Some things are axiomatic truths. The sun rises in the East. Tequeños are not mozzarella sticks. Elections in Venezuela are rigged.

In three days, Venezuela will hold presidential “elections,” and everyone and their mothers knows they will be fraudulent. Nobody —not even those who will go out and vote on Sunday— will remotely question this fact. Come to think of it, it’s probably the only self-evident truth that remains in this carcass of a country, where all semblances of certainty were long-ago exterminated. It’s probably the only thing everyone can still agree on.

But it’s more than that. Our shared trust in electoral fraud is the key to this regime’s survival. It’s our new social contract.

Our shared trust in electoral fraud is the key to this regime’s survival. It’s our new social contract.

In practical terms, fraudulent elections are the reason why Nicolás Maduro will win a second term on Sunday, despite being reviled by a vast majority of Venezuelans. But the collective indisputability of this fact—that elections are a sham— is the ultimate guarantee of his victory. That’s why CNE has made no effort to convince us of the contrary: gone are the days when Tibisay paid lip service to “the best electoral system in the world.”

Our political opposition—MUD, Frente Amplio, whatever you want to call it—has defined itself around rejecting these elections, citing fraudulent conditions as their reason to boycott the voting process. As dignified and legitimate as this stance may be, little to nothing has been done in order mobilize a dwindling resistance around the cause. And this this makes them enablers. Because, if it was always so glaringly obvious that Maduro would cheat, if this fraud was telegraphed from miles away and many months ago, how is it that our leadership did not adequately prepare a response?

The opponent’s manual has been there for everyone to see, if only we took the time to notice. Maduro did us a solid last year by spelling out the fraud, step by step, on live TV and with a nifty chart, to boot.

In this video, aired on Venezuelan State TV last year, Maduro shamelessly walks us through his get-out-the-vote plan for the July 30th, 2017 National Constituent Assembly (ANC) election, a strategy that would become the go-to playbook for every subsequent election since.

It relies on the then-recently created Carnet de la Patria— an ID card with a QR code for data storage that is required in order to benefit from social programs and government subsidies— as a means of social coercion through extortion.

Since its inception in January 2017, the Carnet de la Patria has become a powerful tool for procuring and processing big data related to the behavior patterns of the Venezuelan electorate that can’t afford to forgo Maduro’s handouts—basically, most of the population. Through its vast media hegemony, the Maduro regime has convinced us that they know exactly who votes, and exactly who you voted for. It matters little whether this threat is real or perceived: most people can’t afford to risk their paltry food rations in order to find out. So it pretty much comes down to “vote for me if you want food, starve if you want to make a point.” Hunger, it turns out, is a powerful incentive.

Here’s an even more boldfaced example from a few days ago.

It’s cruel, yes. But also audacious and shameless and effective. Time and again, Chavismo has managed to outmaneuver the Venezuelan opposition, growing stronger and defying logic with every tyrannical clenching of its fist. Unlike the opposition, Chavismo knows how to adapt. It used to be all about ballot-stuffing, state-sponsored violence, or just making up the numbers, period. But why waste the energy when you can just blackmail hungry people for votes?

That Maduro first deployed this strategy during the ANC elections is no coincidence. Since the ANC vote was brazenly illegitimate from the start, opposition actors immediately boycotted, making it the perfect testing ground for a targeted experiment that would be repeated and fine-tuned many times over. Maduro is only concerned with maintaining a voter base large enough to justify his survival; there’s no use in wasting efforts on an opposition whose infighting takes care of itself.    

The evil brilliance of this tactic lies in the positive feedback-loop baked into the worsening humanitarian conditions: the worse hunger and shortages get, the more people desperately depend on CLAPs. So you hold more and more consecutive elections, and exploit more and more voter obedience from hungry people who don’t like you, but will vote if it means another meal. And you make sure to carry out this cruel electoral shakedown in plain sight, so that the opposition has no choice but to reject your tactics as illegal and immoral and exclude itself from the process altogether. Do this over enough, and before you know it, you’ve got yourself a winning formula for staying in power in circumstances that would seem ludicrous in any other context.

The evil brilliance of this tactic lies in the positive feedback-loop baked into the worsening humanitarian conditions: the worse hunger and shortages get, the more people desperately depend on CLAPs. 

Which brings me to these elections.

The opposition decided to boycott presidential elections precisely because electoral conditions were absent. They also ostracized any candidate who runs in opposition to Maduro, since he would be playing into the regime’s need for democratic legitimacy in a balls-out undemocratic process. Fair enough. (fuck, you, Falcón.)

But if your entire reason for boycotting is built around the shoddy illegality of the voting process, then you have to spend every waking moment before the “election” dismantling it for the sham that it is. That’s how you get to justify abstention in the face of naysayers. That’s how you get to keep your credibility. Only then do you get to say you didn’t play right into the government’s trap of learned helplessness. You gotta keep people mobilized, even if it means doing so around rejecting elections.

And that’s precisely what the opposition hasn’t done, despite the fact that it only takes an internet connection and a basic grasp of Excel spreadsheets to come up with something, anything, to make a case.

