10:35pm: Hora loca starts in 3… 2… 1


10:30pm: Results are in. With 92.6% of the ballots counted, Nicolás Maduro “won” the (un)election with 5,823,728 votes, followed by Henri Falcón with 1,820,552 and Javier Bertucci with 925,042 votes. Voter turnout totalled 46.01%.


10:19pm: Javier Bertucci could recognize Maduro’s victory… or maybe not.


9:56pm: Henri Falcón will not recognize the results and demands new elections.


9:50pm: Henri Falcón claims two crimes were committed today: violation of electoral regulations and the use of State resources for campaign purposes.


9:33pm: Reuters reported that, according to a CNE source, Venezuela presidential vote turnout was at 32.3 percent by 6pm


9:28pm: Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino López claims the (un)election was a “successful day” and that “Venezuela has triumphed”. Wink Wink.


9:21pm: Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre rejects any results to be announced by the CNE.


8:41pm: Apparently, a big stage is being installed in Miraflores.


8:25pm: According to Delcy Rodríguez, there are still some citizens outside of polling stations waiting to vote.


8:15pm: According to Delcy Rodríguez, abstention is today’s real loser. Massive eyeroll.


8:03pm: We just learned that @thelimagroup is not an official Lima Group account. Please disregard any information posted by that handle.


7:55pm: 50% of the results have supposedly been transmitted.


7:40pm: President Sebastian Piñera (also) thinks the (un)election is a scham and claims Chile won’t recognize the results.


6:50pm: Javier Bertucci denies reports that he’s dropping out from the race.


6:46pm: go and check out a special (un)election briefing by Naky Soto.


6:14pm: Lima Group says that turnout is less than 20%.


6:00pm: Henri Falcón’s chief economic advisor FRod calls his witnesses to stay in polling stations to defend the vote.


5:58pm: Henri Falcón’s campaign manager Enrique Ochoa Antich demands to CNE that polling station close at 6:00 pm as mandated by law:


5:52pm: Low turnout gives miembro de mesa a chance for catnap in Aragua state.


5:17pm: Low turnout in Ciudad Bolívar as well.


5:11pm: Reports from San Juan de los Morros, Guarico state, show empty poll stations throughout the city.


4:52pm: Newly-minted OFAC designated member Diosdado Cabello calls all Venezuelans (who will vote for Maduro) to mobilize and vote for the perfect finish.


4:42pm: Falcón’s running mate, perpetual presidential candidate Claudio Fermín, says that the irregularities in the voting process have intensified in the last few hours.


4:34pm: Candidate-pastor Javier Bertucci says turnout has been lower than expected.


4:28pm: Leaked audio from Carabobo state governor Rafael Lacava demanding supporters to rally voters to polling stations.


4:21pm: Venezuelans living in the southern cone protest against the (un)election.


4:05pm: According to AFP’s Alex Vásquez, sources from CNE estimate that voter turnout will total 40%.


3:45pm: Frente Amplio Venezuela Libre claims voter turnout has been substantially lower than in previous elections.


3:37pm: Voters claim they received less bolívars than promised for scanning their carnet de la patria at the puntos rojos before voting.


3:26pm: Maria Corina Machado denounced that State security officers kidnapped her driver at the door of her residence.


3:17pm: A few minutes ago, Maduro begged asked Venezuelans to go out and vote. We don’t believe in carómetros, but… 



3:10pm: In case you hadn’t seen this, the U.S. Secretary of State thinks the (un)elections are a sham.


3:08pm: according to Socorro Hernández, the puntos rojos are really far off compared to previous elections. So, apparently, the illegality of the puntos rojos is taken for granted and the problem is their location.


3:00pm: CONFIRMED – You can vote null if you want to. Just press all the options in the machine and not in the ballot and you’ll see the “NULO” in the screen. The press the “VOTAR” button and voilá.


2:26pm: Transparencia Venezuela: Use any of the channels to report irregularities, if you’re being forced to vote or asked to show the carnet de la patria.

