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Nicolás said that there’s 72% support for his economic recovery plan, evidenced this Monday in several cities of the country with citizen protests in front of bank offices complaining about the lack of cash. Additionally, Emilio Lozada, head of the Venezuelan Federation of Retirees and Pensioners, criticized the “virtual wallet” format for the payment of pensions, not just because of the political checkpoint of the carnet de la patria, but because it discriminates against elderly citizens who don’t use internet regularly, either for lack of technological knowledge or  resources. Lozada also demanded that the payment of pensions for September be published in Official Gazette and called for a protest this Wednesday, August 29 at the offices of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) across the country. There were also protests for the increase in bus fares for the Caracas-La Guaira route to Bs.S 2 (Bs.F 200,000.) Users denounced that the bus fare hike should match the payment of the new wage hike, otherwise it’s impossible to cover an increase that surpasses 1,000,000%. Lastly, Pirelli’s Workers Union in Venezuela denounced the shutdown of the Guacara plant due to lack of raw materials to produce tires. Union leader Luis Álvarez explained that the shutdown hits some 5,000 employees and that they’d produced 51,953 tires until July 31, 7.4% of their regular production.

The justices explain

A group of justices in exile uploaded a video on YouTube ratifying the request to investigate former governor Henrique Capriles Radonski, not because Luisa Ortega Díaz had singled him out directly for the crimes committed by Nicolás or because he’s being tried in advance, but because the opposition leader is indeed mentioned in the evidence presented by Ortega. With an elegant chroma key background, justice Miguel Ángel Martín explained that such a mention “forces us to request the fiscal investigation in order to proceed appropriately.” He later said that, after the ruling, Nicolás’s signature doesn’t compromise the Venezuelan Republic and ordered the Armed Forces and the National Police to arrest Nicolás and present them before the Tribunal. Martín read that they’re working every day to recover freedom and that they won’t rest “until the rule of law returns and with it, democracy.”

Nicolás explains

“Gold is always worth the same or more, gold is never worth less,” the bold Nicolás said this Monday. The small gold ingots he offered just this Sunday for saving, became lingot certificates yesterday, in other words, your hands will never touch the gold, instead you’ll get a piece of paper saying that you own it and that BCV is taking care of it; the same BCV that set up some employees checking blocks of banknotes as a backdrop for Nicolás’s presentation, as if they were looking through a huge Panini album. This tenth aspect of his plan will start on September 11. It was even funny to see all the effort Nicolás and Tareck El Aissami were making to “sell savings in gold,” because all the arguments boil down to the fact that the sovereign bolivar isn’t reliable. Even more unreliable is the person chosen to head the recently created Interior Commerce Ministry, William Contreras, currently a BCV board member and superintendent of “fair” prices; it must be a reward for the show of inspections and arrests that’s keeping shop owners on edge, indisputable evidence of how Nicolás creates trust for his recovery plan! Nicolás was bold enough to offer gold certificates to pensioners and workers. He also announced the issuance of a Bs.S 0.25 coin, coherent with hyperinflation.

Briefs and serious

  • Pdvsa appealed before a U.S. court the decision authorizing the embargo of the shares of PDV Holding, Citgo’s head company in U.S. soil, in favor of Canadian company Crystallex.
  • The Venezuelan Federation of Associations of Rice Producers (Fevearroz) said that government policies threaten rice sowing, reaping and distribution, which causes a gradual decline in its production, currently at 40% of the rice needed by the country.
  • NGO Foro Penal said that there are 242 political prisoners in Venezuela, as well as 7,324 people with open criminal trials for dissenting. Lawmaker Juan Requesens has been isolated for 20 days.
  • El Nacional denounced that the access of foundations that wish to bring humanitarian aid to Amazonas inhabitants has been forbidden by government orders. Donations “must” remain in the military command.
  • The Bureau of Banking Sector Institutions (Sudeban) ordered banks to adopt the petro as an accounting unit in all their client acquisition instruments, the same way they’re expressed in sovereign bolívar on digital outlets or printed outlets; so they’ll have to adjust their web pages and promote the data issued daily by the BCV.