So here’s my go at doing MUD’s job for them:

The Venezuelan voter registry (REP), currently totaling 20.616.587 registered voters, gets updated every so often through special “enrollment drives” sponsored by the CNE. When Tibisay announced the date for presidential elections on February 7th, 2018, she also declared that a special enrollment drive would take place over ten days, from Feb 10th through Feb 20th, so that new voters could sign up and existing voters could modify their voting locations.

Over the past 5 years, since the last presidential elections were held in 2013, the average yearly variation of registered voters in REP has been around 250 thousand. But during Tibisay’s 10-day enrollment drive in February 2018, which included Carnaval holidays —a long weekend when pretty much any drunken activity trumps waiting in line for registering to vote— REP saw a staggering jump of over 800 thousand new voters.

Similarly, while the yearly average number of voters who change their voting location is around 124 thousand, those mysterious ten days in February, 2018 saw over 870 thousand voters switching addresses.

In total, according to CNE data, a suspicious 1.678.553 voters either signed up to vote for the first time or switched voting locations over a ten-day period in February 2018. Of those almost 1.7 million, 528.653 new voters registered to vote in traditionally chavista centers, and 490.284 registered voters moved to traditionally chavista centers from other polling stations.

The best part yet?

According to CNE data, a suspicious 1.678.553 voters either signed up to vote for the first time or switched voting locations over a ten-day period in February 2018.

A substantial number of said voters have been assigned to one of 130 newly-created voting centers which boast names such as Centro de Educación Inicial Felicia Rondón de Cabello (that’s Diosdado’s mom), Centro de Votación Pura Sangre de Chávez Vinedo, Centro de Votación Nicolás Maduro, Centro de Votación con Chávez y Maduro, and Centro de Votación Rosa Inés 21. Many of these centers are Misión Vivienda facilities.

Basically, chavismo has managed to concentrate its enslaved voter base in government-friendly voting centers where they can optimize their Carnet de la Patria extortion strategy, undeterred.

I won’t be voting on Sunday. There’s an inordinate number of more useful things I could be doing with my time that day. But since our opposition leadership has once again eschewed coherence and opted for inaction, and just in case you’re around on the 20th, I leave you with this list of the top 100 most egregiously chavista voting centers where Maduro will be doing his thing, out in the open, for all to see. As long as fraud is happening in all its splendor, we might as well drop by and actively enjoy the show, witness what we’re boycotting, and get a better sense of what we failed to stop.

Just please don’t get arrested.  

Centros Chavistas 20M by Caracas Chronicles on Scribd

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  1. “Please don’t feed the bears. It creates a dependent population unable to take care of themselves. Just like social programs.” – Popular meme.

  2. I agree that the best that could have been done with the sham elections is embarrass the dictatorship with the risk that they would have turned it around in some nefarious Goebbelian way.

    The problem with MUD is that they want to play the civilized game of democracy and dialog against thugs. The thugs, in turn, have shown that they will KILL a protester a day if you dare come out to the streets again. So, living a miserable LIFE in Peru or ‘limpiando pocetas en Miami’ beats a dialog where the opposing side argues with bullets.

    As Mr. Crispin said a few days ago, this will go on as long as they can pay for the bullets. The rest (elections and all) are window dressing for savagery.

    • ** “The thugs, in turn, have shown that they will KILL a protester a day if you dare come out to the streets again. ”

      They’ve done it since 2002.

      ** “The problem with MUD is that they want to play the civilized game…”

      The problem with the MUD is that they WORK for the regime.

      ** “So, living a miserable LIFE in Peru or ‘limpiando pocetas en Miami’ beats a dialog where the opposing side argues with bullets.”

      Hell, living a miserable life in a POST-CHAVISTA VENEZUELA beats having that GANGRENE in power.

  3. Beautiful Emiliana, I think you are too young to have voted in 1998. But your parents did. They voted for chavismo and took full advantage of Chavez destructive policies. So now, it is too late. But, you are like all Venezuelan, extremely idealists and socialists in your heart. In fact, I’m certain that you are anti-USA. But love everything made in the USA (Facebook, Apple, Google, etc)

    Why do you choose to live in that shithole? To write something everyone knows, that the water is wet? Totally pointless.

    Please ask your parents and your relatives, friends, etc – why did they vote Chavez in 1998? And why they bled Venezuela during the period 2000 to 2010, depleting that country from everything, including dignity.

    There you’ll find the answers you’re looking for.

    • What is your point?

      Not everyone voted for Chavez. Some voted for change. You may not know it, but Venezuela had its fair share of corruption PRIOR to Chavez. I remember voting for a world class Socialist (Paul Wellstone, 1990) during his first Senate campaign, not because I was a Socialist, but because the guy he was trying to unseat was a FUCKING CROOK. (Rudy Boschwitz). I would have voted for Stalin to unseat him.

      How does your commentary offer anything but ill will?

      • ** “What is your point?”

        I’ll tell you, his point is “benesuelans deserbe chabismo DURRR HURRRR!”

