The Stampede of the Brave


At 5:41 p.m. during the ceremony for the 81st anniversary of the National Guard, some explosions were heard and Nicolás interrupted his speech. Right after seeing how the military ranks scattered in a stampede and hearing a male voice say: “Let’s go to the right,” the mandatory broadcast on radio and TV was abruptly cut.

During the ceremony for the 81st anniversary of the National Guard, some explosions were heard and Nicolás interrupted his speech.

Two hours later, Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez reported that “investigations clearly establish that they were caused by two drone type flying devices that contained explosive charges that exploded near the presidential stage and in some areas of the parade,” claiming that it was “an attempt on the constitutional president’s life (…) who was unharmed.”

According to Rodríguez, seven military officers whom he didn’t identify were wounded, but were already being taken care of. In his view, the incident evidences the desperation of “some ultra-right spokespeople (…) who after being defeated in the political field, in the field of the economic war and (…) in all fields established by the Constitution, they keep resorting to criminal practices.” By the way, Jorge Rodríguez claimed that the military formation never broke.

Nicolás’ version

Despite being unharmed, the rictus that accompanied the first part of his speech didn’t show solvency but anger. He spent 10 minutes in useless details before saying that yesterday’s events were evidence of the complaints they’ve raised about “the golpista plan the ultra-right has been advancing,” accusing both the local and Bogota right-wings equally, but linking up the recent statements of Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos about the “short time” Nicolás’s got left in power with this incidence, accusing him along with Miami financiers, of being responsible for what he called an attempt on his life: “They tried to murder me today,” he said.

“My first reaction was observation, serenity,” Nicolás said and improvised -it was obvious- that he even believed there had been a mistake with a firework, but that soldiers were firm, except that when they felt the second explosive wave, they ran for cover.

It was original for him to have asked Donald Trump for help to fight against terrorists in the region.

He had the gall of comparing himself with Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre and claiming that this is the first assassination attempt against a president since the one suffered by Rómulo Betancourt in 1960, denying the attempts against Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992 and minimizing the 63 complaints of assassination attempts made by Hugo Chávez. It was original for him to have asked Donald Trump for help to fight against terrorists in the region, promising the culprits three things: justice, the highest punishment and no mercy.

CSI + marketing

“Communication was cut and investigations started immediately (…) we’ve captured and prosecuted some of the material authors of the attempt and recovered part of the evidence,” he claimed without revealing any names, the place where they were captured, the evidence recovered or the methods to support a faster investigation than any CSI episode.

He used the event to justify the collapse of the electric system; denying our serious crime rate, he blamed Colombia for all forms of violence and said that he’s “the guarantee of peace to live in this country,” threatening a civil war if something were to happen to him. In his view, what ultra-right groups are desperate about (enough as to plan to kill him) is that “for the first time in five years, we have a well-thought economic plan,” zero shame. But to “turn the economic situation around,” it’s imperative to carry out a transport census, and he talked about that for some time, restated other announced measures and justifying their pertinence solely on the fact that he’s alive.

The epic conclusion was the worst of the message, a lesson in self-help that included: a shield of love, the right side of history, Jesus Christ’s special protection and his willingness to keep on with the “revolution”.

AP’s version

The news agency Associated Press said that several firefighters in the scene contradicted the government’s story.

Far from the version of snipers that brought down drones loaded with explosives while they hovered over the parade, the news agency Associated Press said that several firefighters in the scene contradicted the government’s story. According to AP, three agents anonymously said that it was actually the explosion of a gas cylinder in a nearby apartment. Spain’s El País added the statement of someone who was in the event, close to Nicolás, and anonymously said he was sceptic about the official version, that he saw no drone and that he heard no gunshots “so the version that security forces fired against a drone isn’t believable,” he said, adding that what he heard was an explosion “like a mortar.”