Even more serious!

Sudeban sent another document to banks (but hasn’t made it public yet)  forcing them to comply with new rules of the game: their clients must notify them when they travel abroad, how long they plan to stay and the places they’ve visited. Banks will have to separate the visits to their web platforms between those made within the country and abroad according to their IP address. They must block the possibility of managing bank accounts online when users attempt to do it from abroad without notifying where they are and for how long in detail. Banks must also send all that data to the government weekly. The argument? The “safety” of users and avoiding scams, but they’re actually after remittances and Venezuelan accounts abroad. Requesting that kind of information violates user privacy and increases technical difficulties for banks in the task of identifying IPs. It’s a blast for user rights and it discriminates Venezuelans browsing within the country through VPNs which, by default and for their own safety, virtually locates them abroad. All wrong.

Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru started a meeting this August 27 to find solutions to assist the Venezuelan exodus. They’ll reveal their joint strategy today.

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  1. Bocaranda in his bi-weekly column reported that this new economic plan is Maduro’s alone and does not have consensus from Chavismo:

    “Ni Cabello, ni Padrino sabían los detalles”

    And the result of such madness is not waiting to show itself. Dolartoday, which in they do take seriously, is in a steep upward trend. 86 as I write.

  2. I really dont understand how this will cut off remittances with this who foreign ip bullshit. If they are transferring dollars, that will be completely done through separate bank accounts offshore of kleptozuela. And then through two Venezuelan banks where one is for sure in the country and the other one most likely is as well.

    Regardless, a money changer is most likely within Venezuela because they have access to Bolivares. And those who need the remitances are in Venezuela. For most transactions you will not have a foreign IP involved other than the exception of people using VPNs. Maybe what they are really after is tracking peoples exact locations and then trying to cut off internet access to them or something out of Big Brothers playbook.

    So the question becomes, how you do get a VPN that can change your VE IP to another VE IP.

    Not sure, but a tech savy person would know how to do that in two seconds. Or some entrepreneur would realize the demand now and put up venezuelan ip addresses for their VPN service.

    Just more bureaucracy and people will just have another obstacle to get around. Actually, Venezuelans are pretty good at that. Pretty worthless at most things (that contribute to building an honest, transparent and productive economy), but excel at getting through bureaucratic loopholes through backdoors and corruption.

    Thing that scares me about this is forgetting to turn off the VPN and then go to the bank page, and then they block you temporarily.

  3. This from today’s Guardian:

    Venezuela’s number two official has suggested his country’s escalating migration crisis – described by the United Nations as one of the worst in Latin American history – is being staged as part of a rightwing ruse to undermine his government.

    Speaking at a congress of the ruling United Social party this week, Diosdado Cabello implied that images of Venezuelans fleeing through South America on foot had been manufactured.

    “Doesn’t it strike you as suspicious there are photos of [these people] walking along the roadside in Peru, walking along the roadside in Ecuador, walking along the roadside in Colombia,” the president of Venezuela’s constituent assembly told delegates, according to Caracas broadsheet El Nacional.

    “It’s as if it was: ‘Lights, camera, action!’ It is a campaign against our country – a campaign of extraordinary dimensions,” Cabello added.

    Cabello’s shamelessness has indeed reached “extraordinary dimensions.”

    • I don’t know why Cabello is still going along with this charade, watching him address the 4th PSUV was painful because you can see it in his expressions that he knows damn well the disaster that is unfolding.

      You’d think he would have set himself up for some kind of transition government, maybe cut a deal with the US in exchange for amnesty, maybe the fear was too strong for him to agree to that.

