Mocking the Old

For Thursday, August 30, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Photo: EFE retrieved from El Carabobeño

This Wednesday, pensioners and retirees descended upon the headquarters of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) to protest in rejection of the carnet de la patria as a requirement to collect payment. There were heartbreaking testimonies, between the uncertainty for the payment method and the certainty that it wouldn’t be enough to cover the necessary food and medicines.

In the morning, the IVSS still had no idea what the payment method would be for over 4.3 million pensioners in the country, but the spokeswoman who was sent to the demonstration of retirees said: “The payment of pensions will be made as usual. Go to your banks with your laminated ID card to collect your pensions, it’s not through the carnet.”

Later, Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez ratified this information: “You can collect your payment in the bank if you want. You can collect as much as you want however you want,” and although he recommended the use of “digital wallets,” he said that registering for the carnet de la patria won’t be obligatory to receive payments.

Nicolás’s “plan” changes every day, it broadens or narrows according to the whims of whoever talks about ti. There’s a peculiar interest in showing us the huge improvisation that seals their macabre social experiment.

More from the amazing chavismo

According to Minister Rodríguez, Venezuela has the largest number of protected immigrants in the region. After his memorable explanation of the 800 working hours per month, any information is questionable, but he was in the clouds today, estimating the government’s investment on health, housing and food at three billion dollars for more than six million Colombian, Ecuadorian and Peruvian migrants who allegedly live here. He promised to show in the next few days the salary scale for the public administration and the food bonuses, which haven’t vanished.

In addition to this promise, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that salary scales for the Armed Forces will suffer changes because otherwise they “would be unviable.”

Meanwhile, Tareck El Aissami signed “agreements” with businessmen to regulate the prices of house cleaning and personal hygiene products.

And while Nicolás pleads for new investors who can see the country as a land of opportunities, the company Smurfit Kappa said that the government took over their business in the country for 90 days. In a similarly encouraging line, Carolys Pérez explained that the ANC is filing actions against businessmen and shop owners who don’t comply with agreed prices, choose not to open shop, hoard or speculate: “The law will reach them,” the ANC member said gleefully.

Induced failure

Electric Energy Minister Luis Motta Domínguez and National Guard commander Richard López Vargas should resign for their terrible administration, to maintain the electric service and to protect it. Yesterday, several states in the country suffered service failures, affecting the facilities of the Maiquetía airport, through mobile phone services, all the way to the shutdown of the Metro de Caracas, which once again forced thousands of citizens to walk.

Minister Motta claimed hours later that the blackout was caused by a cut transmission wire in Valles del Tuy: “We’ve already started the investigations to determine the possible culprits of this incident,” he said before adding that these actions are sabotage.

As I wrote this, the electric failures persisted in some states, besides Táchira and Zulia, states that keep suffering blackouts several hours long: darkness rules over there.

Passports and freedom

The lawmakers in the National Assembly’s Delegate Committee approved an agreement to extend passports both within the country and abroad for Venezuelans whose documents have expired. Alleging that the government’s inaction violates article 56 of the Constitution, the agreement establishes that “the expired passports of citizens are hereby extended” for a period of five years starting with this approval, and they’ll inform the accredited diplomatic corps in the country about the contents of this agreement so they’re aware of the measure.

The Inter American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern for lawmaker Juan Requesens’s situation and the irregularities denounced by his lawyers, relatives and colleagues, about the violation of due process and the disrespect for human rights. The IACHR urged the State to carry out a diligent, serious, transparent, independent and impartial investigation; notifying that they’ll continue monitoring lawmaker Requesens’s situation.

We, migrants

Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, criticized the late international pressure on Venezuela, pointing out that his office was nearly the only one that denounced the decline of human rights, which the nations never did. In this regional emergency caused by the mass exodus of Venezuelans, the OAS convened for September 5 an extraordinary session to discuss it, which will be attended not only by member States, but also representatives of the International Organization of Migration and the UNHCR.

While President Michel Temer said that his government could set a daily limit for the number of migrants that will enter Brazil from Venezuela, Peruvian authorities in Tumbes agreed of setting up a temporary shelter and provide transport for Venezuelans crossing from Ecuador, as announced yesterday by the locale’s Civil Protection director, Abraham Rodríguez.

The scheme of xenophobia

Yesterday, the Peruvian government denied the presence of xenophobia or a hate campaign against Venezuelan migrants, as Nicolás claimed on Tuesday: “We’re calm and certain that these statements are far from the truth, we fully discard them, we can’t accept them,” said Enrique Bustamante, undersecretary of Immigrations and Consular Services. Throughout the day, the State’s propaganda system focused on fueling this new story that joins the “300 people burnt” during 2017 protests, the economic war and the blockade that coincidentally, they were able to beat down in order to sell 66 tons of beltfish to Vietnam and the U.S. The official script about how 89 Venezuelans returned to the country has been shameful; including the testimonies of returned citizens about their enslaving work timetables and denigrating jobs, just because they’re lowly tasks. Minister Rodríguez’s performance doesn’t help either, but that’s chavismo for you.