        ** “How does your commentary offer anything but ill will?”

        Because that’s what a fuckton of “chavistas tapaos” use to justify their inner chabizmo, to blame EVERYTHING on EVERYONE BUT the chaviztas.

        In fact, the “venezuelans deserve chavismo” mantra is DIRECTLY AIMED at the middle class folks who oppossed chavismo from day one, because that’s their way to say “YOU DESERVE MY REVENGE ON YOU”

    • Who the fuck are you to assume they voted for Chávez? The quality of the comments in this blog has clearly took a nosedive since a long time ago. Sad to see so much blight around here.

      • “Who the fuck are you to assume they voted for Chávez?”

        Apparently someone who still thinks a 32% of a 40% is a majority.

        Barely more than 3 million votes were officialy counted for Chávez, who knows how many of those were already FAKE VOTES, sponsored by the enchufados.

    • Mr. Figueroa,

      Even for a conservative as me, your condescension to a woman make you sound misogynist. I assume that if you are somewhere in the first world you are FOB and you should correct your macho ways if you wish to prosper there, unless you are OK ‘limpiando pocetas’.

      • Why do you have to play the misogyny card here??? The guy is a dick and it has nothing to do with the writer being a woman.

      • I agree, Mr Figueroa’s condescending prose is completely annoying. And you can say “I told you so” in a thousand other ways that will make for a more compelling argument. Also trying to build a strawman argument about Emilianas parents is absolutely pathetic…PATHETIC!!!

        Yes, most all of us have been complicit in some way shape or form. Most all of us never imagined the nightmare that we are living today and I think many are coming to realize this today. Above all, I pray that 20M will be an Emperor has no clothes moment.

        Now how you go about expressing this “told you so attitude” without being a dick and in a poetic manner is better encapsulated in the words of Orlando Urdaneta that has been passing all over social media today. No Vale, No Lo Creo! That is the attitude that brought us to this point and that is what we have to overcome.

    • Figueroa is the typical Venezuelan who thinks he and he alone is blameless, not once stopping to see the many ways in which his own behavior contributed to the rise of revanchista “revolutions”. Maduro’s regime could fall today, and we’d be back here within a generation precisely because of that blinkered arrogance that afflicts so many of us, regardless of political stripe.

      I left Venezuela because the regime harassed my US-born wife. But people like Figueroa are why I won’t return even after the fall of chavismo.

    • Actually, my dream is that they do Seal Team 6, Bin Laden redux and take Joshua Holt out of the hellhole of Helicoide. I bet Fuerzas Armadas de Ocupacion Bolivariana with all their russian toys will need counseling for self esteem loss.

      • I imagine that SEBIN has a contingency plan for Mr. Holt.

        There are some die-hards within Chavismo whose job it will be to put 90gr of lead into the back of Holt’s head the minute any sort of ruckus (commando jailbreak) manifests itself. Because that is what zealots do. They don’t give a shit about anything except symbolism. And Holt represents Uncle Sam. Sure as fuck, the toughest from SEBIN couldn’t go up against any Devil Dog and still have his balls attached, but they will happily dispatch the unarmed Mr. Holt… for the glory of Chavismo.

        I’ve made mention many times on this forum that if there were ANY sort of military action from Uncle, it would be huge and overwhelming. Entire divisions. There will be no “The Expendables 4, Chuck Norris and Rambo” jumping out of helicopter type stuff. It will be complete domination from start to finish. And Chavismo will know it is coming, because a show of force like Uncle does so well can’t be hidden. In other words, it won’t be a surprise.

        Nevertheless, it won’t happen. Mainly because Uncle is already busy. He also is rue to send our boys in to die for ingrates. 1/3 to 1/5 of Venezuelans love Chavismo. Why send in the boys to die for those who won’t fight for themselves? Besides, in another 10 years, they will be voting in another batch of Chavistas who promise to do “right” what Chavez/Maduro did wrong. Look at MUD. Which political party isn’t outright Socialist, if not Chavist? Their belief is that Chavez did Chavismo incorrectly, but THEY can do it right.

        • “I imagine that SEBIN has a contingency plan for Mr. Holt. ”

          Remember that North Korea also had some american citizens held hostage, now look at Kim nervously agreeing to shut the fuck up about his threats of worldwide destruction.

        • “Look at MUD.”

          They’re sold to the regime, they ARE PART of the regime, they ARE EMPLOYEES of the regime.

          They are called “OFFICIAL opposition” for a thing, they are a FAKE opposition.

          F, A, K, E.

          They NEVER were an actual opposition to chavizmo, they NEVER intended to replace chavizmo, NEVER.

          Stop using “the mud and the traditional parties” as a made-up proof that “all venezuelans are socialist and thus deserve chavismo, specially those whose lives have been throughtly fucked up by the regime”

          • I certainly don’t think all Venezuelans are socialists. I do however stand by my assertion that there isn’t a legitimate major political party in Venezuela that isn’t.

            If you know of one, please point it out to us. I’d love to know who represents the libertarian thinking people in Venezuela.