      • Cabello is a know coward, powerful in Venezuela but a coward, now that Thomas Shannon is not lobbying for him anymore paranoia has taken over his mind, everytime rumors of transition or amnesty comes around he the first one to crush them or straight up rejecting them, at this point the only way he feels safe is having his throne over the corpses of Venezuelans till he is bedridden or death, wont be surprise even if Cuba agree to let Venezuela go he start a civil war or do everything in his powers to boicott that, Aisami is another one on the same boat considering how everybody know he is part Hezbolla

        • I think your right tino. I think they are trying to provoke a civil war. Diosdiablo, El Salami and those thugs thrive in chaos and want a failed state where they can rule like warlords. I think this will ultimately be their downfall and provoke an international response, yet this is the path they are going down.

          Here is a video from filosofo777 showing a bunch of red baboons in front of a Farmatodo saying they will burn the place down if they do not lower prices. These are only the hard core rojo rojitos. I hope the other 87% that despises maduro will finally stand up. Hope the war on the private sector wake up enough people that they do not want to live in communism.

          for the video, sounds like a chavista politician at the charge, or psuv militant. surrounded by psuv militants from the barrios.

  4. The clueless, tragically under-educated, and often corrupt pueblo-people keep blaming Maduro, and just a couple more Chavistoide Thugs. Heck, even CC writers here often do. When it’s a Cuban led, international desfalco machinery calling the shots, plus thousands of corrupt military. Plus themselves – el pueblo – also often complicit and deserving part of the blame for the crap they got themselves into.

    And they keep calling these perverse, laughable economic charades ‘ineptitude’, or mistakes by the “government” when all they are is part of the master Cuba-Kleptozuelan plan to continue STEALING. That’s all. They know the obvious, what should be done to start fixing the economy. They just don’t do it because that’s where the MONEY TO STEAL is. But even media guys like the shrewd Bayly, even educated CC writers here keep calling it “ineptitude”. It’s exactly the opposition: great aptitude to conceive and execute every theft scheme anyone can think of to a/ continue STEALING in Klepto-Cubazuela, and b) remain power, thus avoiding jail.

    But of course, the tragically uneducated and often corrupt pueblo people that’s left, often still blames just Maduro and just ‘ineptitude’.. When even themselves are to blame, and are themselves quite adept at STEALING in KleptoCubazuela.

    • Was just over at Aporrea… Heck has a secret plan to get rid of Maduro and replace him with a more capable Chavist.

      By God, those Marxists just love to come up with plans, policies, procedures, programs, systems and schemes. They never work, but glory, they look good in print! (Maduro just created a new Department of Executive Internal Chavismo Bureaucratic Awesomeness… can’t wait to see what they pump out!)

  5. If Cabello, Masburro Habanero, DelcyRamera, TarekPerico, RodriguezMephistopheles and other Chavista top thugs have grown bold in their public speeches, shameless, even audacious – descarados – it’s just because they rely on the massive stupidity/lack of education, and/or complicity and/or corruption of thousands of wicked military, plus millions, yes millions and millions of average pueblo-people. That’s why. They can get away with saying any absurd atrocity any day of the week. People are either stupid/uneducated enough to buy it, or they just shut up and take it because they are often complicit thieves themselves, at all levels of the remaining putrid society.

    The very few left that are somewhat educated, honest, hard-working just have to take it silently to avoid severe punishment. But that’s a minuscule minority by now, after about 3 million of the best people are GONE, and gone for good, in most cases: Castro-Russian/Chinese Kleptozuelan plan working to perfection to keep the remaining, often corrupt and ignorant pueblo-sheep under control. Animal farm revisited, sabroso version, tropical style.

  6. I fiercely dislike the governing cliques and parties in charge of Cuba, China and Russia (and Iran), but I don’t believe they set up this Chavista mess. Those countries are like mafioso parents who cannot understand why their Chavista kids keep stealing candies and scrawling graffiti in the sight of the local cops. How can their kids be so DUMB? When will they learn the smart way to extort and steal?

    • …It never ceases to amaze me to see people who still thinks that chabizmo is doing all this stuff because “they don’t know what they’re doing”…

  7. “the same BCV that set up some employees checking blocks of banknotes as a backdrop for Nicolás’s presentation, as if they were looking through a huge Panini album.”

