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The 73rd session of the UN General Assembly opened this Tuesday, this year’s edition of the annual debate where world leaders gather in New York City to discuss global issues. With a lineup that includes heads of state from Brazil, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Peru and Argentina, it was impossible not to address the Bolivarian elephant in the room.

Michel Temer, president of Brazil and the very first leader to have the floor, started saying one million Venezuelans have left their country. With help of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, his government has made an effort to accommodate them and grant them access to work, healthcare and schooling.

But, he stated, “the solution to the migration crisis will be forthcoming when Venezuela finds again the path to development.

The solution to the migration crisis will be forthcoming when Venezuela finds again the path to development.

And just as a new round of sanctions by the U.S. Treasury Department came on members of Maduro’s inner circle (including First Lady Cilia Flores, Vice-President Delcy Rodríguez, Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez and Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López), U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the auditorium, dedicating more than few words to the Venezuelan crisis, criticizing undocumented immigrants coming from Latin America and saying that “the only long-term solution to the migration crisis is to help people build more hopeful futures in their home countries. Make their countries great again.”

“Currently, we’re witnessing a human tragedy as an example in Venezuela. More than 2 million people have fled the anguish inflicted by the socialist Maduro regime and its Cuban sponsors. Not long ago, Venezuela was one of the richest countries on earth. Today, socialism has bankrupted the oil-rich nation and driven its people into abject poverty. Virtually everywhere, socialism or communism has been tried. It has produced suffering, corruption, and decay. Socialism’s thirst for power leads to expansion, incursion, and oppression. All nations of the world should resist socialism and the misery that it brings to everyone. In that spirit, we ask the nations gathered here to join us in calling for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela. Today, we are announcing additional sanctions against the repressive regime, targeting Maduro’s inner circle and close advisers.”

The impact of his speech, though, was quickly overshadowed by typical boasts, posturing and, what was no doubt the low point, an astonished laugh when he claimed that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.

Now, Trump’s talk about Venezuela wasn’t over there. Later, he met with Colombian President Iván Duque and commented on the possibility of a regime change by the Venezuelan military. “It’s a regime that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military if they decide to do that.”

Take a moment to picture Nicolás’s face when he heard those words.

Peru’s new president, Alberto Vizcarra, stressed the importance of international trade and declared his “unshakable solidarity” to Venezuelans, calling for a humanitarian response to the severe crisis the country is facing.

I have no doubt that human rights are systematically violated in Venezuela, trampling over the opposition and the overall population.

But the strongest words by a Latin American president came in the afternoon session by Argentina’s Mauricio Macri, who declared that, in a few weeks, he’ll bring Venezuela’s case to the International Criminal Court: “I have no doubt that human rights are systematically violated in Venezuela, trampling over the opposition and the overall population.”

Measures taken so far against the Maduro regime have been ineffective, Macri says, and he’s not an optimist on whatever could happen inside Venezuela in the short run.

This Wednesday afternoon will prove interesting, with Cuba and Colombia in the morning session and Venezuela in the afternoon. Some speculated that Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, who reunited on Tuesday morning with Turkish President Recep Erdogan, would address the floor, but so far the schedule lists Maduro himself as the speaker.

Whoever takes the stage, in front of representatives of over 190 member states, will do his best to defend the Venezuelan government’s actions in a year that has placed it in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. He’ll blame external factors for the tragedy while trying to present the same old narrative in a brand new dress.

If they have a memory and a tiny sense of irony, they’d do well to remember how, a long time ago, Hugo Chávez spoke about the devil on that same scenario. Fortunes change, the glory days are gone and, while Hugo was praised for his speech, today everyone agrees on who the devil really is.

And my money says that perception will only be enhanced today.

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  1. These international politicians are to puke for. Demagogues. Full of misleading words, inaccurate characterizations of Narco-Klepto Cubazuela, nothing short of a Genocidal Tropical Tyranny, a Criminal Dictatorship engineering and backed-up by the Cubans/Chinese and Russians for economic profit.

    Not even Macri or Duque o Almagro can bring themselves to call things by their name. Always politically-correct bullshit. That IDIOT called The Donald, for starters, calling Klepto-Narco Cubazuela’s Thugs in power “socialists”. “Socialism”, not even communism, doesn’t even use the words Criminal, Dictatorship, Massive Drug Trade, Ten of thousands of Cuban Spies, Corrupt Military Thugs. Nothing. No one dares to.

    “Socialism” in Kleptozuela, according to the imbecile, retarded Trump, as if it were Uruguay or Canada or Sweden. Or Scandinavia and Finland. “Socialism”. Like a few stupid, ineffective sanctions to a bunch of Kleptozuelan thugs would accomplish anything, at all. They really must think we have all been lobotomized or so brain-washed to believe any of it. “economic sanctions” to thugs like Cabello or Tarek, who have their Stolen Trillions buried in Gold, Cash or Dollars and Euros in about 55 and hundreds of hidden vaults countries by now. Or simply buried in the llanos or in Caracas. Plus gold stashed away all over the world.

