Photo: José Díaz

Nicolás, disguised with an Adidas jacket (capitalism is so disgusting!) such as the ones Fidel Castro wore until his death, held a Facebook Live broadcast accompanied by Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez. According to his tale, he just had a meeting with the economic team to refine the details for the recovery plan he designed himself. Refining details hours before its application, inspiring!

Fair prices

The first payment of the Bs.S 1,800 minimum wage will be made on September 1, and he emphasized that the State will pay the difference in payrolls of small and medium companies (Pymes) and stores, ordering Economy and Finance Minister, Simón Zerpa, to report on the mechanisms for submissions of payrolls to the government, for a 90 days subsidy. Tied to this offer, he demanded that citizens defend fair prices, because “prices have been dollarized according to a fake dollar, now’s the time to set fair, real prices, based on a balance table where we put the sovereign bolivar, the minimum wage and salary rates as the core.” So, according to him, there shouldn’t be any price increases, “[prices] shouldn’t even be touched.” This colossal salary adjustment must impact the prices of goods and services; there’s no way a company or store can pay its new payroll, even with “the State’s help,” without adjusting prices. Nicolás’s proposal is as perverse and irresponsible as he is. He promised that, on Tuesday 21, they’ll announce agreed prices (agreed with whom?) of essential products and goods.

He provides everything

“We provide the work, the salary, the workers, as the core of the process of rebalancing and productive recovery, and creation of wealth for the country,” said Nicolás, as if each store and company depended on his whim and each person of productive age had to serve his plans. Perhaps that’s why he added that he does this in favor of justice, social protection and development, and that he made the decision of establishing the minimum wage’s value “because it’s necessary to force (tr. Apply force or physical violence as means to an end) the real balance, starting from the dynamic between currency value, production, offer of goods and consumption.” That’s why Nicolás will force the market to believe the petro is worth an oil barrel (which he imagines at $60), with a national value of Bs.S 3,600, or Bs.F 360 million.

Populism and apartheid

Since the new minimum wage will be paid on September 1, Nicolás understands the Bs.S 600 bonus (exclusive for carnet de la patria holders) as assistance during the period between “August 20 and 30,” claiming that he’s working so the food basket remains below half a petro (Bs.S 1,800), although its actual price for June 2018 (July is yet to be published by the Venezuelan Teachers Federation’s Center of Documentation and Social Analysis) was Bs.F 654,214,674, and the inflation rate for July was 125%, the second highest since Parliament started calculating it. “This Monday, August 20, we start a great process of economic recovery, we’re living historic days, of definitive and necessary economic change,” said Nicolás, adding (because epics will always be his forte): “Now is the time to govern the economy.” Sadly, he didn’t explain how he’ll make economy obey him; but he did wish us a happy start of economic recovery.

What he doesn’t have

Nicolás’ economic program doesn’t include anything to solve the serious foreign restrictions that the Venezuelan economy experiences. You know: without foreign investment, there are no dollars, and without them there’s no possibility of free convertibility, so foreign currency rationing and controls remain in place. With these variables, the fluctuating exchange rate announced by Nicolás will lag behind and the black market dollar will gain strength. With the new minimum wage, many companies and stores will either reduce payroll or shut down entirely, and even those who accept State subsidies for 90 days (a pre-nationalization) will be at great risk of disappearing. Therefore, fiscal measures are insufficient: the Value-Added Tax (VAT) and the Tax on Large Financial Transactions (IGTF) can’t be effective if economic activity collapses; the new minimum wage multiplied public spending (public payrolls + Pyme payrolls for 90 days), so there’s no gas increase or miracle for PDVSA’s production that can stop hyperinflation. Nicolás can inflate the minimum wage, but he can’t decree the real value of anything, including dollar prices.


