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Ricardo* asks for a minute to set his ideas straight. Through Skype, his voice sounds hurt but steady. He’s been in exile in San José de Costa Rica for 15 days, since the Nicaraguan paramilitary branded him as one of the “traitors” against the revolution of Daniel Ortega’s government. He’s 22 and a Law student in the American University of Managua (UAM). “I was in the streets since April, supporting my classmates and aiding the wounded [from the protests ]. One night I was at home resting, and I got a phone call. A voice told me that if I didn’t keep to myself, they’d kill us all.” Ricardo fled to Costa Rica at his mother’s insistence. He took his 15-year-old brother with him and they’re both living with an uncle who’s been living among the ticos for 20 years.

A voice told me that if I didn’t keep to myself, they’d kill us all.

This case is just one of the many Nicaraguans who have fled to Costa Rica in the last 100 days. This week, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) asked the Costa Rican government to support all the people who crossed its borders fleeing the Nicaraguan crisis. In the last month, Costa Rica has received 200 political asylum requests from Nicaraguans, and it’s carrying out 8,000 such proceedings since April. UNHCR estimates that between 100,000 and 150,000 Nicaraguan families live in Costa Rica, who have offered support for these new exiles.

UNHCR has also requested that all countries hosting Nicaraguan citizens offer the necessary cooperation to ease their transition and legalization. Although Costa Rica is the country with the highest trend of Nicaraguan requests in the first half of 2018, with a significant spike in June —according to UNHCR spokesman William Spinder— and Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are also becoming transit countries. Spinder said that they’re closely monitoring the situation of more than 700 refugees and asylum applicants, mostly from El Salvador and Honduras, who live in Managua and other cities of Nicaragua.

For Daniel Ortega, all of these consequences are caused by foreign agents, and not by his government. Especially the Islamic State, as he claimed this week during the anniversary of the Air Force: “it would seem like the influence of ISIS has reached Nicaragua through (social) networks.

UNHCR estimates that between 100,000 and 150,000 Nicaraguan families live in Costa Rica, who have offered support for these new exiles.

Yes, Ortega thinks that digital tools have been the triggers of violence and that many of his countrymen “have been led astray” by terrorists practices that were previously unknown in the country. There are countless of videos and pictures of protests in recent days: young citizens shot in the head, gangs of hooded thugs lynching people and barricades destroyed by explosions are only a small part of what has been Nicaragua’s season of terror. “Terrible. It wasn’t just one case, there are many cases of Nicaraguan brothers burned, in flames, among them two police officers. Terrorism, there’s no other word,” Ortega says that it’s terrorism financed by the United States, the United Nations and the Organization of American States.

What he not-so-elegantly forgets, is that the Inter American Commission on Human Rights and the Civic Alliance (a Nicaraguan opposition organization) have created two reports, with data collected in the field of protests and testimonies of the people affected, indicating that 80% of cases of people wounded or killed in Managua have involved paramilitary groups. It’s common to see improvised checkpoints set by these groups all over the city to intimidate citizens and assault protesters.

“We (the Sandinista Front of National Liberation) never applied these tactics in our fight against Somoza. These practices have been imported into our country,” Ortega claimed before Air Force members.

“Ortega doesn’t care about lying, he’s a master when it comes to lies; he and his followers, those who have specialized in torturing and murdering dissidents. They’re the ones who choose repression over dialogue. There’s no foreign interference of any kind in these cases,” says Ricardo, who got a bullet wound in a leg during a clash in downtown Managua. That day, paramilitary forces arrived and fired in cold blood upon students armed only with stones and molotov bombs.

Ortega doesn’t care about lying, he’s a master when it comes to lies.

In view of “interference” accusations, the OAS responded through Secretary General Luis Almagro, who said that the government’s liabilities for this crisis “can’t be transferred” out of convenience. Almagro proposed the creation of a special committee within the organization to promote dialogue between the parties involved in the crisis. A dialogue that Ortega doesn’t accept, and which is sidelined by the human rights violations committed in Nicaragua.

In this situation, Nicaraguans will keep fleeing from the terror that’s spread through their country.