  4. Wow! ElGuapo knows Venezuelan history. Bravo (seriously)

    And like in 1901, the navy from several countries came to collect. Because of Venezuela only knows that way, expend more than you earn. Then ask for international help (more money) that will be spent in same futility. Once the nation’s navy blocking VZ is gone, Venezuela becomes once again insignificant. Except that this time it will take centuries to redress, not decades, if ever.

    • “…t will take centuries to redress, not decades, if ever.”

      Do you really think I CARE about “taking my whole life to rebuild the country”?

      Get down your ivory tower, smartass, because there are MILLIONS of venezuelans who WILL work to rebuild, and would HAPPILY DO SO knowing that chavismo WAS UTTERLY DEFEATED AND COMPLETELY CRUSHED.

      Few things will compare to watching former chavistas crying a river because they miss their days squeezing and swindling with CRAP-bag products and DECENT AND HONEST venezuelans WILL BE ABLE TO POINT A FINGER AND LAUGH WITHOUT RISKING BEING KILLED FOR THAT.


      • Seems to me like if we point our fingers and laugh we are going to be feeding back into this vicious cycle of social resentment that created the rift between the classes to begin with. When will it end? “Why can’t we all just get along? Rodney King.

        • ** “Why can’t we all just get along?”

          They started it, they deserve it, it’ll be a slap on the wrist compared to what they’ve done.

          They’ll have to accept it and deal with it for at least 50-60 years, because if they want to fuck Venezuela up once more, well, they might find that the rest of the country won’t be so relaxed about it, because the people would know what chavistas are capable of once they seize power.

          • Man, you ARE mad! Come hang out with me at the beach this weekend bro, we’ll drink lots of beer and take a trip out to one of the islands, should help you relax a bit. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I invited you once before pero te hiciste el loco. I’m serious man! I think we would both benefit from the exchange of ideas, bring your woman if you like, you won’t regret it. Not like you are going to be voting or anything important anyway right?

          • Can’t, because it’s very likely that I’ll go to a voting center just to get a hold of the toilet paper roll, because I’m dead sure it’ll show that there won’t be even 10 votes in that center (nor any other).

            Playitarenitaculitobirrita would only serve to give falsón their ridiculous base for “it’s that you weren’t enough, it’s all your fault, ninís!”

  5. well, at last, I attracted attention.

    Guys, you need a Pinochet, a DeGaulle, a Teddy Roosevelt, etc. to redress Venezuela. There is corruption everywhere, that I know. But in Venezuela, the kids become corrupt as soon as they have the age of reason.

    You need a super-authoritarian government, a real dictatorship to fix things.

    Maduro had an opportunity to start the change for good this year and nobody noticed: when he eliminated the infamous ROE of 10 BsF/$, he didn’t have the cojones to erase the black market through simply making ROE transparent to all. No, had he done it, those Democrats and socialists writing here would have called a fault, they would have called wolf, etc.

    Many other chances of addressing the true issue have gone by, but the lack of cojones has prevented any change.

      • Lorenzo, you’re paranoid. Paid by who? HaHaHa. The truth hurts but the lack of knowledge hurts even more. I’ll take your advice that reportedly I’m helping communists – I don’t know how. If you all carry on with your very sentimental and idealistic approach, you’ll get nowhere. Please describe yourself: I’m libertarian for one. You don’t need to box yourself, but the context is missing and I’m learning.

        • For starters, the government cannot “erase the black market through simply making ROE transparent”. There is a reason why the US dollar is so high, and that is that the demand is much higher that the supply. Chew on this one and reply if you have anything interesting to say.

          • Kilo: I must confess you would challenge me. The question is not without base and helps understand why black markets exist. Venezuela is an atypical case though.

            1) In 2003 Chavez instituted FOREX controls, and PEGGED the VEB to a dollar using a pre-determined ROE. Maduro has simply persisted and implemented multiple and simultaneous ROE, just as Chavez did.

            2) To place the knife deeper in your chest, the assignment of dollars is discretionary. This is micro-managed by Maduro exactly like Chavez did.

            3) Venezuelans, citizens, companies and worse, the government have ignored inflation. And all components of society have expend beyond their capacity. Much more than they possibly could earn in any given period.

            4) The first three years of Chavez were dedicated to dividing the society into two groups: like Bolivar in his time with the nefast ”Decreto de Guerra a Muerte” (Decree of War to Death), Chavez declared death to the enemy ”the aristocracy”; the other group was everybody else, those with leftist ideas, the anti-imperio, his friends and his voters, etc. Chavez group ”the good” was composed by rich and poor the same, that wasn’t important.

            5) As part of his ”war” and in an act of revenge because the failed coup d’etat in 2002, the PDVSA strike, and in accordance to his plan, in 2003 he created a diabolical FOREX control and set an ROE which pegged the Bolivar at 1600 VEB/USD. I won’t go into the details of the FOREX system because ALL people, friendlies and not do much, took advantage of the full. You all know all the schemes created by the people to circumvent the rules and obtaining dollars to purchase an expensive item, travel many times, etc was used to the max by everyone. Chavez did distribute wealth but through a pervasive corruption that eventually would destroy the tissue that holds society.