  • The National Assembly’s Board called for an extraordinary session this Tuesday 21 to discuss Nicolás’ economic measures. This calls suspends the Delegate Committee installed after the first period of ordinary sessions concluded.
  • Nicolás said that the VAT increases to 16% adding that some basic goods would be exempt. Well, they already published the 16% of tax aliquot to be applied in the remaining fiscal period of 2018 and throughout 2019. The text says that “the Executive is authorized to apply the necessary adjustments caused by the modification of the aliquot of the VAT established by this decree or originated from any other variation in the financing approved by the ANC or the TSJ.” The increase will come into force starting September 1, 2018. According to Jorge Rodríguez, medicines and food are exempt from VAT.
  • Rodríguez also claimed that the new pricing system for gasoline will be implemented in the last week of September, once the transport census is ended. Between September 1 and 20, they’ll hold “campaigns explaining the plan that will be applied gradually.”
  • The Metro system will continue working, while Óscar Gutiérrez, secretary of Miranda State’s East Bloc, said that the transport sector won’t work on Tuesday or Wednesday, because they don’t know how much they’ll charge for the bus fare with this monetary reconversion.

We, migrants

Ecuador scrapped the passports demand for Venezuelan children and teenagers who arrive with passport-holding parents or tutors, according to the Ombudsman’s Office. Meanwhile, Peru announced that Venezuelan citizens who enter their territory until October 21, will be able to request the Temporary Stay Permit (PTP) until December 31, 2018, according to a supreme decree modifying a previous regulation. With this measure, Martín Vizcarra’s government reduced the period to request the PTP to six months, because when it was approved by former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, it expired on June 20, 2019. Additionally, Brazilian President, Michel Temer, decided to send troops to control the situation in Pacaraima, after the attack on Venezuelan migrants.

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  1. Even someone on Aporrea said that anybody with a Pyme will now pad their payroll to the hilt and emigrate when(if?) the corporate subsidy hits their account.

    • How is all that fake money supposed to help them out of Venezuela? No one will accept it. Maybe at the Colombian border IF it was in cash.

      • Those 180 million will help to buy to buy 10 dollars.

        No, wait, the bolivar got devalued again…

        5 dollars…

        …Uh, nope…

        1 dollar…

  2. I see the process of turning Venezuela into a proper Serfdom has entered its final stages, once you bankrupt the remainder of the private sector you can stuff your (and your cronies) pockets with drug money while driving the rest into indebted servitude and exile.

    Cuba or North Korea-lite, i’m not sure which.


  3. “he just had a meeting with the economic team to refine the details for the recovery plan”

    Anybody know who sits on the “economic team?” Do they perchance consult with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

    • Elizabeth and Bernie would advise Maduro to go ahead and bite the bullet….nationalize all private business, seize all bank accounts both commercial and private, and rebuild the glorious revolution from the ashes.

      • That is a fantasy. There are no grounds to accuse Elizabeth Warren of this. You probably have to tell yourself these stories in order to justify your irrational support to the Republicans, who are anti-free markets and are blowing up the national debt. Same hysteria as when Obama ran for president. Elizabeth Warren is on record stating that she’s a capitalist.

        • Ha ha ha ha ha…..that’s too funny. Are you standing in for C head today so that the token Marxist POV doesn’t go unheard? And no, Warren is advocating the nationalizing of all large business in the U.S., all business with revenue exceeding 1 billion USD. That’s a lot of businesses.

        • Elizabeth “I demand that the government take over the boards of large corporations” Warren? That one? Sounds pretty capitalist too me.

          • As I said, I don’t agree with her proposal as it is. And even though I like her enough to want to learn more about her if she seeks national office, I am also not a champion of Elizabeth Warren, so I don’t understand why I’m being asked to defend her. I don’t live in Mass, so she doesn’t represent me. I’m not even a democrat, for chrissakes. But the fact is that the current U.S. executive is pursuing policies that are illiberal and straight out of the Chavista playbook and the Trumpistas here exalt their leader unquestioningly while excoriating a tinpot dictator that is doing some of the exact same things that the Republicans are. Principles matter. What matters is not whether you are a loyal republican or a loyal democrat, but whether you believe in capitalism and free markets, or socialism and state control, or mercantilism and autarchy; whether you believe in prudent fiscal policy or burning the candle at both ends, whether you believe that the environment should be sacrificed at the altar of profits, whether you believe that the state should prioritize one ethnic group over others or not, whether public servants should use their positions to enrich themselves, whether elected officials should maintain a certain level of decorum, whether life begins at conception or birth, whether owning a firearm is a fundamental right or not, whether it makes sense that for the past two decades all marginal productivity gains in the U.S. have accrued to the top 1%. Think, and make your choices, and your opinion known, but I’m sorry, it’s too difficult to take some of the commenters here seriously while they talk about how great capitalism and free markets are while marching in lockstep behind their grossly illiberal and very problematic dear leader.
            How’s that for a rant.