Other contributions

Diosdado Cabello didn’t wait for the progress of the swift investigation and said on Twitter that “the right-wing insists on violence to take over the spaces they can’t win through votes,” while the account of the Movimiento Nacional Soldados de Franela claimed responsibility for the attack: “the operation was to take two drones loaded with C4, the target was the presidential stage, honor guard snipers took down the drones before they could reach the target. We showed that they’re vulnerable, we failed today, but it’s a matter of time,” says the Tweet.

Additionally, a “statement” was issued calling the assault “Operación Fénix,” a document urging everyone to take to the streets with no return, supporting our constitutional soldiers and civilian political leaders to take and consolidate power, towards the conformation of a Transition Government Junta.

The compulsion for lying

There are no pictures of the drones or the snipers.

NGO Espacio Público and the National Union of Press Workers denounced that after the events, the whereabouts of journalists and workers Neidy Freytes, César Díaz and Alfredo Valera were unknown “after the GNB approached them in the Bolívar avenue and cut their broadcast.” In an interview with CNN, imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab said that he knew nothing about the missing journalists, after three hours of their disappearance. They were released almost immediately.

And mind you, CNN is censored in every cable TV operator in Venezuela. If in the first official version about the incident, Jorge Rodríguez denied what we saw, he opened the path for questioning any other information provided by the Executive.

There are no pictures of the drones or the snipers, but we could see the burned apartment where the gas cylinder allegedly exploded. Nicolás used the incident to reinforce the idea of violence as the only route to oust him and yet, doing that would only bring us a civil war. The mistake, the insurmountable mistake, was the stampede, which shows just how well our loyal and courageous troops will stand against the enemy.

“Dignity is what separates a retreat from a stampede.”
José Urriola

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    • @elguapo, you must be kidding. Do you believe in that fake history about Uncle Sam killing Chavez? Chavez was the more insignificant Cucaracha – besides his friend Obama was here as the Commander in Chief.

      This moment made my day, I saw Venezuelans behaving like they are

        • If anyone injected cancer into Chavez ass, and I sincerely hope they did, it was G2 bcuz dipshit wasn’t following orders. Castro needed an easy dumbfuck to manipulate. … Maduro. He was taught and trained by them for years and years l

          • They offed shiabbe because they knew shit was going to get ugly, and they knew that his image would get bad, so they had to kill him before people could associate him with anything bad at large.

  1. I know millions are suffering, and I feel shame and guilt. But, damnit, sometimes I just find it impossible to stifle a laugh!

    • Tomorrow ought to be an excellent day for photoshops and internet memes. I might even drop in on FARK to see what sort of fun they have had with this!

    • I wished this was true. One Tomahawk armed with clusters would have made disappear everything in a 500-yard radius. They would have become ashes.

  2. This is the most comprehensive press report I have read. You made sense out of all the conflicting reports and you fairly reported all of the various claims. You are a credit to your profession. Congratulations.

  3. Good report, Naky.
    I’m still a bit confused.
    Has any credible eye witness come forward confirming that there was at least one drone. Has any credible witness confirmed any soldiers shooting at a drone. If so why were the rifle bangs not heard on the available video footage. If there was a drone, how did it get inside the nearby appartment where the explosion occurred? Bad navigation?
    If there wasn’t a drone (or two) why did the twitter account of the Soldados de Franela suggest that there was AND confirm the story of the brave honour guard responding promptly to shoot down the drones and foil the plot? Even if there was a drone involved (which I seriously doubt), the twitter comment claiming credit would be an own goal in propaganda terms. Methinks that whoever is controlling that particular twitter name has nothing whatsoever to do with any resistance to the Venezuelan regime. Mmmm. Explosion of a gas bottle is looking the most likely explanation at the moment.

    • @kribaez military drones are made not to be seen. I do think there was no drone, except those with a camera to control the populace. They could be fitted with an IED and eventually be detonated in the air to cause tremendous confusion – you are on the right track challenging everything

    • One state TV drone was shot down. A VTV drone filming the apartment fire. Totally unrelated event that was mashed together by Disinformation Minister Jorge Rodriguez in his gaslighting address to the nation two hours later.