The exchange rate resulting from the DICOM auction was Bs.S. 61.12 per dollar, adding another depreciation to the newly-issued currency. Pure trust, Nicolás.

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  1. Naky and Javier, as usual this is an excelllent article.
    “The exchange rate resulting from the DICOM auction was Bs.S. 61.12 per dollar, adding another depreciation to the newly-issued currency.”
    DolarToday is reporting the exchange at 87.35 Bolivar version 3.0 to the Dollar. The re-conversion is coming up on the 2 week mark and the currency has lost 45%.
    The frenzied rush to spend the new currency before it devalues more is going to clean out the retailers and spur more inflation. The demand for goods coupled with unlimited creation of currency should get all 5 zeroes back quickly.
    More misery, suffering and death is coming unless this regime is removed.
    I think that bs.3 would be a good abbreviation for the Bolivar. bs.4, 5 and 6 soon to follow.

  2. Could someone please elaborate on the quote below. Does the statement mean that the Armed Forces will get a pay cut? Pay scale no longer attached to rank, will not receive an increase, not subject to the new minimum wage? The “changes” could have severe impact to morale.

    “In addition to this promise, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that salary scales for the Armed Forces will suffer changes because otherwise they “would be unviable.””

    • I think what Vlad is saying is that it would be untenable for Chavismo to last the year if the military didn’t see appropriate pay increases right now… preferably that would keep pace of hyperinflation.

      I think perhaps a friendly “warning” to the politicians in Miraflores and the ANC.

      {{insert knowing wink, nudge and “clearing of throat” here!}}

      • Interesting. From I understand the enlisted are pissed off as is. Morale must be in the dump with record number of desertion, poor chow, sorry arse mission. The straw that may break the camel’s back could be pay.

        • I recall a story from a year or so ago about some Chavist flunky coming by a parade ground to inspect the troops on for some glorious Bolivarian occasion (graduation?) and being met by heckling from the troops about food and pay. To which the officers bawled out his underlings for being disrespectful. I wish I could find the link.

          That doesn’t happen in professional military ranks. Then again, professional militaries don’t dress up in grease paint or totenkopf Halloween masks either.

  3. Nice! Encourage the old folks to use digital wallets, and hype the Petro like crazy, just as internet service continues to go to hell-in-a-handbasket.

  4. In addition to this promise, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that salary scales for the Armed Forces will suffer changes because otherwise they “would be unviable.”

    I think this may be a breaking point for the las Fuerzas Armadas de Ocupacion Bolivariana. If I understood this correctly, they CANNOT PAY the salaries they already promised. History shows that stiffing your troops usually ends in revolts.

    My inlaws returned to Venezuela after 6 months in the US and they are in shock! They are practicing MDs and if they had no savings in US$ they would go hungry! Do~nitas del Cafetal are going hungry! (neighbors to my inlaws).

    If this is the situation for people that were well to do, I am unsure that the military are going to settle for one less Bolivar in their take-home.

    As I read on Tuesday, it seems that Maduro pulled this plan without getting approval from Godgiven nor Padrino, so the public declaration of Padrino is significant. Maybe the wheels are coming off…

    • Cabello dissaproval doesnt come as a surprise, he still on T.V playing charade but Padrino dissaproval is something interesting considering Padrino is loyal to Cuba, the pictures on his knees in front of Fidel and his suddendly rise to power is a testament to that, we all know everything Maduro say, do and thing comes from Cuba, so this could very well be a important fracture among this thiefs

  5. About Carolys Pérez: Your typical Marxist radical who has tunnel vision. I went to her Twitter feed, and as usual, just another poorly educated moron who thinks that because The Socialist Plan looks great on paper, it (naturalmente!) works that way in real life. Because businesses are in business for the sake of the Revolution, not to eek out a profit. Therefore, it will be illegal to not be in business. (Directive 10-289 from Atlas Shrugged) Chavismo dictates it!

    People wake up and wait to be told what to do by their Marxist leaders, and unfailingly do so. Flour should cost this, ergo, it costs this. Milk should cost that, ergo, that is the cost of milk. Clearly the plan is perfect… its the unbeliever who is the problem.

    Couldn’t get the link to work from above.

  6. “Mockingbirds are master mimickers who evolved
    to copy the calls of their fellow birds.
    They’ve also adapted to city life — including, sometimes,
    imitating car alarms at the break of dawn.”

    However, the pres-of-zuela mocks the best.
    Look yourself in t mirror,
    how does he survive?
    Tell the suckers what they want to hear,
    that’s how.
    He runs the oiliest Carny of them all.

    So will the Marks bet for the Tombola to
    crap out? Not on your life –
    The Losers will keep bitching & bitching 🙂

  7. And people still wonder how could Venezuela end up as the infernal Klepto-Cubazuela of today..

    Just look at the faces of “el pueblo” on the pics. of this post. Seriously. Flagrant Ignorance, opportunism, flojera, poor moral values, propensity to corruption, viveza, enchufadismo agudo, falta de educacion. Thus Chavismo and MUDcrap.

    That’s why.