          • Check the record and you will find that recent democrat annual deficits have far exceeded any that Trump has run up. And as I recall it is Congress, not the President, that controls the Federal Budget.

            Oh, that’s right! We have a Republican Senate! And a Republican House, too! It seems that dumbass Donald Trump had coat tails when he got himself elected, after spending less than have what the Dems spent on Hillary’s campaign.

            Yea, I know. neoPopulism, and slack-jawed rednecks, and Old White Men who feel their privileges threatened, and all that.

          • Jacques, I am hardly a Trumpista, especially with his dumb ass tariffs and boorish insults at individuals that have nothing to do with running the country. But, his cutting the corporate tax rate to get money repatriated to the US was a great move. FU rest of the world. It’s not America’s job to make you more competitive. And if he pulls off a new trade agreement with Mexico, all the better. I don’t know how the Korean situation will eventually play out, but Trump was right to tell Fat Boy Kim to stick his button up his ass. Sure, Trump is a bully, but so are the smug asshole media elites who are butt-hurt that he beat their candidate. That was not supposed to happen,. They go apoplectic because their bullying has no effect on him. Their tiresome tantrums and non-stop pants shitting are like being around a perpetual 2 year old. Russians, Oh My! He baits them and they take the bait. Ever time. He is the Masterbaiter.

            I am a Big L libertarian, and so fuck off to slavers like Warren, who didn’t build shit. She is a parasite appealing to the inner parasite in others. I do like this young Occasional-Cortex woman, though. She may not be very bright or articulate, but she will be great entertainment for years to come. Let’s hope she does not flame out too soon.

          • Sorry, but I’m just not convinced that a Native American woman can handle the complexities of running a modern country and its economy.

          • Clearly, your sarcasm aside, you must be a male chauvinist or anti-indigenous.


            Hope Crystal is doing well.

          • Jacques – we get it, you don’t like Trump. Now, let’s put Warren in as Prez and watch the economy tank…

  4. “Sadly, he didn’t explain how he’ll make economy obey him; but he did wish us a happy start of economic recovery.”


    Naky is hysterical and insightful at the same time! The above says it all.

    • Jacques, you certainly have the right to be wrong. I know I can’t change your mind…just let me say this. You need to dig deeper into what she is calling accountable capitalism. This is just another socialist ploy to gain control of the nation’s large businesses. They can call it any nice sounding name they want but it puts the government boot on the neck of all large corporations. Don’t want to get into a dustup about this so I will let it go at that. You have your opinion and I have mine.

  5. Heck I think I would be getting hysterical too. Economists in Ve are predicting Zimbabwe like conditions very soon. This is getting real ugly and about to get uglier.

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  7. I don’t doubt for one second that all of this economic malfeasance will cause a meltdown within days. I don’t doubt it will cause a lot of pain for El Pueblo.

    What I doubt is that El Pueblo will do anything about it.

  8. “With the new minimum wage, many companies and stores will either reduce payroll or shut down entirely, and even those who accept State subsidies for 90 days (a pre-nationalization) will be at great risk of disappearing. ”

    Zackly what I told my woman today over lunch…..the pre-nationalization part. If the regime had any doubts who was producing what, where, anyone who registers for the program and receives benefits will have a big ole target on their chests.

    • I was thinking same thing. The minute someone seeks out state subsidies, they are half way to expropriation. But, what difference does it make? Either way you are out of business. You screwed up by trying to do business in Venezuela. Might as well try to be a white farmer in South Africa.

    • Many already do. First during Chavez, and even more so with Maduro, the regime has been up the wazoo of many medium to large businesses.