      Whether there where drones present at the National Guard military parade is irrelevant. The state uses drones to film their events on a regular basis going back a decade.

      One thing has nothing to do with another. There was a propane gas explosion nearby that was strong enough to shake the earth. That’s all.

    • Soldados de Franela and their mouthpiece Patricia Poleo are not to be believed period.

      These events are basically exercises in Information Operations, OSINT, and forensic media analysis coupled with knowledge of actors, events and in this case, drones and explosives capabilities.

      • This is also a PSYOP or Psychological Operation under the subset of a Deception Campaign which is an Information (Disinformation) Operation crafted by the Minister of Communications and Psychologist Jorge Rodriguez.

        • Vizzini: “But it’s so simple. All I have to do is divine from what I know of you: are you the sort of man who would put the poison into his own goblet or his enemy’s? Now, a clever man would put the poison into his own goblet, because he would know that only a great fool would reach for what he was given. I am not a great fool, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But you must have known I was not a great fool, you would have counted on it, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.”

          Man in Black: “You’ve made your decision then?”

          Vizzini: “Not remotely. Because iocane comes from Australia, as everyone knows, and Australia is entirely peopled with criminals, and criminals are used to having people not trust them, as you are not trusted by me, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.”

          Man in Black: Truly, you have a dizzying intellect.

          Vizzini: “Wait till I get going! Now, where was I?”

          Man in Black: “Australia.”

          Vizzini: “Yes, Australia. And you must have suspected I would have known the powder’s origin, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.”

          Man in Black: “You’re just stalling now.”

          Vizzini: “You’d like to think that, wouldn’t you? You’ve beaten my giant, which means you’re exceptionally strong, so you could’ve put the poison in your own goblet, trusting on your strength to save you, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you. But, you’ve also bested my Spaniard, which means you must have studied, and in studying you must have learned that man is mortal, so you would have put the poison as far from yourself as possible, so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me.”

          I think I know where their logic comes from…

  4. Naki, excellent fact reporting without opinions.

    When this happened, we saw an image that was deleted thereafter where a blackened apartment is shown far away from the parade. Firefighters are seen in what appears to be a gas explosion.

    There was a witness that said ”I heard a gas cylinder explosion but we didn’t react because this happens every day”

    Mabburro is sooo luuuuckyyyy!

    This is what he needed to implement his economic plan on Aug 20.

    As I said before. The minimum bill denomination will be BsS 0.50, so the gasoline price is set. BsS 0.50/lt instead of BsS 0.00006/lt. The dollar will trade using the black market BOD. It’s obvious that they will not sell dollars – THEY DON’T HAVE ANY TO SELL. And they will buy anything at any price because of the BCV printing machine. But, they ought to pay attention or hyperinflation will be back. And who knows, as no one has the ”carné de la Patria” all will pay gas at around 40 BsS/lt.

    Finally, this will be like poor Zimbabwe (ex Rhodesia) or Congo (ex Congo Belge; Zaire). Everything will be priced accordingly.

    The few that have the ”carné”, will be seen in the highways selling gas at 10 BsS/lt in plastic one-gallon containers. And because Venezuelan love bypassing rules they will do this dangerous operation and that will be the subject of the day.

    I’m sure Naki will provide a sensible explanation of those facts when they happen

    I noticed that when I speak up here, no one replies to me. That’s very strange.

    • “I noticed that when I speak up here, no one replies to me. That’s very strange.”


      You just answered your own question.

      I mean, did you actually think ElGuapo was serious about the U.S. giving Hugo cancer?

    • Jose: “…or hyperinflation will be back…” [snip other jive]
      Hyperinflation hasn’t gone anywhere. Chopping off zeroes does not change any policy or input to inflation. Prices will continue to be set as they are now — independently of any denomination.