            4) The black market was immediately born by force of simple offer & demand. Imagine you had to import mission critical equipment or food and you had to go through a hyper-complex FOREX approval process and lasted weeks if not months. (PS: I can establish FACTUALLY that in my business of assumed reinsurance, this became my number one time-consuming activity after Brazil. Our book of business was very small, around USD 25 MIL/Year – the time spent in Venezuela to collect those $25 million was equal to all LatAm countries combined. But we never bent to that generalized fraud. We simply closed our company on my advice, in 2005. The vast majority of our multinational client’s base had left the country since then.

            5) Simultaneously, genius Chavez prohibited media to make public any reference to a ”parallel market” or ”black market ROE”, etc. During that time I made multiple conferences and I could not publicly, for instance, refer to those markets or I could be sent to jail. I didn’t want to be in a Venezuelan jail because there was not free speech. The infamous Dollar Today was born around two years later.

            (An anecdote of those days, a Spanish friend used to go to Madrid to ”grate” credit cards for all her family. As she was madrilene she used a friend supermarket where she would stand several days until all the cards had been weeded completely. She would pay for each and every customer grocery purchase. The clients would give her the equivalent cash in Euros. So that easy, she converted ”cupos” tourist dollar assignments of a dozen people into hard currency, each trip was worth $50,000 – $100,000 in hard currency, deducted her travel expenses which were minimal as she stayed with relatives. All of you residing in Venezuela, all of you did this. And you didn’t need to be a Chavista)

            6) in 2010 Chavez had the opportunity to eliminate the black market but he didn’t. He created the Strong Bolivar VEF by taking 1000 from the VEB. Chavez and all Venezuelans ignored the inflation that was running in the two digits per year. It was obvious that the VEF will quickly lose value. It started at 2.15, then 4.30, 6 and just until March this year the 10 VEF/USD was shot down very quietly. Chavez had to make the parallel market transparent. Then eliminate the pegging of the dollar and slowly eliminate the subsidies; in the general confusion increase liter by little the gasoline price to at least 0.50 USD/Ltr. Add some serious finality reform and voila, Venezuela would still be a socialist country and respected country. But, inflation was rampant, it started to reach the upper 2 digits, then 3, now is in the four or five digits, soon the Sovereign Bolivar will die for good. It’s in coma now.

            7) it was clear this was a piñata. But like any piñata, eventually, there will not be enough dollars to sustain this crazy system that all Venezuelan adored. I had participated in high-level meetings in DC, where the opposition main discussing point was how to maximize the ”cupos”. Incredible, I felt so bad every time. But the piñata was emptied and candy and little toys all taken

            So, do you understand why the black market rate is absurd today? There is simply not enough VEF or VES to purchase one dollar. There is nothing to trade for.

            Please send a truly complicated economy question.

    • Yeah jose f, you were noticed because you’re an “explicative”, trolling with no content other than to gain attention by defaming others with no information. You’re a real help.. which begs what have you done lately to alleviate the Venezuelan comdition?

      Thank you Emi, glad you will have other things to do on Sunday.

      Thank you for calling out Henry2, he said he’d withdraw if electoral conditions did not improve, so he’s either a liar or chavista in mud clothing, or both… regardless Monday he’ll still be unemployed but likely wealthy as the country continues to starve. Please thank Henry1 Fucking Allup for setting this disaster up… oh, and fuck borges while we’re at it.

      So good and healthy to read Emi again! and because you aren’t offended by explititves..

      fuckoff Joss F!

      • He’s trolling because he assumes ANY chavista boss EVER HAD ANY INTENTION of doing something for Venezuela’s good but “didn’t have the balls”.

        Get this through your skull, Figueroa, once and for all:






        • ** ” I AM 100% ANTICOMMUNIST.”

          And yet you still use the PATHETIC chavista excuse of claiming that “eberibidi bit mi chibisti gids is guilti” (Everybody BUT my chavista gods is guilty), there’s been people who worked honestly in Venezuela, and those are 100 % FREE of any guilt for the stupid traumas and grudges some idiots built inside their heads to justify their stupid envy.

          The chavista neo-language took over many oppositors.

          ** “TROLLING? ”

          I assume you’re trolling because you also claim too that chvismo had any shred or figment of intent to do something different to what is doing today, like trying to “find something good in their actions”, as if they ever had a good intent.

          Bad news for you, they NEVER cared about the country.


          I’m not that old (And fortunately that means I can still work for a living), but I see you’re trying to bring the fallacy that “someone must have been present at a historic event to have to right to speak about it”, which is quite the opposite to the study of history.

          The only, accurate and objective truth is, that chavismo is an appendix of the cuban invaders, which recruited the worst garbage and detritus from the society to destroy the country to conquer it.

          Also, you could see that the raids weren’t failures as you catalog them, the methods used by the castrocuban regime to invade Venezuela are as fascinating as they are disgusting and gut-wrenching.


          Another fallacy, there’s people well over that age range who’s on the right side of the political spectrum, the “right” isn’t a millenial invention if you try to say that “everybody above 40 is leftist”.