      SENIAT practically has an office at our plant. Our raw materials can only be bought through the govt. They know to the gram what goes in and what goes out.

      We are going to continue to lay off people until we can. Not sure if we need to take the subsidy yet, looks like no for now until we get no raw materials at all.

    • Also over lunch, I told her that it was wise and timely that we reduced our offical employment to 1 at the end of 2016 and that we cut him loose at the end of 2017 when I parked and moth-balled my heavy equipment. She later hired the maid, but that doesn’t bring nearly the risk of employing a guy with heavy equipment skills. As some of you know, the maid’s now history as well.

      The risk, for anyone wondering, is that this regime is quite capable of ruling at any moment that no one can be fired from their jobs without serious reprecussions to the employer. Think about that one.

      We’re definitely in low profile, or stealth, mode these days. I’m good with that.

        • Full conuco Pilk.

          Actually, because the weather had been so unpredictable for so many years, the only cash crop I could plant that was half-way productive and reliable was grain sorghum which requires much less rainfall than corn. I used it in my animal feed mixes. Last year though I planted no grain sorghum, nor did I produce animal feeds….only processed corn for human consumption.

          Corn can generate big numbers when successful, like the first year I planted it on my ranch, but when it fails, it fails like socialism, completely.

          Since then, it’s always been more logical for me to buy corn during the harvest….best prices and no risks planting. No theft from the fields either, which today can be significant.

  9. Here I thought old Nicholas had an eureka moment admitting that wealth is created and not some constant that needs to endlessly redistributed. Then of course he lost it and went chavista, Somalization, unfortunately seems more and more likely by the day.

  10. OK,
    The Petro is worth $60 (1 Petro = 1 Barrel of oil)
    The new Bolivar is NOW tied to the Petro per the idiot on the throne
    Logic says, the exchange rate of the Bolivar CAN ONLY CHANGE with a change in the price of the Petro

    Today dolartoday reports 60 BsS = $1 – or 3,600 for $60 (1 Petro)
    Come the September 20, dolartoday will show 200 BsS = $1
    and by October 20 will be 500 BsS = $1 (Yes my guess is as good as yours)

    That means a barrel of oil (Petro) will be worth $540.
    Maduro will be rich

  11. I’m constantly wondering whether this is intentional, incompetence or some measure of the two, because i can’t fathom how you can keep carrying on like nothing is happening despite more than 10% of your population leaving in just a couple of years, with 40+% of your economy gone since 2013, and mass starvation (with over 90% of people in poverty).

    I just don’t get it.

    • The less opponents Maduro has, who are leaving the country, the better and more secure he feels.

      Kowalski, you made the mistake of thinking that Chavismo ever…ever, EVER…had the people’s best interests at heart.

      They’re just the same old leftist bullshif artists who promise the moon, whereas the only promise they keep is to each other, to murder and rob the country blind.

  12. The problem Jacques has is the classic problem. He thinks there are various degrees of socialism, and you just have to pick the right one and everything will be honkey dorey.

    Except it doesn’t exist, and guys like him cite countries with tiny populations…enormous wealth from oil, plus a culture of educated/skilled, honest and hard-working citizens…and think they can apply to VZ.

    The stupidity is deafening.

  13. im so utterly confused… so minimum wage did go up to 1800 (from just over 5 000,000 to 180,000,000 bsf)!!?? I cant wait to see how this one plays out. There wasn’t a single store open in town today. Not even the 2 old faithful liquor stores. Now that’s bad believe me!!!

  14. Marc….MRubio is a southern boy with engineering skills. He could probably set you up with a small private still if you wanted.
    “Mighty mighty pleasin, pappy’s corn squeezins’ whooooooo….white lightnin’

    • Tom, ya got me to thinkin’. Back when I raised commercial chickens, I’d often hang on to 20 or 30 of the best birds after the others had met their maker. I’d take them from 2.5 kilos up to 4 kilos or so for the oven. They looked like turkeys. The secret feed? Fermented corn! Man that stuff was powerful and after a steady diet of it, their skin would turn yellow.

    • A rudimentary still is quite easy to make, especially considering it had been going on for over 2000 years. I helped an employee make a pot still… the hardest part was finding the copper. (expensive!)