Web: https://transparencia.org.ve/project/dilo-aqui/
E-mail: [email protected]
Android: https://goo.gl/mxt1JL
Iphone: https://goo.gl/8qqohG


2:00pm: Even though chavismo has resorted to the usual strategy to boost turnout, offering CLAP boxes and direct bonuses through the carnet de la patria in red stations, along with its trademark “Get out the vote” operation, reports of empty voting stations are prevalent across the country.


1:00pm: In Mérida, polling stations remain empty.


12:45pm: In Guarenas, some bakeries and small grocery stores have longer lines than most voter stations. Despite loud music, puntos rojos remain desolate. Photos: Javier Liendo.


12:18pm: Former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, one of the government’s international allies who was invited to “validate” the May 20 vote, claims the voter turnout reached 30% by 10:10am. However, Carlos Ocariz reported a voter turnout of 12% by 10:30am, which is low compared to the 22% reported at the same time in previous elections.


12:15pm: Carlos Ocariz reported that (by 10:30am) 75% of voters had been mobilized in transport units paid by the government and that 85% of the monitored polling stations reported a punto rojo set up less than 200 meters.


11:55am: Henri Falcón claims puntos rojos were set up near the polling stations. Go figure!


11:25am: Voter turnout remains rather low.


11:00am: There is more people waiting in line to buy bread than to vote in Catia.


10:53am: Venezuelans living abroad protest against the (un)election.


10:42am: Not a single person is waiting in line to vote in the Consulate of Venezuela in New York.


10:34am: According to Jorge Rodríguez, by 10am more than two and a half million Venezuelans had already voted.


10:11am: Maduro said the puntos tricolor -which are really red- would be set up, at least, 200 meters away from polling stations. Here you can see the entrance to the Andrés Bello Municipal School and the punto rojo at Plaza El Indio: They are separated by no more than 190 meters. Photos: Javier Liendo.

9:30am: A member of the Caracas Chronicles team reports that the center of Caracas is “empty”.  “There are more members of security forces than people” and there is more people in puntos rojos -red political points- than in the entrance of the polling stations.


9:04am: Henri Falcón’s electoral witnesses were denied entry into the IPASME polling station in Maracaibo.


8:50am: Transportation problems impact the beginning of the (un)election day in Caracas. 


8:31am: There seems to be “long” lines in some polling stations… to scan the Carnet de la Patria:


8:07am: Executive Vice President Tarek El Aissami says he has received reports of “asistencia masiva” -massive turnout- to the polling station. Twitter users beg to differ:


8am: We begin our coverage of the 20M (un)elections with the news that Maduro already voted.


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  1. Concentrate on turnout. Lucena will likely give Maduro 12 times as many votes as the actual number of voters. Telesur gave a 55.9% result days ago. Thanks to Caracas Chronicles in advance.

  2. The regime could save everyone the annoyance of traveling to the polls by announcing the results now.

    To the people that are interested. Through an intermediary, I was able to contact MRubio’s step daughter, the mother of Crystal. MRubio is well.
    El Guapo, if you see this, I am trying to obtain a medicine that Crystal needs. Mrs. Guapo being a doctor could do a great favor if she could assist me. The medicine is only available by prescription. If I can get a script faxed to a pharmacy in Miami, they will sell it to me. I can then expedite it by air to Caracas.
    Caracas Chronicles has my permission to provide you my contact details.

  3. Maduro will win by 1 or 2 percentage points. Just enough to make it feel like it was a tight competition. You’ll see.

    • I think it’s also important that he’s seen as getting more than half the votes caste and that there was a good turn out in spite of the opposition. No doubt these votes have been tallied already.

  4. All enemies and friends (the latter do not exist, the former abound indeed)





  5. Thanks for reporting, I just wanted to point out a typo:
    8:50pm: Transportation problems impact the beginning of the (un)election day in Caracas.

    should be am

  6. Too much ado about nothing. Tomorrow it will be back to normalcy.

    How many zeros are they taking from the BsF? Three or six?

    If you don’t care to respond, you’re Chavista

    • “Tomorrow it will be back to normalcy.”

      That’s the idea that the fake opposition drilled into the people’s brains since 2002 when the enchufados stabbed Venezuela in the back in revenge to not having their piñata sandinista.