          ** “AND YOU VOTED…”

          Talking about my personal life brings great risks not only for me but for my relatives too, but I should set this straight once and for all: I didn’t vote in 1998 because I didn’t have the age to vote, my parents didn’t vote for Chávez, neither anyone of my immediate family. The only imbeciles that are now chavistas are a branch of the family that’s been basically told to “GFY” by the rest of the family, and yes, I’m very willing to punch their teeth off if I ever get to be in the same room as them be it tomorrow or in 50 years.

          And also none of my family members ever did something to a chavista to gain their completely unjustified undying rancor, because almost all of them are as sweet and gentle as a plate of pancackes covered in honey with a cup of ice cream and a jar of fruit smooshie, in other words, diabetes-inducing fellas.

          ** “WITHOUT INSULTING ME…”

          I simply don’t need to insult anyone in a debate, it’s much more satisfying to watch them squirm when they lose.

          • Lose what? I admire your transparency. But age does bring context to a discussion. So we agree to agree for the most part. But young and dynamic as you are, please tell me what would you do differently? I’m a provocateur with too much information in my brain.

            For instance, in 1998 I published a letter in El Nacional and Mr. Otero bashed me in public for its content. It was my prediction on Chavistas and Venezuela destruction that became 100% real 20 years later. That shows how I was a loser. I wish my words became untruth such as Mr. Otero told me then.

          • ** “Lose what?”

            The discussion, the one who’s right wins, it’s simple.

            ** ” But age does bring context to a discussion. ”

            Not necessarily, experience, practice and knowledge prove to outweight simple age, because there are people who are pretty old and still remain pretty ignorant or pretty stupid, also, the study of historical facts can’t be conditioned to the age of the person, that’s what chronicles and recorded history are for.

            ** “…what would you do differently?”

            For starters, the communist traitors who dared to raise arms against the democratic state should have all been exterminated or locked away for 30 years.

            But let’s say that’s too “fascist”, okay, let’s be more “civilized” and give them a second chance through the complete impunity pact (aka the pacification) that Caldera applied, still, communism should have been banned in Venezuela on the base that a communist regime tried to invade the country.

            Banning a political current is still too ugly and uncivilized? (Not that much, communism is banned in several european countries for example and they’re doing fine) Well, simply TEACH at the schools that the cubans killed thousands of venezuelans and tried to invade the country, because that’s part of the history (A part of history that was deliberately hidden by the communist garbage that infected the government), no one in Venezuela would know that just from the basic school education, which is the reason the country was left open for the communists to colonize.

            There were other ways to stop chavismo before it started, for example, in 1992 there were plenty of chances to stop it with a few bullets or an accidental mix of prisoners, yes, Chávez and his cronies deserved to be fussilated.

            The process of the destruction of Venezuela begun around the second half of the 60s when communists started to infiltrate the government to prepare the country for the invasion, the plan reached its completion in 1998 with the invaluable aid of several players from the high economic class who become used to be parasites of the state-sponsored-subsidies, people that paid millions of dollars to pave the road to power for Chávez because while he promised Castro the guts of Venezuela in a platter, he promised to share the carcass with the parasites that financed him.

            ** ” El Nacional and Mr. Otero bashed me in public for its content.”

            And Otero was among them, he and many more believed they could fill their pockets as they did since the 70s, and that answers what other user asked about “what happened to those who actually oppose chavismo”, they were simply shut up.

            There wasn’t much that the people in Venezuela could have done to stave off the invasion, because the people never had any actual power to do it, the country was sent bound and chained to the slaughterhouse.

            The destruction of the country was coldly and deliberately calculated, nothing that has happened so far is product of “them being stupid” or “incopetence”

    • “Guys, you need a Pinochet, a DeGaulle, a Teddy Roosevelt, etc. to redress Venezuela. ”

      This part is true. But that ship sailed long ago. His name was Marcos Perez Jimenez. While Chile got Pinochet, got educated, disciplined and got to work (17 years), Kleptozuela instead claimed the Chabestia and populism. (19 years and counting). Results are clear: Chile is the best country by far in LatAm, as Venezuela keeps sinking to the bottom, below the worst of the worst.

      Sometimes the only way to teach people is with tough love and tough rules. Perhaps the winter weather in Chile or Uruguay, plus MPJ is all Venezuela needed to build some character and instill basic education.

  6. I don’t know if it’s because of actual developing news happening around the country or a change in focus of the writers, but since the Kellogg crisis your articles have been great. Keep up the good work.

  7. Excelent article, Emiliana. I missed your posts. Extra thanks for posting about the REP and the voting centers. More people need to know about the issue.

  8. A rare sighting of Emiliana! Superb post.. except no expletives?! Comprehensive analysis of the upcoming “electoral” charade. A magnificent tropical circus worth witnessing, indeed. Gotta read it well with more time.

    “Some things are axiomatic truths. The sun rises in the East. Tequeños are not mozzarella sticks. Elections in Venezuela are rigged.”