      My old chemistry prof said that you can make a vodka out of sweat socks if you could extract sugar from them.

      • Guapo…I’d say the Prof was right and I’m sure any Russian would say the same but I know they will use potatoes in a pinch!….strain it through some old skivies and you are all set!

        • We used to make apple jack from apple wine when we’re were kids. My dad would make the wine, and would put it out when the weather went below zero. Water freezes and forms a slush on top which we would skim off, leaving concentrated apple wine. (Alcohol boils lower and freezes lower than water.) You would lose volume but gain concentration. (Vol/%)

          I don’t think the freeze method will work in VZ.

        • Trivia: all distilled liquor starts off the same. (ETOH being boiled off a beer/wine) potatoes, barley, grapes, wheat, corn… doesn’t matter. C2H6O.

          What distinguishes rums from bourbons etc. is everything afterwards.

      • “My old chemistry prof said that you can make a vodka out of sweat socks if you could extract sugar from them.”

        I’ve had that here. It’s called Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

        • I’ll take your word for it. I haven’t had a drop in 29 years. Vodka played a key roll in that decision.

          But, the people who know such things say vodka is the best distilled liquor to drink if you must drink. ETOH and water are the only ingredients. No congeners and sulfites for hangovers. And the flavor in vodka comes not from the ETOH (ETOH is ETOH is ETOH) but the water. My brother worked as a distiller for Shakers Vodka in Benson, Minnesota for about 5 years before it went Tango Uniform. He now works at a ethanol plant nearby (industrial grade stuff… corn to alcohol to fuel additive)

          • I don’t drink either..well except for a dusty old bottle of tequila that I keep up in my closet. Maybe every 6 or 8 months will have a single snort then put it away again.

  15. Those were some HAPPY chickens. They died with a smile on their faces! Lol. A small still might turn into a nice little side revenue stream. Just have to watch out for revenuers!!! Or the ven equivilant.

    • Ulamog – is that the “current” black market exchange rate based on old Bs? I still dont know where to look other than Dolar Today, and they always lag behind.

      • You can look at theairtm on twitter ( you don’t need a twitter account ) it started at 95 SOB’s per $. Could be 140 by the time you check .

  16. Symptoms of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE),
    commonly known as mad cow disease,

    is sure as hell a better explanation to the delirious
    babbling of the President of Venezuela.

    His brain’s a petrie dish. Forget petros, petries petrified his skull. 🙁

  17. Elizabeth Warren is not a capitalist, she is just a flat out feminist whore who climbed the careerist ladder at the University with leftist/populist rhetoric that has never worked in the real world (though teenagers who live with their parents buy this shit up hook line and sinker), and now she is applying the same bullshit for a possible presidential run hoping to win the vote among the basket of deplorables on the left.

    Hillary was a c*nt, but EbethWarren takes c*ntitude to another level. Personally I would take Hillary over Warren any day of the week. Hope that bitch rots in hell because she is trying to make the USA another Bolivarian republic!!!

    Nevertheless, Venezuela will be the example to the world that failed socialist policies have never worked in the history of the world, nor did socialism for the 21st century.

    F*(k we got another Judy duchebag lynn again in the the chatroom. Wish your Frenchie ass could have heard our discussion of political economy tonight. My girlfriend is an accountant for a panaderia and a ferreteria here. Both are looking to close shop and better to do business behind closed doors till they close shop. Would love to hear Elizabeth c(nt licking Warrens opinion on what is going on in Venezuela now.

    Socialism should be swept to the dustbins of history and I hope the demorats get ass raped this fall in the midterms because of their tacit support for socialism.

    I am not even American, nor I am Trump fan, but Bernie Sanders, Elizibeth Warren, Young Turks and all of those other leftist douchbags are playing a very dangerous game that will have ramifications for the rest of the world.

    America need to be a beacon of hope for the rest of the world, not another shithole like Veneuela!!!

    • People like Bernie and Lizzie Warren like to say that Socialism hasn’t failed, because it hasn’t be actually tried.

      They love to espouse the theories of Marx, but can’t give an example of a single Marxist win. Which isn’t unusual… even Marx was leary.