    • I will reply Jose
      Especially as you are just regurgitating what i replied to you on Schrodinger!
      So you say “But, they ought to pay attention or hyperinflation will be back.” ha ha Hyperinflation is not going to go away. This government is not going anywhere soon.
      And trust me the take up on the carne de le patria will be huge as needs must.
      Were i live in Pampatar Margarita they have been queuing all day to obtain a card today.
      I also think you need to calm yourself, as you seem to think it right to lecture to us people who live in this situation, your arrogance is counterproductive.

    • “There was a witness that said ”I heard a gas cylinder explosion but we didn’t react because this happens every day””

      That’s a “witness” that suspiciously doesn’t have a name, a face, or even an address (Exactly like those “firemen” no one’s heard about before), who’s never actually witnessed what a gas cylinder explosion can do, if that happened “every day” then there wouldn’t be any building there by today.

  5. This whole BS story was cooked up and executed by G2 plain and simple. If there was only 1/4 of an once of c4 cunts (bcuz only cunts were present) would have died. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case. Dead socialist cunts would have made my Sunday!

    “threatening a civil war” …. this would make not only my day, it would make my century. Pretty please with sugar and cherries on top …. Let’s have a civil war….. shit … we’re dealing with el cobarde pueblo!!! Spineless ball-less gutless sheits that only are haciendo colas. VIVA CUBAZUELA NO JODASSSS

    • I think Jorge Rodriguez cooked it up. They don’t need G2 for this. Jorge is good at this, better than G2 IMO. Remember, Venezuela was the online 21st Century Info Op laboratory before Russia and Cuba. Venezuela pioneered and wrote the book on many online information operations.

      • They don’t even need a “montaje” to justify anything, it’s simple as having jorgita braying that “those fascists stole 5.000 bs” to send the sebin against their asses .

  6. SERIOUSLY doubt there was more than one explosion. Also doubt the bombona exploded. This is consistent with a gas leak (with the bombona as the source). The video is clear, one explosion. By the time the gas is ignited, the bombona is empty.

    The apartment imagery is clear, explosion and sign of fire (smoke, soot) consistent with gas explosion.

    I believe the firemen spelled it out.

    • The “gas tank” version is not exactly believable, as a full tank would have demolished the apartment and would have left a gaping hole in the side of the building, because I’ve seen how a half-full 18kg gas tank explosion killed an acquaintance years ago along with most of her house, even damaging nighbouring houses.

      The fire in the apartment looks more like one caused by a problem with the electrical current.

      • But the explosion came from the apartment. Ahora estas creando otro incidente mas (electrical fire). This is very simple. No lo revuelvas que es lo que hace el regimen

        • I have seen the amount of damage that a gas tank can do, and that fire in that building wasn’t an exploding cylinder, simple as that, there are even accounts of people that LIVES in that same building that have reported that the gas was pumped directly via tubes to the apartments, they don’t use cylinders, it wasn’t a gas explosion, period.

          The electrical fire is perfectly plausible and MUCH MORE POSSIBLE than the farfetched “gas tank that didn’t actually destroy anything”.

          The “it was just a gas tank” version is credited to who? Some “anonymous officers” that no one can even tell they exist? Come on, this sounds exactly like that ridiculous “it’s all a peine!” bullshit that surfaces every time to FORCE PEOPLE INTO WAITING FOR ANOTHER WASTED ELECTORAL FRAUD aka the “MUD version”

          • I think it was a leaking gas cylinder that filled the apartment with gas until it got to that critical percentage where any spark will ignite it. The gas doesn’t stink anymore due to the fact that they don’t have the stinky chemical to put into it so you know when you have a gas leak. And all gas cylinders leak because nobody has changed the valves on them for many years so it was just a chance explosion that was bound to happen sooner or later and will probably start happening more and more. Only way a tank can explode is if it is engulfed in flames and then yes you are tight, there is a really big boom that blows the walls and roof off. But just a flash of the gas trapped in the room would make a big expansive wave that would burn your hair off if you are near. 2 explosions? Possibly the reverb of the primary explosion echoing off of the hills? Anyway that is what scared everyone was the big boom and the smoke pouring out of that window. Thats my opinion anyway, they just decided to spin it because thats what they do. They cant help it.