      “Don’t protest, don’t do anything, because that’ll make chavistas angry, nothing will change.”

      That’s been the foundational stone of chavizmo’s power, everybody who keeps blabbing that “everything will stay the same” and “venezuelans deserve chavizmo” is a chavizta.

    • I nine – enough to get through the summer – and forgot the Prteo – the Mad Man is start working on those also. He is considering dropping volume guarantee 55 galloon to 0ne liter. This give his another advantage – that is a standard unit in coke / crack / meth market. Another example of “two birds with one stone”. Isn’t Mad Ernie so so clever.

    • ¿Por qué estás aquí, Джозеф? Юсеф. Джугашвили …

      Расскажи нам. Кто платит вам?

      Я был бы впечатлен, если бы Путин заплатил вам, но он не знает, кто вы, Джозеф.

      • This is interesting. One Trumpista accusing another of being a Russian troll, on a blog post about a fake election.

        • Hey Canucklehead,

          I am not a Trumpista, in fact I voted for Hillary, but don’t tell anyone.

          Trump reminds me of a bully from my childhood. Tall, strong. I was walking home from elementary school, probably 12 years old or so, with a few boys, friends, but also with this bully who appeared dormant that day.
          The bully picked up a rock and threw it at one of my friends’ feet, and it struck and the kid was in agony. Probably broke a bone. The victim asked, cried, “Why did you do that?”

          (Think for a moment, pretend you threw a rock at a kid’s foot and he asked you why you did it. I think we would come up with roughly the same answers.)

          But this bastard, this TRUMP said, “What did you want me to do with it, (the rock) carry it around with me?”

          (BTW, I got revenge a few years later when I came back from Nam. Subject of another post.)

          I despise Trump. He is destroying what is left of my pride in my country. We were big-chested, we were clumsy, we were loud, we were vicious…but we were also (as you know my Canadian friend) from a huge, beautiful country with enormous blue skies.

          Back to Venezuela. God, when I came back from VN I met freaking GORGE Venezuela girls, and thought thoughts like, “God Damn! I want her and I want everything she has. I want her world.”

          A moron bully. A braying jackass bully. A psychopath, a murderer, a thief took over Venezuela. I mean Chavez, may he rot in Hell.

          We have this thug Maduro now…look at him. Like a fucking ham bone. Big, thick, stupid, but somehow in charge of a country of 30-million. Listen to his ignorant Spanish.

          He would throw a rock at your foot. He throws rocks at Venezolanos’ feet, and asks, to the cheers of his trilobites: “What did you want me to do, carry it around with me?”

          Anyway, Canucklehead, sometimes I drink too much Irish whiskey and I throw bombs, and I know I threw one at you. Siento, mi amigo.

  7. Voter turnout remains rather low”–more like virtually nil, concerning the falsely-claimed 20mm/+ voters supposedly “voluntarily” registered (99.9-100+% of all 18/+ old eligible), half or so of which will be claimed to vote for NM. The few/only lines are at the Puntos Rojos to register for their “premio” as Carnet De La Patria holders present at a voting station- a food bag which may actually include a smattering of protein-scarce/expensive canned tuna….

  8. So Colombians like Nicolasno were among the first to vote.. the Chinese come next, then the dead: they have a rough time rising from the grave when TibiBitch calls them.

    Proud to see “el pueblo” ain’t as easy to bribe and/or intimidate as I thought.

    No one mentions Chabestia’s lethal, yet forgotten Frankestein creation, Smartmatic. You know, the compañia chimba that cost $90 him Million. Then, Mugica – the CEO – got rich and famous overseas, and said “pinga e’ gato! Me alejo de ese peo!” – So he declared that Chavismo steals way too many votes with his sinister little Smartmatic machines, (“at least 1 million”, last time, in his own words), so p’al carajo de Cleptozuela! It would ruin their worldwide reputation now to be associated with such an enormous sham any longer. Osea que se lavaron las manos.

    With such a poor real, living voters turn-out it will be time for the Evil Brothers from Hell, Delcy & Jorgito, to exercise their training on the technical ruses of the Fraudmatic wicked machines. This time they may need 5 million artificial votes: not enough Colombians, Chinese or dead people to bribe.

