The Quevedo effect

For Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Photo: Reuters

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and a group of non-member countries led by Russia, declared in this Monday’s report their agreement with the terms to adjust production through the Declaration of Cooperation that has boosted oil prices to $78 per barrel, the highest price since 2014. Prices has also been boosted by the Venezuela’s plummeting output and the United States’ decision to pull out from their nuclear agreement with Iran. This report includes, according to secondary sources, that our output dropped in April by 1.4 million barrels per day -much more than was revealed by official sources, representing the greatest monthly setback among the 14 members of the agreement, over 31% compared to August 2017 and almost 49% compared to 2015.

Our gold reserves also sank: a drop of 11.95 tons to reach 150.2 tons of that metal by January 2018, according to data released by the International Monetary Fund; but don’t worry, Evrofinance Mosnarbank, a little-known bank in Moscow, whose largest shareholders are the Venezuelan government and two Russian State-run companies, opened the possibility to investors who want to buy petros.

Bigger bribes

Odebrecht finished only nine of the 33 works it started in Venezuela, according to a report of Transparency International’s Venezuelan chapter, which also reveals that the Venezuelan government’s contracts with the construction company surpassed $29.9 billion. During their review of official documents, they could only establish the amounts “20 out of 40 contracts” signed between the company and various Venezuelan ministries. “The figure is astonishing: almost $30 billions,” says the report, since the amounts for the contracts kept increasing throughout the years. Odebrecht usually paid bribes of between 3% and 5% commission over the contracts’ amount, so the estimate for these bribes surpasses the $1.3 billion, far above the $98 million declared by former Odebrecht employees before the New York Court in 2015. Unlike other nations, the Venezuelan Comptroller’s Office hasn’t published any of this, nor did it open any investigations or requested them to the Prosecutor’s Office. “The Prosecutor’s Office headed by Tarek William Saab (…) remains silent about Odebrecht,” the report says.

Let’s talk human rights

Another patient of the J.M. De los Ríos Children’s Hospital died due to lack of medicines and supplies, showing the consequences of ignoring the precautionary measures issued by the Inter American Commission on Human Rights.

Two transplant patients also died over the weekend, according to Codevida; they were living a second life, but socialism took it away from them. NGO Espacio Público denounced that the person in charge of the Twitter account @AeroMateo, Petro Patricio Criollo, was arrested by SEBIN merely for publishing the presidential plane’s route during an official flight within the country.

Lastly, it was terrifying to hear the report made by lawyer Theresly Malavé about the severe conditions in which lawmaker and political prisoner Gilber Caro is held, subjected to cruel treatments and torture.

Caro has amoebiasis, he’s lost eight kilos, he’s been isolated for 71 days —with rationed (contaminated) food and water— and he was even denied his books for refusing to sing “revolutionary” songs.

Those who do, those who don’t

The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference restated its demand for the government to suspend May 20 elections, which will be held “without enough guarantees defining every free, credible, transparent electoral process.”

The Lima Group issued a “last call” for the government to suspend the elections and deemed the process as “illegitimate and lacking credibility.”

Meanwhile, National Electoral Council (CNE) chairwoman Tibisay Lucena called all political parties to submit all the data for the credentials of electoral witnesses, because compared to other processes, they currently have “very low statistics.” She spoke of the electoral accompaniment -not observation-, claiming that will come “every corner in the world.” Proving the independence of powers, TSJ chief justice Maikel Moreno released pictures of his visit to the Russian TSJ and of his invitation for them to come next Sunday to verify PSUV’s “democratic disposition.”

Passion fruit fragrance

After throwing cookies in Maracay, after feeling on his body “the lash felt by Christ” in La Fría, people threw Nicolás (among other things) a passion fruit in Barquisimeto, where he opened a railway scheduled for 2004. He restated that voting with the carnet de la patria will bring rewards, as well as the absurdity of giving his life to protect those whose lives he’s destroyed. He also congratulated minister Freddy Bernal for his work in Táchira, without demanding an investigation for the murder of cattle farmer Manuel Tarazona. “Even if Falcón is elected, we’ll disregard presidential elections,” said the representatives of the UCV’s Federation of Student Centers, who urged people not to participate on May 20.