    Correct, but does everyone, as in 100% of the pueblo, really know these things? Let’s see:

    1/ After college, travelling the world, reading too many books and watching lots of nature and science programs, I always revert to The Gladiators’ song “Stick a Bush” to reassure myself or others that the sun does invariably rise in the east, (not in the west, as the song wisely reaffirms). Since most Venezuelan pueblo-people are unfortunate enough not to listen to good Reggae, let alone The Gladiators, I’d bet my entire Spotify playlist collection that the vast majority of them have no clue where the sun rises or about cardinal points in the sky. Clueless.

    2/ I didn’t know how to translate tequeños. I still don’t. Most people in Venezuela don’t speak English, much less in culinary terms. So that settles that. Clueless too.

    3/ Does everyone, as in to’el mundo know that Kleptozuela’s “elections” are a huge sham? In common parlance, que esas elecciones son chimbas? That’s the interesting part. Sure, a majority of the people are not lobotomized and reasonable enough to know it. There’s lots of uneducated, brainwashed zombies out there, even they know it’s fixed. Then again, sadly, or tragically, quite a few of them don’t. Some even think they are legit. Some of our beloved “pueblo” are sufficiently uneducated and/or misinformed to trust the CNE and crap. If they know what that is. Millions. A minority, sure, but many. And even more will actually vote for Nicolasno again, (really, maybe 20%) which is even more tragic, because it denotes corruption, complicity, culpability and low moral values, beyond illiteracy.

    Like sheep contributing to their own slaughter. It always boils down to the 2 fundamental reasons for Kleptozuela’s disaster, which of course go hand-in-hand: Massive ignorance and galactic corruption.

    • When she used expelitives in her article, the system answered “your post is awaiting moderation”

      So she had to replace them with euphemisms 😛

  9. Can’t the jump in numbers be explained by new people registering to get the free stuff? Like all those pregnant teenagers turning voting age?

    I can’t do the math, and it’s even less explainable considering how many Venezuelans are getting the hell out, but just a thought.

    Also, isn’t today the last day you can booze?

    • It doesn’t make any sense, does it? More people leaving (1-3 million, depending on the source), yet more people than ever, showing up in the registers? People “eager to vote” for more Chavismo? It certainly doesn’t hurt Maduro that over the span of 10 days that nearly 2 million people “mysteriously and suddenly” signed up to vote at his behest… most likely in highly Chavist neighborhoods?

      I wouldn’t doubt for a minute that Maduro tops 10 million votes for him. Why not? Go big, or go home…

    • The numbers are made-up people, multicedulados that serve to justify more fake votes.

      They’re trying to avoid the hole they didn’t plug in 2007: That they had more votes cast than voters; but they always have messed with the numbers, regardless of what people voted for, it’s been that way since 2004, because in previous elections they used plain gerrymandering such as the 1999’s prostituyente (Though they alsy completely faked the numbers for the presidency vote in 2000, they’re not stupid)

  10. Emi, finally a CC insider admits the rigging of elections, but only mentioning coercion doesn’t go far enough to explain NM’s coming 8.5-10 mill win (must be min. 8.5 to equal fraudulent 8.5 ANC vote): the 20mm+ “voluntarily registered” voters is probably overstated (my guess) by 8-10mm, since many barrio 18/+, especially males, DO NOT REGISTER; Oppo/non-Govt. witnesses in this election will probably be present at well-below 50% of voting centers (even Capriles barely cleared 50%), allowing ample ballot-stuffing; written actas, as usual, will not be allowed to be scrutinized (as in Capriles’s 5m questioned actas), so that the real fraud, of non-registered non-voting “voters” voting for NM, will, as usual, not be evidenced.

      • The Smartmatic machines are part of the fraud process; voters are assigned by Cedula to different machines, then they are “voted” where needed/possible/ no Oppo witnesses are present, as explained in many previous posts. Cuban software was installed in the machines in Cuba soon after purchase/before sending to Venezuela. It’s probable that the machines may be bi-directional, and/or the final results reviewed by Cuban command in Cuba/La Orchila command center before release by the CNE.

  11. Did everyone forget about Chabestia’s sinister creation, the infamous Fraudmatic machines? TibiBitch and the Rodriguez devil himself sure haven’t. They were trained since the early days by Smartmatic tecno-geeks themselves, after Chavez paid $90M to Mugica for the convenient technology. The Smartmatic bandids got the hell out of course, after they made it overseas. This was just the tip of the iceberg:

    LONDON (Reuters) – Turnout figures in Venezuela’s Constitutional Assembly election were manipulated up by least 1 million votes, Smartmatic, a company which has worked with Venezuela since 2004 on its voting system, said on Wednesday.

    “We know, without any doubt, that the turnout of the recent election for a National Constituent Assembly was manipulated,” Smartmatic CEO Antonio Mugica said at a news briefing in London.

    Mugica said Smartmatic, which has provided electronic voting technology for elections around the world, was able to detect the overstated officially announced turnout because of Venezuela’s automated election system.

    “We estimate the difference between the actual participation and the one announced by authorities is at least 1 million votes,” he said.