*The name was changed at the interviewee’s request

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    • I don’t see them from here. They never load. Weird. Oh and our fearless leader just about made an auto goal but he hit the post and missed. Fuck buddy, if his royal orangeness wants you dead, he will hit you with something a lot harder then that. I can’t wait to hear the spin on this one. They have already arrested a bunch of reporters who filmed it on sight so no high quality videos will get out. My first question when I heard the news was: did they get the bastard?

  1. I remember when Danny Ortega was the wunderkind of the Democrat controlled US Congress when Reagan was president. He would bring they said “social justice” to the people of Nicaragua. He sure did. Fast forward almost 40 years, last week I met a woman from Nicaragua whom I was working with at a homeless shelter serving food. She was by no means wealthy. She told me she prays every night that he will be forced out as president. Where is the accountability for the liberal politicians, academics, and activists who worked so hard for Danny. US media either avoids discussing this link or fleetingly acknowledges it without blame sort of the way families treat pedophiles amongst them. Long live “social justice”. Viva Danny. I understand he is quite wealthy sort of like Castro, Chavez, Maduro who did it for the people, like Danny.

    • ” understand he is quite wealthy sort of like Castro, Chavez, Maduro who did it for the people, like Danny.”

      Viva fucking socialism! Only ignorant oblivious uneducated stupid sheits vote/are socialists.

    • John Kerry, who in the 1980s was one of the more egregious Otega fanboys, would probably brush it off with the claim that he wanted “peace” in Nicaragua. Which reminds me of “socialism means peace.” One would imagine that John Kerry, he with the gazillionaire wife, didn’t mean peace in precisely that same manner.

      • Rather that John Kerry thought that Socialism/Communism was just fine for the benighted of the Third World, but had no intention of submitting himself to Socialism/Communism. After all, John Kerry didn’t even like submitting to the tax regimes of capitalist America. Recall that John Kerry registered his yacht in Rhode Island to avoid Massachusetts taxes- until he got caught.

        • Kerry wanted to visit Venezuela while secstate. You know he was travelling the globe and venezuela on bucket list. He had to be talked out of it. A useless secstate in the americas for sure. Obama surrounded himself with many weirdos….something the founder of this blog cannot get through his thick skull that Trump has a better team.

          Clinton, Kerry, Rhodes, Rice and Power sucked on Venezuela compared to Trump picks.

    • And did Jimmy Carter and the American left fawn all over this guy.

      Read, if you can find it in print still, a book by humorist PJ O’Rourke called, Holidays in Hell. In one chapter, he visits Nicaragua after Ortega is voted OUT the first time. About how cocksure Carter was. How Bianca Jagger went into meltdown.

      O’Rourke coined the term “Sandalistas” for the political left in Nicaragua. The hairy (women) legged, unshaven, unwashed true-believers in Marxism

  2. ISIS influencing the protests? What a laugh! There is a substantial Arab presence in Honduras- between 150,000-200,000 as of year 2000- but about 95% of them are Christians of Palestinian origin. Estimated Muslims- 5,000. San Pedro Sula, the biggest city in Honduras, has a lot of entrepreneurs of Arab origin. See Arab immigration to Honduras.

    I worked in northern Argentina, which had a Christian Arab presence. A rig I worked on had a rig chief of Arab – a.k.a. Turco- origin. The town had a Syrian-Lebanese eating club- but they mostly served Argentine food, like milanesas. I am reminded of the inn in my hometown, which served traditional New England food, but at request would serve up the Lebanese food of the proprietors. Much tastier than New England Boiled Dinner!

  3. We all know it’s actually the opposite, the lunatic muslim zealots are among the repressive communist death squads that attack the unarmed and innocent people.

    While the piece of septic garbage pedortega claims that the protesters are drugged up to their ears with “cacagón the daesh drug”, the castrochabizta, cuban, hezbollah and hamasi psychopaths are setting people on fire, blasting off the childrens’ heads with shotguns and even slicing the people’s throats and sphincters to bleed them to death.

    I know that apology to violence shouldn’t be called, but the sandinist bastards really deserve everything they’ve inflicted on the population.

  4. I was just told that a live Maduro speech in Caracas was interrupted by two explosions and Maduro hiding for cover. Followed by house-to-house searches by SEBIN. Venezuela’s own July 20 attempt?