          • A gas cylinder would have blasted the WHOLE apartment wall off, it doesn’t “gently ignite”, the debris would have even reached as far as the two blocks were the act was being carried out.

            I have personally witnessed the damage that even a 5-kilo cylinder (the smallest one) can do, almost half of a freaking house turned into rubble and damage to all the neighboring areas.

    • @elroy I think we all agree the cylinder gas explosion or room gas explosion, whichever actually happened.

      Therefore Madburro was the luckiest dictator on earth.

      The point for me, for my private reporting, is that the scenario couldn’t be better for the most horrific bad outcome of the economic measures after August-20.

      The respectable bloggers, Naki, etc. are ignoring on purpose or other reasons that date. The key is the minimum currency denomination on that date. I understand it will be 0.5 BsS. This has tremendous socio-economic consequences. I’m almost talking like our President Trump.

      Can anyone confirm? Or send me to hell with some facts that my presumption is false? @Ira, @elguapo, etc. What is the minimum currency denomination after Aug 20?


      • Equals to today’s 50.000 bs, which will be the short bus fare, also the gasoline will become the new “bachaquero treasure” that will cost up to today’s 150 million bs per week.

        Also, the price for everything will almost double for sure.

        People is getting quite ridiculous at that whole “it’s all a peine!” reactions by now.

    • While the gas leak explosion could be consistent with the noise recorded on video, it is not consistent with pictures of military people w blood streaming down their faces. The gas leak explosion was too far away.

      • I expect (using the Law of Parsimony, aka Occam’s Razor) that the scalp wound came from the chaos that ensued. People pushing and shoving, someone is going to fall/trip and get hurt. And scalp wounds bleed like nothing else.

        I expect Maduro to spin it as a bullet grazed his poor officer. Probably shot from a grassy knoll and NOT the book depository (oops… sorry).

        Don’t worry. They will find the gun (!) and the shells (!) and the bullets (!) as well as the Colombian shooter. (!) Plus all of the documentation proving that it was financed in Miami by wealthy Jewish bankers/Cuban exiles (!)

      • BT, I’ve seen only one photo of a military guy with blood streaming down his face….he was being helped by several others.

        I doubt the gas explosion had anything to do directly with his injury, more likely he was injured in the chaos that followed as people scattered in all directions out of fear. And while I’m no physcian, I know for a fact that a very minor cut on the head can produce blood flow that would make one think the injury is far worse than it actually is.

        If there are other photos of injured military, I’d appreciate a link.

        • Total of 7 GN supposedly hurt:

          The guy with the blood who tripped, 3 guys with twisted ankles trying to run away, and 3 fat officers admitted to the hospital for heavy breathing trying to run away.

      • only saw one injured officer who probably tripped in the panic. Can you link to pics? I think Ira nailed it

        And the officer seen fainting in the video. Too funny

  7. Who cares about the explosion?

    This gives Madburro the opportunity to implement his economic plan and corral chicken-shit Venezuelan, who will accept their fate as usual.

    Please work on the post-Aug 20th and why this unexpected event favors Madburro. Should I write Madass?

    • Maduro does not need this incident to implement the economic plan. They do as thet wish and create incidents when necessary. I would file this under Shit Happens. You choose to believe it benefits the regime. I don’t.

      • I’m with you all the way. It just makes them look stupid, as usual.

        Even if it was a drone with explosives…even a FAKED attack…that wouldn’t help them either. That just gives the people hope! No one’s rallying around Maduro’s flag.

        As it is, there’s nothing Chavismo can seriously do now to “help themselves.” They’re at a dead end.

        This event was simply a comical distraction.