Candidate Henri Falcón demanded that CNE scrap red stations, accusing Nicolás of buying votes with bonuses and claiming that he submitted 98% of his electoral witness team despite Tibisay Lucena’s statements. He also claimed that the issues of Venezuelans will be solved by Venezuelans, stepping away from the U.S. and the Lima Group, while saying that Henrique Capriles will be in his cabinet even if he doesn’t support him. Seeking favor through another man’s fame, he did the same with Pedro Nikken a few days ago.


  • “Great day for Israel. Congratulations,” wrote president Donald Trump because the U.S. opened its embassy in Jerusalem, violating international agreements, an event that left over 50 Palestinians dead and 2,000 wounded in protests in the Gaza Strip. Palestine denounced Israel’s actions before the UN and demanded the Security Council to protect civilians.
  • The ELN will cease military operations during the Colombian elections. Meanwhile, the activity of chavista paramilitaries will probably increase.
  • Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos said that the Venezuelan government “is crumbling” and that’s why they won’t last long, insisting that Colombia has the greatest interest in Venezuela overcoming this crisis.
  • Colombian former presidents Álvaro Uribe Vélez and Andrés Pastrana met in the Simón Bolívar international bridge with María Corina Machada to coordinate efforts against the regime. They signed a joint statement asking to join efforts along with the international community to lend support to Venezuelans fleeing the country.

  • Yesterday, an Argentine judge prosecuted former president Cristina Fernández and her children, Máximo and Florencia Kirchner, for alleged money laundering and criminal association through the family company Hotesur.
  • The concrete action announced by the Lima Group was proposed by Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, announcing that her nation will grant a fund of $5.3 million in humanitarian aid for Venezuelans.
  • The Nicaraguan government authorized the IACHR to carry out a work visit to assess the human rights situation, one of the four conditions set by the Catholic Church to support a dialogue set to start this Wednesday, May 16, according to an announcement by the Episcopal Conference, despite the National Police assault in Sébaco and the other three conditions that weren’t fulfilled.

The death of Gustavo Márquez, bass player for C4 Trío, was tremendously sad, but it inspired beautiful messages: musicians, singers, composers, citizens, many people talking of the value of music and the talent of this man who left too early.

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  1. ” U.S. opened its embassy in Jerusalem, violating international agreements,”

    I would like for someone to elaborate which “International Agreements” were violated.

    • The “dead Palestinians” were shot for attempting to violate the border, and these were not “innocent civilians”. They are the same people who chant “death to Israel!” The next day, the chant is “death to America!” The next day the chant is “death to the Infidel!” (And that means YOU, Christian!) They are the same people who instigate, plot, and organize terrorist attacks on civilians the world over, who intentionally target women and children in marketplaces buying food, all to make their furiously hating little “our way only” voices heard. If you want a comparison, then these are the people Pinochet shot, these are the people the Allies shot in WW II, these are the warmongers of destruction and enslavement – and they were shot. “Peaceful protest” my ass – they were attacking. Even the left-wing press such as the NY Times reported there were explosives in the crowd and burning kites were flown over the border, one of which ignited a forest fire. Violence was started by the “protestors” and was met with violence in defense. And they knew their violence would be met with violence – part of their creed is that it is “glorious” to be “martyred”. Translated into English, that means that their families get money if one of them is shot for trying to kill women and children. Paid mercenary murderers. Instead of going on trial for setting off a bomb in a civilian bus, they are hailed as “martyrs” and “warriors”- just as Chavez is hailed a hero of Venezuela and liberator of the people.

      • If the Palestinians wanted peace, there could be peace tomorrow.
        If the Israelis wanted war against the Palestinians, then, the Palestinians would be destroyed tomorrow………discuss.

        • The Palestinian Authority needs to keep the status quo, so they can continue to steal. Hamas needs it to keep the money flowing from Iran.

          Peace and security for the Palestinian “people” is the last thing on their minds.

      • The only actual solution-“middle-East Problem” (futile crescent) (and Venezuela – the entire country, and through in Cuba) is to turn Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq. most of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon into green Glass. Your can take tour at White Sands, New Mexico. Few less people that the Earth’s has to feed, less global warming (except for the time of impact), less unless expenditures in decibels, ink, etc, etc (Here’s wishing for another Enola Gay flight)

    • Airline hijackings, bombings, beheadings … all after of course holding an open court proceeding against the alleged criminals who were hijacked, bombed, and beheaded, finding them liable through due process because their defense of being innocent civilians doing nothing more than flying, shopping, and reporting, was summarily rejected by the international jury, and they were sentenced to death for their heinous crimes against humanity, namely: a) being a tourist, b) shopping for ice-cream for children, and c) reporting. I thought those were international agreements? Oh, wait … those were violated … weren’t they.