    • Yup, check on Twitter. Video of the televised speech starts with Maduro talking and ends with soldiers running for their lives.

  5. Just talked to someone in CCS. Everyone is surfing the social media to find out what’s happening. I imagine anyone taking video at this point is asking for it so they’re probably be little more on this. But it doesn’t bode well for Maduro. Somebody is getting restless. Stateside, the nuts are already yelling that the CIA is up to no good. That the Jews were behind it. Nothing about Maduro running the country into the shitter.

  6. Remember Kristallnacht in Germany when the Fascists set the Reichstag on fire and then unleashed a bloody pogrom against the Jews . After watching some video this so called assassination attempt looked staged. Watch for the repression that will follow. Here we go.

  7. We were wtihout power (second time today) when the festivities happened and without phone service as well so we just found out about this less than an hour ago. Watching Chavez TV right now and it’s nothing but reading tweets from people around the country expressing their support for the revolution….yada yada yada.

    Maduro sent Jorge Rodriques out to address the country with him soon to follow though it’s now been over 30 minutes and still no Maduro.

    Mr. Crispin, I have no thoughts as to whether the event was staged or not, but that video of the soldiers scattering can’t be too reassuring to anyone at the top.

  8. Maduro is claiming that they’ve already captured at least part of the group of those responsible and he’s blaming Colombia for supporting the coup attempt. Also saying that this was funded out of Miami.

  9. Whether real or staged it was certainly not a Colombian financed attack. Colombia has many top notch assassin’s living within it’s borders and would not have mounted such a clumsy attempt. The thing is…those “troops”
    we’re scared out if their wits and I can’t imagine that Maduro wouldn’t be embarrassed and mad as a hornet that his troops scattered in panic and it was all on video for the world to see.

  10. ‘To the conscious Venezuela, we are going to bet for the good of our country, the hour of the economic recovery has come and we need…’ Mr Maduro was saying before the cameras moved away from him.

    However, firefighters near the scene are disputing the government’s version of events.

    And three officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said the incident was actually a gas tank explosion inside an apartment.

    Smoke could be seen coming out of a building window at the site of the incident.

    • I think this is probably exactly what happened. Fucking drone attack my ass. Anyways funny how all those little bitches scattered. Jajajaja yeah that’s got to be disheartening for that fat fuck.

  11. Check @philgunson version a gas tank exploded in a nearby apartment and snipers shot down a drone from state TV that was filming the event

  12. “Check @philgunson version a gas tank exploded in a nearby apartment and snipers shot down a drone from state TV that was filming the event”

    If that’s what actually happened, this government will obviously now not ever admit it. They’re in too deep with the story of arrests and an advanced “investigation”.

    While I was watching ChavezTV and waiting for Maduro to appear, my woman found on facebook a video of the apartment on fire…..same apartment in the dailymail article I linked above.

    • Why suggest the regime will admit it? First of all, it’s not a “government” and second, they don’t admit. You know this better than most

  13. This is correct. They are using a gas explosion to gaslight. Estan usando una explosion de gas para aplicar luz de gas.

    No armed drones. Cilia seen smiling in relief at nutty scene created when apartment blew. Officer bleeding from head tripped during panic.

    I survived unscathedone of those apt. Gas explosions in Las Mercedes. Mom got burns to head and arms.

    The regime’s troops look foolish scampering for cover…sign of the unstable environment. Regme needs to cover that up and use to its advantage. Regime very good at these dark tactics.

    State media alongside Iran, China, Cuba and Turkey state media pals already gaslighting their audiences. Expect Russia Today and Sputnik to chime in soon.

    Unfortunately, U.S. MSM and wire services taking bait. Since when the hell do apartnent gas explosions with no injuries garner internatiomal headlines? Shame on you Miami Herald and U.S media for rushing to publish Red propaganda…fucking amateurs being played like fiddles.

  14. There was never a threat to the narco-dictator. Bodyguards went through the motions like a tired dress rehearsal.

    A comedy of errors turned into gaslighting exercise. Una comedia de erores convertida en ejercicio de luz de gas.


  15. If Uncle wanted Maduro dead, he’d be dead years ago. And it would have been an “inside job”. No US personnel involved. Just a $500,000 payout to any officer who did it, a US passport and a condo in South Beach.



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