    • The real reason Mugica came clean (but still off by 5M votes) was because US/UK intelligence agencies knew what Smartmatic folks in BRV where saying to their bosses in London. If Mugica whitewashed the election, the truth would have been leaked. Of course he was signaled.

  9. Colombia votes in one week. I hope they and other LA countries are learning the many lessons that are being so vividly presented in Venezuela.

  10. Nice to see the US Government imply Maduro is not Venezuelan and calling for Josh Holt release (el prisionero de Cilia).

    Delcy and her brother should be indicted/designated/sanctioned any day now. Delcy had a lot of her assets frozen in the US via Samark.

    • Pompeo’s important “We need Venezuelan people running the country” probably refers to the Cubans now actually running it.

  11. 40 % turnout rumored is a huge lie–hopefully, ENCOVI or UCAB can eventually give true estimate, as they did for 3mm or so ANC vs. 8.3mm claimed.

    • Not before mentioning how much better Venezuelan elections used to be under Chavez compared with the US. What a load of crap. Although she does mention she is in Chicago, home of the vote early, vote often strategy.

  12. The BBC news is showing empty voting centers.
    I am surprised they got away with filming the centers without the police harassing them.

  13. Look at Michael Welling Twitter to see video of Maduro pumping his fist and waving and smiling to non-existent crowd. Nobody there but security personnel. The crowd will be added in photo shop. That is hilarious!!!

  14. With in election done, does this mean we go out of the country now – or expect better mistreatment if we stay. “Inquiring minds want to know” but you have something to eat first.

    • Tom in Okie – that is an awesomely embarrassing video for Mad Ernie. The regime will claim the crowd was “photo-shopped” out of the video the crowd as part of the Imperio aggression against the people of Venezuela. Or maybe lizard people. Don’t know who took or leaked that video, but they better be in a good hiding place.

      • I agree…whoever leaked that video has cajones the size of baseballs! Lol Funniest thing I have seen in a long time!

    • Thank you Tom for posting that link!

      This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

      It will be interesting to see if they realize this was leaked, and we see it combined with crowd footage. But not Photoshop. For video, it’s some other program.

        • @CC…there is something weird going on with your new word parsing software. It is completely changing some words and even using different syntax than what I typed at times.

  15. 4:00PM En nuestro afán de lograr un proceso transparente, no podemos ocultar nuestra preocupación porque el Plan República y el CNE han sido rebasados, las irregularidades se han intensificado. Vemos la violación del acuerdo por garantías electorales #20DeMayo— Claudio Fermín (@claudioefermin) May 20, 2018
    What agreement on electoral guarantees? Agreement on guarantees made this year?
    A little late to object, several hours before the polls close.

    • 9:50pm: Henri Falcón claims two crimes were committed today: violation of electoral regulations and the use of State resources for campaign purposes.

      As those crimes were also committed in previous elections- and Henri Falcón was certainly aware of this- his remark doesn’t make much sense to me.

      • Falsón is simply repeating the same excuses that were spat by the MUD all these years: “state resources and blackmail”

        Yet he’s leaving out the ACTUAL fraud: That the regime pulled millions of FAKE VOTES out of their ass.

  16. That notation from 5:52 in Aragua needs to be turned into a meme or whatever the correct term is. Perfect replication of those of us waiting for the “official” outcome.

  17. I’ve been swinging by the voting stations since the morning here in this tiny little chavista dominated beach town of chichiriviche and there was never more than 5 or 10 militant chavistas at any moment. Totally dead. Very few people voted here I can confirm as I took lots of pictures. Also all the islands were empty I can also confirm as we took a spin in the boat and saw very few people. Everyone I know seems to be very clear and abstained from voting altogether. Just waiting for the final stage where they announce the fraudulent results.

  18. Oh and the power never went out today. Totally weird since it’s been off more than on for the last few weeks. And that’s with my cop buddies guarding the substations since “they were expecting sabotaje” before the elections.

  19. The whole Chavista ediface appears to be as fragile as an empty eggshell at this point. Just the slightedt little pressure and the whole thing shatters into a million pieces……..