    Ha! Well done, Naky.

    Maduro (conseguir más gordo) and El Salami look like they are on a late night infomercial selling Franklin Mint collectibles.

    Gold only goes up, eh??

    But, no gold for you. Piece of paper for you. What happened to the Petros?

  8. “Union leader Luis Álvarez explained that the shutdown hits some 5,000 employees and that they’d produced 51,953 tires until July 31, 7.4% of their regular production.”

    Do the math:

    That means each worker produced ten tires in 8 months, if you average the workforce out. Which means 1.25 tires a month.

    That’s a fucking long time to make a stupid tire, so no WONDER they’re shutting down.

  9. In other countries, isn’t another word for a certificate representing the equivalent value of gold bullion that’s held in the vault of a central bank: cash?

  10. The TSJ in exile, or whatever this bizarre new configuration of five is, is accepting submissions from a prosecutor who belongs on the trial list.

    Is there no “amicus curae in exile” who can point out the insanity of this exercise?

    • In political life sometimes you accept the assistance of your enemy. If LOD will play her part and actually expose any information she has on those still ruling the regime, I would allow her a ten year reduction in sentence from a multiple of five that she put LL, Judge Afliuni and the thousands of political prisoners through.

  11. How come people keep talking only about Maduro, Cabello, Tarek, and occasionally the Rodriguez evil brothers or Tibibitch and Padrino? Or Reverol once in a blue moon.

    Why don’t they talk about how CORRUPT the actual people (pueblo) are? Millions and Millions of “nuestro bravo pueblo, yes). Complicit. Twisted. Unproductive. Ignorant. Why doesn’t the media, and blogs like this one ever mention that? And yet, it’s the root of all problems. The real cause and effect.

    How come no one hardly ever mentions the THREE THOUSAND estimated “Generals” stealing billions avery year and calling the shots? (For contrast, the USA has less than 900 Generals) Maduro and Cabellos’ real JEFES, the filthy military, the lot of them all, they actually rule, alongside Padrinita and the rest of the “Fuerzas Armadas” Bolibananas, Ten’s of thousands of corrupt thieves in uniform, calling the shots in Kleptozuela? (Because if they were not happy, and in total command, they’d overthrow Madurita, Cabella, Tarek and the Rodriguezes with 3 rifle shots, 3 jets, 5000 soldiers and 5 tanketas). Nope, no one ever blames them. Thousands of’em crooks with the real power.

    Nor does anyone hardly ever mention how corrupt – at all levels – Kleptozuela really is. All of it, by enlarge. Most of its people. “Observers” here and there think -or say- it’s just Maduro and a few more clowns and tontos utiles that have an entire nation of 29 Million uneducated, often corrupt pueblo people in shackles, for over 20 years now.

    Sorry to break it to you, the entire enchilada was rotten to begin with, and that’s how Chabestia came along: simply a byproduct of a sick, corrupt and uneducated “bravo pueblo”. From top to bottom. Millions of sub-par human beings, period. Culpable, complicit, deserving of what they’ve created and what they’ve got now. Not all, of course, but many, many of’em. The majority, for sure.

    And who’s to blame? All of us in a way. But especially the previous MUD’s.. AD/Copey… that didn’t educate and build character, moral values in the now corrupt and doomed “pueblo” including the entire “fuerzas armadas, and 35 “Ministerios with about 5 million public “employees”, another world-record. Ultimately, people get what they deserve. Sadly, some inocents, good people are dragged down in the process, the minority, most of it GONE for good, away from that mess.

    • “Why don’t they talk about how CORRUPT the actual people (pueblo) are?”

      Because all the chabizta and MUD-controlled media already do that to lift all the responsibility from the tyranny and its collaborators.

      “And who’s to blame? All of us in a way.”

      That “us” sounds like yourself alone, no one that was under 18 in 1998 and thus couldn’t vote at that time could be blamed for this.

      Spare me from the “but there were elections later and they voted there”, yeah, one fraud after another since day one.


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