        • People are getting too obssessed into believing that “nothing ever happens in Venezuela without it being a regime gaslight orchestrated by the omnipotent and omniscient GEETWO”

  8. If and when the truth is picked up by major news outlets this entire circus like incident will be a major source of shame and embarrassment . Many officers in the military will suffer the wrath of Maduro over the shameful display of cowardice by his troops. Maybe even some military executions for cowardice under fire although the real reason would be for embarrassing El presidente in front of the whole world.

  9. Whew! Terrorists captured! Crisis over! Civil war averted! Everyone can sleep soundly tonight knowing Nicki is safe and justice prevails once again!


    Y agregó: “La evacuación inducida se produjo cuando el Dron se saió de su órbita debio a nuestra tecnología y se dirigió hacia la tribuna. Ello produjo el percance masivo de la pareja”.

    TeleSur (Greg Wilpert): “Messages and statements of support and solidarity from World leaders, governments, and intellectuals continued pouring in Sunday as they condemned the assassination attempt against the Venezuelan leader.”

  11. So the two non-existent explosive (C4-Semtex) packed drones, had their radio-frequency control signals jammed by non-existent drone RF jammer causing them to veer from their “orbit” and steer into the presidential grandstand.

    It keeps getting better.

  12. Within 24 hours, expect:

    1. They knew of the attack ahead of time
    2. They knew about the drones and had intercepted them by radio waves
    3. They chaos and scattering of the troops had been pre-planned
    4. Cilia wasn’t laughing
    5. The officer with the head wound was grazed by a .50 caliber round shot by CIA operatives (captured)
    6. They have the written confessions of the conspirators, plus all the documentation that they had in the trunk of their automobile, implicating Santos and Trump by name.
    7. The drones were never close enough to cause any trouble, because FANB sharpshooters shoot them down from several kilometers away routinely.
    8. The C4 has been traced back to Langley, Virginia. They bought it at the CIA store.
    9. Jason Bourne was seen in the area.
    10. Tomorrow, Chavismo will present all of their iron clad evidence for all the world to see…

  13. Messages of support and solidarity from? Cuba? Bolivia? Nicaragua? Iran? North Korea? ISIS ? Al Queda? All the little carribean countries that get cheap oil from Vz? This gets funnier by the hour!!

  14. I wonder how this is going to play out on Tuesday, when Duque starts giving the orders in Colombia?

    He could be the game-changer.

  15. There are some funny Memes out there, one with the soldiers running because someone yelled, “Hey! The water in our houses just started running!”

  16. Notice at the explosion, Cilia grabbed the man to her right, and not her husband.
    and Maduro grabbed the microphone and not his wife.
    Interesting reactions

  17. My wife just read me a good one:

    “Avenida Bolivar will be closed until August 8th, to allow Department of Sanitation workers time to sweep up and hose down the shit left behind from terrified, fleeing NG and military.”

  18. NO bombona. Too much gas needed for that bang.. That’s a gas line likely left open at stove or water heater.

    Damage should be significant. Doubt press will be allowed in vincinity of blast for now

  19. I got home early this morning and pulled up the BBC news on my computer.
    The announcer said the “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has survived an assassination attempt”.
    Then they showed the video.
    I remember the attempt on President Reagan. The image that went around the world was of a Secret Service agent holding an Uzi and scanning the crowd to assess and identify any threats.
    The “brave soldiers” scurrying like cockroaches when a light is turned on is going to go a long way towards stoking the paranoia that this regime already suffers from.
    A dozen 60 mm mortars would have this gang of “brave soldiers” trying to find clean underwear to use as white flags.
    I hope this empowers the people that have cowered in fear. The truth is, that The Emperor has no clothes.

    • Well said. Regardless of whether this was a false-flag, psyops, or an actual attempt (as many commenters are discussing above) the bottom line is that the image that has stuck out the most out of this whole incident is that of a corrupt, clownish military running away like scared children. Turns out that the promise of a CLAP box of food or toilet paper may get uniformed stooges to clap empty speeches or even to shoot at unarmed protesters, but it is not as good a motivator as true patriotism and the promise of liberty.

