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In the days prior, and right after the May 20 “election”, the U.S. government imposed financial sanctions to Diosdado Cabello and restricted official Venezuelan transactions. Nicolás Maduro retaliated by expelling the U.S. embassy’s chargé d’affaires, Todd Robinson, and his deputy, Brian Naranjo, from the country, declaring them personae non gratae.

Taking the word of U.S. VP Mike Pence, looks like the Trump administration is escalating its response to the Venezuelan crisis. Why now? This article by Politico’s Marc Caputo has more.

With Mike Pompeo taking over as Secretary of State and John Bolton assuming as National Security Adviser, U.S. policy regarding Venezuela has changed. In the case of Diosdado Cabello, the article says that the sanctions against him were blocked until very recently by Thomas Shannon, the under-secretary of State for Political Affairs. Shannon announced earlier this year his retirement, and he’s expected to leave his post next month.

The previous Secretary of State protected and assisted the people who undermined the president on Venezuela.

Someone satisfied with these changes is U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), who told Politico that Pompeo’s predecessor, Eric Tillerson, wasn’t committed enough to push pressure on Maduro: “The previous Secretary of State protected and assisted the people who undermined the president on Venezuela.” He also says that President Trump mentions Venezuela to him frequently during their conversations.

The State Department is also monitoring the situation of U.S. citizen Joshua Holt, incarcerated since 2016. Last week, he made a video pleading for his life during the inmate riot at El Helicoide. Diosdado Cabello called Holt  “the chief spy for the U.S. in Latin America.”

The Venezuelan issue is also drawing lots of attention in another race: the one for the other senate seat in Florida, held by Democrat incumbent, Bill Nelson.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is running for Nelson’s seat and he has been pushing Venezuela as one of his main topics: from passing legislation banning Florida agencies from dealing with companies involved with Maduro, to meeting with the so-called “TSJ in exile.”

Earlier this month, he asked his fellow 49 state governors to take similar actions in a letter.

Senator Nelson is also boosting his own credentials in support of Venezuelan democracy and, hours before the May 20 “election”, he wrote the following message on his Twitter account:

The race is close between Scott and Nelson, even if there’s a long way to go before the primaries in late August. But the fact that the Venezuelan community is becoming more and more important in Florida, gives a broader meaning to the phrase “All politics is local.”

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    • A. Create a wedge among chavestias particularly the one least indoctrinated by the Cubans
      B. Have a successor to control the army upon Maduro demise
      C. Have a connection with el Cartel de los Soles to control more dangerous cartels (same approach as in Colombia)
      D. Cabello had the control the PSUV (recently sorta lost it) which could help to transition to a chavestia morph government without Maduro or the Cubans
      E. Daniella Cabello esta bien buena, dame un chance ahí papa
      F. All the above

      • Cabello has a pretty distinctive 1970s right wing Latin American dictator vibe about him underneath that red exterior.

          • “Isn’t it funny how all leftists begin to look like “Fascists” if you look at them long enough?”

            More appropos: Isn’t it funny how Fascists begin to look and sound like Leftists if you actually research what they preached and did?

        • yeah, nothing screams right wing like using state logs of wire transactions to find those moving large amount of money to find drug traffickers to seize their drugs to traffic said drugs using state airport…

        • “Cabello has a pretty distinctive 1970s right wing Latin American dictator vibe about him underneath that red exterior.”

          The “pretty distinctive 1970s right wing Latin American dictator vibe” was pretty much codified by the Perons of Argentine in the forties and fifties, from the bling to the scaled down military uniforms and- this is crucial- the refined counterinsurgency and counter-dissent organs within the military and intelligence orgs. Right on down to Argentina being the nexus of the *justly* infamous Operation Condor that slaughtered and tortured its way through dissidents.

          And the Perons were and are still viewed as either Left Wing or Third Wayers.

          Now sure, they weren’t the first or only ones. They also were contemporaries of the Castros (who to the extent they have an ideology associated with the Communist left_ and are well predated by the likes of “El Chacal” Huerta, Santa Ana, and Diaz of Mexico, as well as the Lopez Clan of Paraguay. All of whom would probably be on the right. And ultimately, even the Liberadores like Bolivar and Iturbide.

          But in terms of giving the bog standard Hispanic American tinpot their vibe and differentiating between them and-say- the Somozoas or El Chacal it is hard to beat the Perons.

    • To begin to understand Shannon motives you need to see the tweets by Pedro Burelli. I wll add my two cents: it started in Brasil.

  1. Thanks for all the citations. Thank God the Obama leftovers are fleeing the State Department. Great article! Hopefully this results in action.