    • I just wonder but is the divide between the lower and upper classes so great that the lower class is as disdainful to the upper class just as much as you are to the lower class. This is a real question and do not presume to know the answer.

      • Who said anything about “lower” or “upper” “classes”. I’m just talking about ignorance, lack or real education and corruption of ALL classes. Rodriguez is a doctor, Delcy was “educated” in Paris, “upper class”, so is Tibisay or Luisa Ortega, another ignorant “lawyer”, mega-thief.

        Fools like you is what Klepto-Cubazuela has a lot of, at all levels of what left of a putrid society. Which is what created Chavismo and the MUDcrap, made also of all “classes”, Einstein.

  8. Don’t be too hard on them. El Pueblo must be what El Pueblo must be.

    Every morning, I stop by the local KwikTrip (convenience store) to get a cup of Joe and the newspaper. Every morning, I see the same people buying cigarettes, lottery tickets and 3.2 beer (at 8AM) who look like they haven’t missed a paycheck spent at the tattoo parlor, yet have never seen a dentists chair. A lifetime of bad decisions, being chased by continued bad decisions. Yet they have no problem pointing their cigarette stained fingers at (fill in the blank) for their misfortune… clearly they are not responsible for their troubles.

    It isn’t just Venezuela. Except here in the US, they don’t vote for Chavismo. They vote for Democrats.

    • Peru is the new target for Chavistas, this publicity stunt is only the beggining, Cuban agents and colectivos on their way there and el Aissami goons of tren de Aragua are creating a franchise there

  9. I don’t think it’s fair to categorize VZ’s neighbors as xenophobic for their concerns of crushing under the weight of such large immigrant numbers.

    Xenophobia means something totally different, and the word has been improperly and ignorantly thrown around too much these days.

    • thats true but sadly Chavismo trying to feed real Xenophobia into this people, there is rumor of Cuban agents and colectivos going to Peru and other neighbor nations to rob banks and perform all types of crimes in there, to increase the migration controls and damage the diaspora, it already started considering one of Tarek el Aissami favorite goons(Tren de Aragua) are all up in Peru doing what they do best, hope this force the region to take actions toward this POS because they about to take a piece of cake of the bolivarian chavista revolution

  10. How much money do they have left anyway? They can’t have that much at this point, they’re stiffing payment on their embassies for fuck’s sake.

    I guess that’s why they’re going after remittances now, but still.

    • There’s a guy who visits our bodega named Bogart. Every time I see him I can’t help myself and start singing under my breath, don’t bogart that joint my friend, pass it over to me. LOL

        • I’ve come across a number of Venezuelans who were obviously named after famous Americans they saw in the movies or whose songs they enjoyed. My attorney in Maturin is named Natking.

          • Cat-cheeto, cat-cheeto, cat-cheeto leendoe
            Pay-dahsoe day ce-eloe kay Deioss may dee-o

            My parents dragged me along to see (and hear) him play on the piano sitting at the poolside bar just outside the main bar downstairs at the Tamanaco. Somehow, that carpeted staircase curving up to the lobby always had a tiny bit of an odor to it. I guess they just couldn’t get it out, maybe the moisture from the pool drifted indoors. It was part of the Tamanaco. The night air on the far side of the pool was always so fresh, the pool always so blue, so still at night with no one in it, frogs chirping, so peaceful to sit and talk on the deck chairs, smoke cigarettes, look out over Las Mercedes (which was almost purely residential, before the autopista was elevated). Nobody cared if you were a registered guest or just a random visitor.

            Sigh, Caracas, where did you go …. cantando el pajarillo se alejo ….
            (Nestor Zavarce, El Pajaro Chogui.)

  11. If I understood this correctly, they CANNOT PAY the salaries they already promised. History shows that stiffing your troops usually ends in revolt.


    The pueblo lacks the wherewithall an to push back. The oppositon talk but don’t inspire trust or leadership. Foreign powers will never intervene, leaving the clean up on them. Chvista cockroachs can live through a direct atomic blast but they can’t live without what has fueled this fiasco all along: Lucre. Loot. Dinero. Regalos and kickbacks and favors and exchange rate scams and so on and so forth.

    Except the till is drying up fast, with a 150 billion dollar debt hanging over their head that dumb-ass Cuban economic “advisors” can no more dodge (the Chavista “economists” have to rank right up there with the Three Stooges) than they can climb up Salto Angel with bare hands. This whole admisistration has been so fantastically overmatched by the demands of working with the modern world it is hard to actually believe.

    But the moment the military starts suffering even remotely like the pueblo, the whole freaking thing will fall in a few days. Can’t pay the saleries as promised? Que lastima. Gonna get ugly.

    Get ready to salute God Given or Our Man “Get-Off-Your-Knees” Pedrino as the next Gran Jefe Soto of Venezuela. Imagine that gaffo with the purple sash draped over his uniform. What the hell are all those medals for?

    And where should St. Nick end up? I see him now, driving an autobus in Dade County…

    Dios, if it weren’t for all the sufferning this would be hilarious. Buit it ain’t.


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