      The image of yesterday stands in stark contrast to the true bravery and patriotism displayed by the likes of Oscar Perez and his martyrdom. An interesting word, martyrdom. It was the sacrifice of the Christian martyrs refusing to renounce their religion in the face of persecution which did the most to spread the Christian religion in Ancient Rome. The image of brave Christians facing lions left such a strong impression on the Roman populace that soon enough it became the official religion. Likewise the martyrdom of its true patriots may yet inspire the people of Venezuela in the face of official cowardice from the government and its armed thugs.

      The Emperor has no clothes indeed.

      • The emperor is not going to sleep well either.
        Is that creaking floorboard the cat or someone coming to slit my throat?
        Where is Diosado?
        Why isn’t Havana answering the phone?
        Does my soup look different than everyone else’s?
        His own mind will destroy him.
        Rod Serling would have loved this.

        • What?

          There was no attack.

          Nicholshit will eat his 5 arepas tonight and feel just fine. And you made a false assumption:

          That this guy actually has a mind.

          • Hi Ira
            My point is that the emperor has been confident that the loyal military will protect him and keep him in power.
            I don’t believe that there was an attack. What I saw was a bunch of thugs abandoning the guy that they have been able to make money from and nobody running towards the emperor to protect him.
            My point is that they have no loyalty to him and are not going to give their lives to protect him.

          • Wish me well. I’m going to a local casino.
            6’s and 8’s on the crap table.
            Everything I win (and then some) goes to help my people in Caracas and the neighboring pueblos.

          • John…

            He would have to be a fucking idiot to think that the military would protect. Especially when you look how he tried to buy military loyalty, and how this loyalty is on sale to the highest bidder.

            This worthless “military” was yesterday exposed as a fucking joke.

            For one, isn’t he always wearing a bullet-proof vest anyway? So how were those thin, pieces of crap they threw over him supposed to protect him anyway?

          • “So how were those thin, pieces of crap they threw over him supposed to protect him anyway?”

            Those are bulletproof, wether you want to belioeve it or not.

    • Correction:

      “Future price of gas = future price of gas”

      They never needed a “diversion”, because people won’t riot by themselves due to “raising gas prices”

  20. Watch the video.
    I see a man in naval dress whites standing to Maduro’s left (screen right).
    Then when everyone is scurrying for cover, I see 2 people in dress whites running away from the reviewing stand. It appears that they booked immediately after the ballistic blankets were pulled around the emperor.
    I am assuming that these are high ranking naval officers but I am not sure if this is their uniforms.
    These people are not going to risk anything to protect this regime.
    Any thoughts?

    • John, I get your point and agree but Reagan’s attacker brandished a .22. Take Anwar Sadat’s assasination for comparison. I don’t expect anyo e to stick around. The bodyguards did their job.

      What rattles Maduro is how everyone bolted at slightest sight and sound of trouble and the realization of how exposed and vulnerable he is. I don’ t expect anyone to stick around in a grandstand scenario surrounded by military where you can expect your attacker(s) to pack heavy weaponry and not .22’s.

      Many in the video seem unfazed too so it’s subjective interpretation

      The regime now going through motions it’s very familar with and can go offensive if it wishes. See no inner threat to regime. Do not see the military rebeling. Todo bajo control por ahora

      • “Many in the video seem unfazed too so it’s subjective interpretation ”

        They tried to remain calm because they were on live tv, it’s the same as when maburro fell from a bicycle and the narrator continued to talk as if nothing happened, they always try to project that image of “stoic macho vernáculo revolutionary” because that’s part of the chabizta myth.

        They tried to remain unfazed too when people at Villa Rosa tried to stone maburro in live tv too.

  21. John, you are absolutely right–an Emperor Has No Clothes moment. The BBC audio has a large explosion followed quickly by 2 smaller ones, followed by the scattering red-suited/other GNB hundreds. NM’s subsequent televised press conference shows genuine fear in his demeanor/words, true concern/shame/worry on the face of VPL, and real concern on the face of real-politi(k)cian AI–all indicating a real/botched/amateurish attempt. Interestingly, in Venezuela’s lead-up to PJ’s (regrettable) overthrow, it just took an initial pu(t)s(c)h, followed soon by 2 others, to do the trick….