  2. Diosdado es un diablo. He’s a very bad little man who has his fingers in lots of dirty evil bad shit and please god don’t negociate with him as he is the encarnate of true evil of course never on the front line. Always hiding behind testaferros. I could tell you some pretty crazy stories about el meon esa. He’s one of the first that needs to take a dirt nap.

  3. Excellent interview in English with Joseph Humire on Iranian involvement in Venezuela. Well worth checking out. He claims Iranian/Middle East involvement is just as bad as Cuban involvement. Mind blowing.

    Goes with Poetas hypothesis that these thugs are destroying the country because that is their plan, but Mr. Humire links this to the Iranian/Middle East but being better organized than Cubans. Refugee problem was planned all along.

    • Best quote in referring to the “forgotten Monroe Doctrine” by Joseph Humire. This guy was a martial artist in USMC. He states,

      “The central tenet in combat: its not the hardest punch that knocks you out. It is the one you do not see…I believe geostratically and geopolitically in the world that punch and kick is being developed in Latin America…because nobody sees it or cares about it…[and that is what enemies of the USA are doing now in Venezuela]”.

  4. If the USA and India don’t stop buying kleptozuelan oil, while selling gasoline and much more, those stupid personalized sanctions won’t work. You’d have to be mentally retarded at this point not to hide the money and properties very well, if you’re a Chavista thief. Plus there are thousands of big thieves, beyond the 1300 ‘generals’ and all politicians. Full oil embargo would be a start, and even that wouldn’t be enough. Plenty of drug trade money left for their countless bribes, to stay in power. The entire world should intervene, isolate the genocidal tyranny. Then there’s Russia and China.. If the US doesn’t think its in their interest to organize a fast but furious military intervention, KleptoCubazuela is screwed till it becomes worse than Cuba or Haiti in 2050.

  5. I had an ex socio Sirian buddy who flew 2 or three times a year to Siria on commercial flights that were totally void of passengers and even went so far as to limit the baggage that the few passengers could bring. Yet the planes were so heavily laden with coltan or uranium I believe he said, that they barely made it off the runway. Venezuela has been feeding terrorism for many years now. I got into a bottle of good rum so I’m spilling all the interesting shit now

  6. Had another buddy who married a Venezuelan girl who’s mother was installed in the newly appointed cine at the time who denounced chavismo after they asked her to falsify the election results when Chaves beat capriles. She was “allowed” to quietly disappear and keep her mouth shut while they reversed the vote numbers to show that Chaves won instead of capriles. I was there during the elections and saw what REAL massive voter turn out looks like in Venezuela. The streets were positively PACKED with voters! During the ramble we witnessed people approach the voting station with a pen drive folded in a piece of paper that they took in, plugged into the machine and handed back to buddy. Shortly after the lista de tascon appeared and many people lost their job. This has been going on for a while and everyone just kept quiet about it. Ulamog am I making shit up here or is this true what I am saying? PREACH BROTHER!

  7. We need to send you more rum bro!!!

    Get more drunk and start fucking with the trolls who will show up when truth bombs are being dropped.

  8. Dont worry man I have a brother in law that goes back and forth to punto fijo and brings me cheap ( good) rum all the time. I’m loaded and I buy my beer from the polar truck too so I’m cool. So I’m loaded. No seriously, I’m loaded. When have I ever talked so much?

  9. Not much “tougher”; not much “escalation.” Mostly just mopping up work-arounds from the earlier executive order restricting new credit. To wit:

    The Trump administration said “This executive order closes down a different set of loopholes that we saw the regime attempting to exploit.”

  10. Hey, all is not lost. Today, Bertucci, who NM termed the New Opposition, began a “dialogo” with well-meaning JR/NM, about political prisoners, humanitarian channel, etc. Next step, I suppose, “dialogo” with HF/F-Rod on easing U.S. financial restrictions–see, there IS hope….

  11. Anyone else remember these:

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Thomas Shannon was somehow compromised. I don’t know if he was bribed or extorted, but there was something not kosher going on there.

  12. Nelson is real strong here in Florida. Scott is a classic dick, who doesn’t know that it’s time for him to hang it up.

    Two-term Governor. That’s enough. And now he wants to challenge probably the most popular senator in Florida history?

    Talk about fucking ego.

    • As a Floridian I’m really torn on the upcoming senate state elections. I like the more aggressive stance of Scott as many Republicans against the Venezuela dictatorship but hate his link to the healthcare cartel.
      Nelson would be more likely to fix healthcare if at all, but as many Democrats, is not aggressive enough against the Maduro regime.

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