  12. Ms. Duarte..thanks for your excellent article and I don’t care who you or your relatives voted for. I do have a comment. You wrote that the Carnet de la Patria strategy of corrupt elections started with the ANC election. My recollection is that the gubenatorial elections followed that of the ANC yet a dispirited Quico wrote here on CC that the gubenatorial election results were legitimate. I have never understood why he reached that conclusion, much less why he stated that publicy. But I agree with you that the gubenatorial elections were illegitimate. I also agree with you that the Chavistas have a well thought out strategy but I would add that there plan, after destroying your economy and will to resist, is to create a one party police state, whatever you want to call it socialist or communist. Some see the Chavistas as about to fall. I see them on the cusp of realuzing their dreams.

  13. To the ”name callers” and others telling me to go, I bless you because you’ve made my point. You are all from the left and know the left has no solutions to offer. But to benefit my ignorance, please offer just one Partial solution to recover Venezuela from radicalism and chaos. At the end, you deserve Chavismo. And if you were the President, how would stop the bleeding?

    • Jose, mostly, the readers of CC are not on “left”. We just want information / news from Venezuela. It’s not intended for personal assaults. (I have witnessed plenty). The writers don’t paid much. As to readers – we come in every shape, sort or size (except “Coco-Puff” is not available anymore – bye-bye Kellegg”) – the readers also have predominant (mostly) anti-socialists / Anti-Mad-Ernie – Chavez leaning. Since I left VZ in 2001, I follow “what’s happening” back there, (something out morbid curiosity I guess – something to discuss with former escapees (some at gun point) in Ft Mac./ Calgary, Houston, or elsewhere. But some are (in Country – take pity on them). Anyway – I pretend to know what is best for VZ (short lethal dose VX gas / turn the country to glass (aka, white sands) – and the restart VZ – sloths will do.


    • Keep saying “you deserve chavismo” and you’ll get insults, because that phrase is an insult of the worst kind.

  14. Thank you Emilia for this very clear explanation of how the regime manipulates elections , the inordinate scalation in the number of newly registered voters and the creation of hundreds of new voting polls with suggestive names says it all !! The graph hits you between the eyes !! You are also right to point out how the organized oppo has failed to movilize people against the frauds which the regime is blatantly organizing , I fear that they just havent got the cards to play a more aggresive game ……., but thats the challenge , their challenge , but they are not meeting it half way …………..Once read a book on how anunexpected change inthe handling of oil in the world stage took the form of a crisis , for decades people followed a book on how the game was played and then new players entered the game who didnt know about the book and they did things that none of the other players could anticipate or respond to , (Gadafi was the new player) , I think something like that may have been happening to the organized political oppo ….they think that people will act according to certain rationale and thats not the way these guys play the game , they play a frenzied crazy game that most oppo leaders havent been able to come up with a way of responding to it effectively…… !! In any event thanks again for a great insightful article !!

  15. Bill, I wonder if it is an age issue, Every time I see a picture of an opposition figure I see an older male. Maybe the MUD parties worked on a seniority system and their leadership is old and outdated. In fairness they don’t hold many good cards but they are outplayed all the time even when they get a good card from the deck.

    • There isn’t any accountability. They commit serious mistakes and keep on being the leaders. Mostly because the lower ranks are kept tamped down until one of the dinosaurs either dies or loses an internal battle.

      As for the gender gap, unfortunately too true.

  16. In deed fraud certainty or learned helplessness is our new social contract, leadership failed us miserably, very good use of words, I don’t believe in that “the people deserve this” crap, the leadership of both sides is to blame, chavistas for being unescrupulous assholes and opposition people for incompetence and pettyness in the face of political slaughter, the contract is that either you cope with the disaster or leave the country while chavismo does wathever it wants, worst deal ever!

    • You need to move to “Empty Quarter” in Saudi (or Needles) to find out true definition of “hot”. (or spend a year in El Tigre

  17. Emi aplausos and welcome back!

    Missed your sass and sharp style.

    Broke (again) my self imposed censorship on Venezuela’s news with this post.
    Obviously Sunday (maybe the whole next week) will be off.

    I’m thinking about starting a gofundme for the PRR 😉

    On a serious note, is there a way to know diáspora behavior regarding changes in their electoral centers? Will the increase in movements reflect the exodus?

    My bet is no…

    • Thanks, Leona for your warmth and caring thoughts. And even more for breaking your moratorium for the sake of this post. Fraud is a given, yes, but it’s always important to be mindful of how it happens.

      As for the issue of voters abroad, things get even more egregious if you look at the numbers: Over the past 5 years, the number of Venezuelans abroad registering to vote in embassies and consulates is null, mostly owing to deliberate efforts on behalf of the regime to disenfranchise them. Although its estimated that between 1 to 3 million Venezuelans have left the country in the past 5 years, the net increment of absentee voters over that span is less than 8 thousand. The REP in 2013 had a total 100.985 voters registered abroad, and the March 2018 cut—AFTER Tibisay’s purportedly massive voter registration drive— shows that 108.623 Venezuelans are registered to vote abroad.

      • Great article. I would also mention how before 2013, the number of voter where. Something less that 8 million voters and in 1 or 2 years went up to 16 or 18 million. It is something worth checking.

        And Capriles lost with 1.57 percent difference, which I believe was stolen with the smart matic Control the government had of the machines.

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