      If Venezuela can ever get over their anti-American “thing” and give up on their victimhood of being “exploited”, maybe the country will get somewhere again – and avoid remaining a s***hole.

    • There are no International Agreements. That statement is pure rhetoric, used to stir up passions. Shame!

      Any nation can choose its own capitol city. Any other nation can accept it or not.

    • I’m thankful for their reports, but does anyone here still think that Naky and the other pseudo-journos here don’t toe the establishment leftist line? They have repeatedly demonstrated that they do not disagree with the chavismo/marxist philosophy, just the results.

      • But, they’ll get it right–NEXT TIME….Candidate NM promises to correct all the mistakes of the preceding HDP Hijo De Chavez….

      • I love the freckles. I can’t help it.

        It is what it is. What I find refreshing is when we discover a news reporter who is neutral. Rarer than the Hope diamond…

        • Those freckles ARE cute! Also It would not surprise at all to learn that they are being “leaned on” by the regime.

      • I don’t know, Davy. I am addicted to her reporting, so I am inclined to give her the benefit-of-the-doubt and write it off to a Millennial’s naivete.

    • Have they been able to produce anything over the past year anyway?

      And if so, how could anyone afford it, let alone finding real MILK?

      • If the plant can process corn and wheat, I guess the government can convert it to process cocaine and heroin.

        A buck’s a buck, you know?


        Maduro himself has “given” the plant to the employees. He’s that kind of guy. So, if they don’t actually make the cereal, and they merely box cereal that is imported, what exactly will these folks do in their factory since obviously no one will be importing any more cereal? Can the equipment be looted and sold? Maybe for scrap? Then what?

        It does not matter. Very soon, the oil money will be zero. He wont even be able to send remittances to Cuba, let alone buy clap boxes from Mexico.

        Caracas, May 15 – The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, informed that the workers of the company Kellogg’s Foods, located in Maracay, Aragua state, assumed the reins of the same from this Tuesday.

        “Today in Maracay the Kelloggs company, in the hands of some Mexican investors, woke up with closed doors and deposited in the accounts social benefits to workers, which is absolutely unconstitutional and illegal,” denounced the head of state during an activity popular in the state Carabobo.

        In response, the National Government, through the ministries of the Social Work Process and Economy and Finance, “opened the company and handed it over to the workers, the company is producing with the industrial working class.”

        “We have to defend the system of protection and social security, we have to go to great changes in the economy,” he stressed in VTV broadcast.

  2. How’s this for some cheerful news out of Venezuela?

    “Vargas: Six children die due to contamination in Social Security”

    05-15-18.-In the José María Vargas Hospital in La Guaira, six children died due to contamination. A failure in the refrigeration of the morgue caused a focus of infection that affected several rooms, including Pediatrics, where children were hospitalized, as reported by the newspaper La Verdad de Vargas

    “Several gave respiratory arrest and others were They infected without really knowing the cause of death, “explained Juan García, radiologist at the health center.

    The worker reported that only the central air is working, albeit halfway, which caused one of the corpses to explode and cause the infection center.

    He urged to investigate what is happening because, in his opinion, there is much negligence, because in the hospital, which depends on the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, there are no antibiotics to address situations such as the one that occurred.

    In some cases the parents have not removed the bodies because they do not have resources, they reported.

      • I cannot imagine the sadness of parents who have been reduced to having their sick child killed due to infection from exploded corpse in a “hospital” that does not have antibiotics, and then cannot even move their child’s body to a proper burial or cremation or anything.

        Ancient people learned to bury or burn the dead. Because, yes, human decomposition is not pleasant and can be infectious to others. This is not new. How are abandoned or anonymous corpses dealt with in other impoverished nations – like in El Salvador? Do they have proper morgue facilities with “coolers”

        • Just announced (no kidding)–in the Interior hinterland of Venezuela, corpses are being buried in “escaparates”–old tall wooden cabinets usually used for clothes, etc.–caskets are too exnpensive/frequently hard-to-find.

    • Also just in: Cuba cofiscates Venezuela’s 49% of the Cuban Cienfuegos Refinery bulit by Chavez with Venezuela’s money, due to Venezuela’s non-payment of “professional services” (you know, sports trainers/non-medical “physicians”/spies/Cuban military/et. al.) ….


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