      ““Ce qu’il y a de certain c’est que moi, je ne suis pas Marxiste” (“what is certain is that I myself am not a Marxist”)– Karl Marx

    • Right, Guachi, but what’s really amazing is that Colombia just voted 42% for Petro, with only +5% for him/-5% for Duque swinging the presidency to the Left, IN SPITE OF the next-door Venezuelan Leftist Economic Holocaust flooding Colombia with more than 1 mill. Ven. immigrants. The Siren Song of Leftist equality/freebie “prosperity” for all is particularly strong among the have-nots, which are legion in S.A., and which were increasingly populating the U.S. largely due to unbridled immigration, up to Trump’s election/his attempts at control….

  18. Shit about to hit the fan here. Waiting to hear from my accountant girlfriend what will go on at the panaderia and ferreteria tomorrow. Better to close shop than to stay in business. Before they were just thinking of letting one whinning, bitching 50 year old Chavista go because her contract was coming up. Well… might have to fire many more than that or just close up shop all together. This is a flat out class war against the private sector and this is the whole game of these comemierda Marxistas.

    And when all these people lose their jobs what will happen???…As much as the CCS Chronicles advocates for Vene migrants, the best thing that could happen is for Brazil, Colombia and Guyana (and the rest of Latin America) to close the borders to Venecos!!! (except for educated Venezuelans with a passport; not Venecos with a cedula chimba and sin educacion and probably once in their life voted for Chavez or their parents did) so the outlet for migration no longer exists. Remember, the Chavistas that want mass migration as an outlet for depopulation. No!! these people need to stay. Many voted for Chavez. Eat more shit, and after eating more shit the “popular classes” will eventually rebel violently against this government. If they can leave, that only helps this criminal scumbag government. Build a f*)king wall if you have to to keep the Venecos out, and tell them the only way you will get over this wall is if you return with Maduros head on a stick.

    Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Build that wall!!! This is the only solution to ending this crisis short of a foreign intervention. Chavistas only want depopulation through mass migration…and yes, I acknowledge the theory that the Chavistas want the Syrian strategy of spreading destabilization throughout the region by exporting malandros and collectivos through mass migration provoked by a crisis. But still, the only solution is to close the borders. Dont allow the escape valve of mass migration that only gives this regime oxygen. We play their evil game when the rest of the world allows this. Build the F*)king wall!!

  19. I hope guacharaca can some day feel comfortable here, open up a bit, and tell us what he really thinks. LOL

    Hey buddy, how’s that garden doing? Mine’s kickin’ ass….well, at least part of it.

    • Mrubio, yes, totally kicking ass (especially berenjena, curcuma, topocho, cambur) but aphids kicking my ass on margarita tomatoes and aji margareteno. Also the gallinas are starting to get fat and lazy (might have to tell them if they dont pay rent with eggs, it is time to make sopa de gallina haha)…

      Shit, had a few beers last night and was fired up hahaha.

      I only wish Lorenzo Mendoza would close down Polar. No beer would really get people out onto the streets!

      • Guachi, I thought from a comment some time ago you are a she? Anyway, we all said, “The shit will hit the fan when…They raise the price of beer/pela ‘e perro/cana blanca/anis/harina pan/—-(fill in the blank), most all of which are now prohibitively expensive for the common man/drunk–and, nothing has happened. Now, to top things off, local CLAP “jefes de calle” nationwide are forced to attend semi-weekly hours-long meetings (no “infiltrados”, please) where they (dyed-in-the-wool Chavistas/Maduristas) extol the merits of the Quinta Republica (“ahora si con la Reforma Economica podemos llevar nuestros hijos a la playa, lo que no se pudo hacer en La Cuarta”), and, caete pa’tras, this weekend they will be instructed by their local bomberos on how to manage firearms/explosives to defend the Patria/Presidente (yes. Preidente NM) from the evil intentions/attacks of the Imperio/Brasil/Colombia–I shit you not!

  20. So, can anybody explain why Naky has disappeared from these pages? Oh, how I miss her insightful daily briefing. Please, CC, bring her back!!


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