  20. The whole Chavista ediface appears to be as fragile as an empty eggshell at this point. Just the slightedt little pressure and the whole thing shatters into a million pieces……..

    • The Chavista edifice collapsed a long time ago, and with it any semblance of order, purpose, or national destiny. Maduro is now Lord of the Flies.

  21. So has Maduro (or one of his henchmen) declared himself the winner, yet? The suspense is killing me.

  22. Losers. Losers. Especially someone asking Colombian to watch out Venezuela. Etc. Ridiculous.

    Venezuelans sold their soul to the devil for a few dollars more in 1998. Now they can’t get it back. Notwithstanding multiple alarms, until it was too late, 1992, then 1994. This one event will not even go in history. Don’t you see, it all started in 1830.

    Then there are a bunch of stupid bloggers down here, they seriously believe this is so important to the world that they deserve a Russian troll (like they fart every time they eat chorizo)

    • “Boo hoo, benesuelans deserbe chabizmo, boo hoo, they all deserbe it because they sold themselves! boo hoo! they deserbe 100 years of chabismo! boo hoo!”

      Hehe, sometimes it’s funny to watch these whiners taking out their inner chavizta for a walk.

  23. Wow. The numbers appear to be fraudulently suicidal for Maduro in a number of ways. Suicidal meaning legitimacy, not hold on power.

    I’m curious how close these numbers come to the final ones, like someone now yelling at the CNE, “We can’t give THOSE numbers! We have to give THESE!”

    • Well, everybody knows that at best maduro pulled like around one million votes, while falsón got barely more than 300k and bertucci could have gotten the same amount.

      After all, this is the prostituyente 2.0 for chabizmo, where they were left completely alone with their swindle.

  24. I’m going to sleep later and pray that I have dreams of Ft. Bragg Marines gearing up and getting loaded onto the transports.

    • Sky Dragons and All Americans (XVII Air Corps and 82nd Airborne) are Army. Ft Bragg.

      Never confuse Army with Marines. It’s insulting to us Army types.

      • All it takes is one U.S. operative (Marine or Army preferred) in Caracas with a sniper rifle. Anymore is a waste and increases the chances of capture and failure. Who knows, he may be setting up tonight for a shot tomorrow.

        • It works that way in the movies, but not in the real world. Uncle doesn’t waste his best assets like that.

          Better idea: Venezuelans who care about their freedom and liberty make it a point to kill ONE colectivo per week. Preferably one per day. Or, any other legitimate, UNIFORMED target.

          The point being: Until that point where the colectivos/GNB/PNB is afraid to put on their uniforms, things won’t change internally. The enforcement agents of Chavismo have to fear that EVERYONE is out to get them.

          Freedom isn’t free. Someone is going to have to step up.

          • Protests and guarimbas are now different because one incredibly important factor:

            There’s no backstabbing and traitorous fake opposition leadership killing the protests from within as it’s been since 2002, no one’ll listen to the pathetic chúo torrrealbas nor chaprileses when they come braying that “people can’t step on the peines”

            The air will sonn get filled with the smell of grilling, and the regime’s enforcers will be in the menu, they will find out very soon that they weren’t sent to slaughter the same docile sheep from the past year.

          • they will find out very soon that they weren’t sent to slaughter the same docile sheep from the past year.
            S/B: they will find out very soon that they DIDN’T SEND to slaughter the dame docile sheep from the past year.
            You’re English is so close to perfect. If it doesn’t bother you too much, I’ll be correcting your reoccurring mistakes from now on. Since I enjoy your posts so much I’ll help you polish it to perfection.

          • Ulamog: I hope you are right.

            Chavez and Maduro aren’t afraid to play dirty. Liberty loving Venezuelans are going to play dirtier.

            Either a civil war is on the way, or perpetual servitude.

      • Believe me:

        I was aware that there was a great distinction, but I’m a non-vet and was too lazy to look it all up.

        So what units should I pray for?

        • If Uncle sends in anyone, it will be all of what he can afford to send in.

          There are any number of “first responder” types. But that isn’t what would happen in VZ.