    • Thus the coverup to hide the fact the emperor has no clothes. But this coverup would be defacto M.O. regardless of circumstances granted it’s over the top but so was Danilo Anderson and Paracachitos.

      Yes it includes a false flag component. Standard operating procedure. The regime has yet to prove it’s version of events. Selective video snippets released 24 hours after the fact do not prove shit.

      A second drone is necessary when you have one drone accidentally shot down. “it’s not one but two!” And the second one exploded!

      If the media where allowed to do their jobs, we would not be here disputing regime narrative of events

      • Hear/see the BBC video–you don’t stage an event to show how weak you are–also, see the TV cadena the same night and observe the fear/concern in the faces of NM/VPL/AI–this is no act. As John says, real damage was done to the invincibility/united front image of the Regime/its military.

    • NET, your interpretation of NMMs words and body language does not prove his version of event i..e. drone attack.

      There is nothing that proves regime narrative and plenty that disproves.

      Not even staged drone attack which is the next best (benefit of doubt) scenario.

      This was cooked up in the two hours it took Jorge Rodriguez to go live. See no proof otherwise.

      Video snippets posted 24 hours after the fact mean nothing. 30 hours later and where’s timeline of events at the apartment? Witness accounts? Owners account? Neighbors account? Unedited videos? Firemens accounts? What has been provided so far is little and cherry picked to further a false narrative IMO

      • See/hear, then comment, no video snippets necessary. Venezuela is completely controlled as to news/info/witnesses. No one will dare give real testimony regarding this embarrassing event, or will wind up in jail; even talking about it on social media is dangerous, End of story, end of my time-wasting.

  22. Staged video. Nothing conclusive

    Everything is fishy.

    Holes and gaps everywhere

    Where are the unedited videos, media access to witnesses. Apartment timeline of events. This is a cover-up. Burden of proof on regime and nothing proven.

    24 hours to release video? Come on, that was released by a rojo rojito. Where’s the rezt of the video(s)?

    We only see what they want us to see

  23. Where are the videos. All those people at event, nobody was filming? There should be more videos of exploding drone. Only seen one released 24hrs later by a chavista. Where are the videos?

    Why only a snippet?

    • What chabizta are you talking about?

      There are few videos because not everyone was going to record a seemingly empty and boring-ass sky on a day that maburro “the invincible” was boring everyone to tears with his stupidity.

      Only that from now on, there’ll be someone recording the boring sky… Just in case.

  24. The mudero trolls are working double shift today, trying to convince everybody that “this is all staged, people will never do anything, and just wait for the next election”

  25. Cilia: I’m worried about you. Don’t recall seeing you look so meek, your clasped wrist and hunched shoulders do nothing for your Chanel suit. Nor do the stringy locks now dyed blonde with wine-tipped ends. But I commend your steadfastness while the Cuban G2 moved in with bullet-proof yoga mats to protect your mock-alpha man. That is, after sounds of explosions caused worry on the many (not all) faces around you under the presidential canopy. I would have been running for cover. But not you, my tortuguita. A primera combatiente and Stepford wife rolled into one. Such a powerful dialectic.

  26. Gotta love the Drone drill.. conceivably, this was planned as scare tactics: a show of smarts and potential force for possible future mini-coups. There were probably many high-tech people involved, from who knows where. They probably knew the drones would explode far up, with no human casualties. They probably knew Masburro was protected from phone signals nearby. If the US or any decent military force wanted to kill the bastard, they would have already: Deadly accurate, far-distance Snipers are a dime-a-dozen.

    Glad they scared the shyt out of’em. Hopefully they will do it more often. The entire Bolibanana Guardia Nazional sure needs brand new pants now. Padrinita should be next, send’him a few drones too!


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