero: One Man’s Escape from Communism’s Clutches.

      As far as I can tell, only one of his books- The Neruda Case- has been translated into English.

  9. What Gringo 2 said: If you break it, you own it.

    That’s exactly the reason other nations have not physically opposed Chavismo and forced change: It puts the “meddlers” on the hook for the restoration process, which judging from the pueblo’s inaction, isn’t wanted in the first place. No one can “win” a battle the locals are unwilling to fight themselves.

    • That’s why MR talks Marshall Plan–there’s no other way–and for this to even begin, a thorough housecleaning is necessary; better to clean a Venezuelan house in the relatively near future, than face the impossibility of a Regional housecleaning much later….

    • “the onslaught from ConocoPhillips and the loss of the Caribbean facilities could result in oil production declines of as much as 500,000 bpd, according to the WSJ, plus even more from U.S. sanctions. The baseline assumption from most oil analysts is that PDVSA is already set to lose hundreds of thousands of barrels per day over the course of the rest of this year. But creditor actions and U.S. sanctions alone could make the production losses dramatically worse for Venezuela.”

      Where are CC Oil experts? They seem to be allergic to PDVSA.. Few people have the numbers. From the little I heard, the only legal cash Kleptozuela gets these days are from the USA and India. That’s it. About $55/day, total. The rest of the oil is mortgaged to Russia, China… They get zero cash on that.

      My theory is they don’t care much about oil anymore. They know the production will keep decreasing, expect lawsuits like this one, expect the USA to lay down the hammer and shut the oil cash, dragging India along. Just watch. The major forms of Cash nowadays are the Stupendous Drug Trade, way bigger than oil for years now. (Another topic CC seems to be allergic to) – The Drug Cash Revenue could well be above $200/day, wild guess. Cash. No one knows. Plus the enormous Food Scams, Finance mega-scams, “vivienda” and bogus construction scams… THAT is where the easy cash comes from these days. Not from the Chinese and Russian oil, or the little $55 Mill that keeps declining until Pompeo shuts it down.

      That’s why I think even the most draconian economic sanctions including oil and gasoline will work. The Chavista Mega-Thieves will hang on to power without the $55 Mill. They’ll increase the drug trade and many other huge Guisos, as they’ve been doing for years and repress the “pueblo” left militarily. Other sources of income now include the galactic Gold Scams and the Billions coming in Remittances they’ll start stealing too in multiple ways. They’ll just a bit more force, as Cuba did, keeping the poor people left poorer and poorer, enchufados and/or corrupt themselves, or just surviving on remesas from about $4 Million workers now living overseas. Oil? They don’t care so much about that.

      • “.. oil sanctions will NOT work..” The only thing that would work is FORCE. Only if the USA and others determine it’s in their own global interests to intervene for a short while.

      • Poeta, check out this audio:

        In my opinion: Maduro is going to take the bus over the cliff and this will set off a massive migration to other countries who are fed up with Vene migration. The group of 12 already know this is going to happen. Zombie apocalypse in VE in June July once PDVSA goes belly up. And then Humanitarian Intervention when NO HAY ES NO HAY!!!!! but it has to get really really bad first.

        or is this a G2 psyop to keep people off the streets? and otherwise just a bunch of worthless monkeys here in kleptozuela and the gringos hablan puro paja and too concerned with an embassy in Jerusalem than cleaning up their own back yard? Thus Cubazuela for next century and just throw in the towel?

        The feeling here is that it is just unsustainable, no f$*king leaders on any side, but the pressure cooker will eventually explode, and just got to pick up the mess after the explosion.

        BTW thanks for reply for previous post

        M20 I am going to be doing a cacerolazo with wife and kids and stay at home all day that shitty day. Otherwise just prepping for the zombie apocalypse here with friends and family. I just want this shit to explode sooner than later and pray good will conquer evil.

  10. “A court in Curaçao authorized ConocoPhillips to seize $636 million in PDVSA assets.”

    Hey, VennyTrader! Lecture us less-than-adult-lawyers, one more time, why ConocoPhillips will lose the lawsuits.

  11. Bring back Uribe in Colombia.

    If Santos had ANY balls since Day One, VZ wouldn’t be in the shape it is today.

    Chavez fucked Santos up the ass daily with a huge log, and Santos just said, “Thanks.”

  12. Ira,

    At times I thought you might have something worthwhile to say. Your “Bring back Urube…”
    entry clearly demonstrates that you don’t have the common decency to respect others who read these pages. If you can’t refrain from disgusting vulgarities in front of a mixed audience you surely don’t have a mind worthy of attention.

    • Boy, congratulations on the stupidest post in CC history:

      Uribe, who fixed Colombia. And Santos, who’s turning it back to shit.

      You really don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? You have no idea, interest or memory about the difference between the two?


      And the only fucking disgusting vulgarity in the “mixed” audience here…what the hell are you talking about, Judi Lynn?… is you.

      Sorry you have a problem with logs up men’s asses. Maybe you had bad experiences with the ones up yours.,


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