          In regards to your prayer: The Marines would be the first to go in. “First to Fight”. I’d hate to be the poor, underfed FANB sap who has to greet them bad assed fuckers on a beach. They would mow through any FANB opposition within minutes. Kicking ass and not bothering to take names. Marines are Uncles merciless, hard living, tat-covered ass-kickers who aren’t there to nation build or make friends. They kill and take real estate. And they are damn good at it.

          • The malandros with uniforms won’t even have the chance to greet a marine.

            They’ll greet a drone missile.

  25. Maduroo claimed 67.7% of the votes with 92.6% of votes counted. This beat earlier expectations of 59%. Lucena was extra generous. She will find extra in her paycheck. I hope she has to answer for her corruption before she dies.

    Nicolás Maduro: 5.823.728
    Henri Falcón: 1.820.552
    Javier Bertucci: 925.042
    Reinaldo Quijada: 34.614
    Total 8.603.936 votes counted out of 9,291,507

    No way that 9,291,507 people voted today. This election is officially a fraud

    • I posted elsewhere today the same exact thing.

      What a surprise.

      I’m just amazed that they played their lies to actually claim that almost 10 million people voted today.

      Fucking ridiculous.

  26. Please tell me FRod has some sort oficina back-up plan and didn’t justi stake his reputación on a romantic gesture.

  27. Numbers aside, the official result was never in doubt. What is important is what happens next.

    Will the Opposition conclude that negotiation is futile and act accordingly? Maria Corina already has. Let’s see if the “Frente Amplia” can change from an “opposition” to a “resistance”. It is hard for politicians to conclude that they need to be soldiers. It is not their nature. But, let’s see if they have it in them. If they do, I will think better of them then I do now.

    Then we come to the international community… There is already a broad consensus that a continuation of the status quo is highly in contra to the interests of the entire region. But, does the political will exist to do anything about it? Can Trump actually lead? If not, can the other LatAm countries decide on an execute a plan?

    All of these questions will have answers in the next few weeks. The groundwork has been laid for a determined confrontation of the regime and now is the moment. If this opportunity is not seized, Chavismo (or the narco/military dictatorship it has evolved into) could continue poisoning the politics and the economies of Latin America for decades to come. The resulting quagmire will have a stagnating effect on the U.S. and Canada as well, allowing China and Europe to fight it out for the global economic supremacy of the world.

    So, there is a lot at stake here. So, the next few weeks will determine the fates of nations, and whether or not I continue living in and having any hope for Venezuela.

    • “All of these questions will have answers in the next few weeks. The groundwork has been laid for a determined confrontation of the regime and now is the moment. If this opportunity is not seized, Chavismo (or the narco/military dictatorship it has evolved into) could continue poisoning the politics and the economies of Latin America for decades to come. The resulting quagmire will have a stagnating effect on the U.S. and Canada as well, allowing China and Europe to fight it out for the global economic supremacy of the world.”

      I think that you are giving Venezuela too much importance. It is going down the drain and other than the refugee crisis that is developing, not much is being felt around the world. So this is not the least related to global economy supremacy.

    • You know that the other LatAm nations aren’t going to agree on, let alone execute, any plan.

      The only POSSIBLE plan, which each country will do unilaterally anyway to varying degrees, is putting the heat on refugees, and removing the Welcome mats.

      They’ll claim that by doing so, they’re “building up the pressure” on Maduro. But of course, they’re just trying to relieve themselves of the costs and problems associated with the influxes.







      They have the cojones, but they don’t have the guns.

      “ZAPATERO …”

      Is a paid monkey.


      Are we talking about the same Obama that gave all sorts of concessions to the castros, even going as far as eliminating the law that granted citizenship to any cuban refugee that stepped on the coastline? Yeah, Obama cared SO MUCH about refugees from the castro-communist regime, SSSOOOOOO MMMMUUUUCCCHHHH.

      You had a senior moment indeed, those operations are carried on with drones, not with marrrrines.

  29. I’ve got tired off all this silliness. If I speak English bad that’s not of your business – vous êtes tous une bande de connards – qui se ne frega maledetti – vocês vão no inferno – adios y Venezuela que se valla a la mierda.


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