    How stupid do Trump and these politician clowns think we all are? Unfortunately, the real audience of these large UN meetings is not the suffering Venezuelan people. It’s clueless diplomats and other politicians worldwide, Wall Street, Billionaire Moguls worldwide, people that have zero idea of what’s really going on in Kleptozuela, or Narco-Chinazuela if you prefer. They don’t care, don’t have a clue. It’s all about nice hotels, good meals, the right suits and ties, and tons of so-called “humanitarian” bullshit. Then they’ll throw a few empty million US$ here and there, and call it a day. Proud of themselves.

    That’s why nothing ever comes out of these pathetic UN meetings. Zero results. Zero action. All bullshit talk. That’s what politicians are trained to do, worldwide: Distort reality, embellish hard facts. Be politically correct, get their fat paychecks, and go home. That’s why nothing gets done to solve most world disasters, in Africa, the Middle east, Asia or Cubazuela. Next thing you know, Trump is having coffee with the Chinese, Putin and visiting La Habana. While the “socialist” Pope joins in for tea. Beyond pathetic, especially the fact that millions of powerful people still buy the LIES and politically-correct crap they constantly regurgitate at these laughable, but tragic meetings.

    • Poeta, Trump used the term Socialist (multiple times in fact) on purpose. Although on the global stage, his primary audience is the American (estadounidense to be politically correct as on Univision) public. It was a political speech to the world, but for his purposes, primarily to the U.S. The U.S. general election is a little more than a month away, and he obviously wants to positively influence it for the G.O.P. (Even though much of the G.O.P. establishment still dislikes him). The new force in the Democrat party are the Sanders inspired Democratic Socialists, who have several candidates or supported candidates in the upcoming elections, such as Ocasio-Cortez, Gillum, and O’Rourke. Trump was not going to lose an opportunity to associate what is going on in Venezuela with socialism. Although out of the closet socialists may still be a minority among the Democrats, they may be numerous enough to paint the whole party through guilt by association.

      • @Gotcho. That’s because he wants people to realize there is no such thing as “good socialism” Democratic Socialism in the U.S. is just a trap being set for Americans just as it was in Venezuela. Promise lots of free shiny baubles . When the baubles are greedily grabbed up only then do the people find the hidden hooks and then it is too late.

    • but PC, didn’t Trump’s declaration in front of the UN last year, that “little rocket man is on a suicide mission”, lead to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and world peace.. sleep well tonight?

  2. I am interested in knowing what the Russians and the Chinese have to say about this and what they shall do.
    The Chinese have not intervened militarily in a big way for decades now but Russians are fully involved in Syria, where hundreds of their mercenaries and many dozens of their military personnel have been killed.

    • Neither Russia nor China will get involved militarily. Cuba has thousands of personnel, ELN and FARC will fight in the west, and there’s a remote possibility we will see international communist brigades like we saw in Spain 8 plus decades ago.

  3. The impact of his speech, though, was quickly overshadowed by typical boasts, posturing and, what was no doubt the low point, an astonished laugh when he claimed that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”

    The president of the greatest super-power in history uses precious seconds during his UN speech to draw attention to the Venezuelan disaster for the second year in a row, but for you, this was all overshadowed because a bunch of globalists smirked out of jealousy of a 4.1% GDP growth and 3.9% unemployment rate.

    This leftist shit is the reason Trump won.

    • The greatest superpower in history was Macedonia, it destroyed less than the Anglo Americans and was top power for a longer time (USA will give up it place in the coming decades).
      But anyway, Trump is a laughing matter nearly everywhere. For the sake of the gringos, I hope this English speaking version of Chávez gets impeached soon.

          • More Nazi than you? I doubt it. And actually I am sure you have more Germanic and less semitic background than I do, even though genes are not related to political convictions, but you tend to cling to references to that.

          • Kepler, I know you since the Devil’s Excrement days. Who are you trying to kid?

            German heritage whose family coincidentally emigrated to South America after Hitler put a bullet in his head and Germany surrendered.

            Where have I heard that before?

            “Who’s Adolph Hitler? Never heard of him. I was a simple shoemaker in Hannover.”

            First trip to VZ in 1988, at the Caracas Hilton, ran into a guy in his 40s or 50s at the bar. He had to leave and pull out his credit card to pay, and he noticed me noticing the name on it was Adolph Deutch. Or Deutsch, don’t remember the spelling.

            Fucking guy says, “I don’t understand why people react to my name like they do. It’s just a name.”

            He doesn’t understand that his parents named him after Hitler? And maybe he should be ashamed of that?

            That’s you, Kep.

            Your family is miraculously part of the 1% of Aryans who didn’t adore Hitler, claim they despised him, yet hung around for the ride until the Allies won and you had to get out of Dodge.

          • Forget europhile. He’s a Nazi.
            Eurosneer yes, Nazi no.
            Venezuelan genetics in context.

            As a reference, my DNA profile says I have about 67% European, 25% native American and 8% sub-Saharan markers. That is still close to the Venezuelan average. As we know, every region has its tiny but clear variations.

            Just a Venezuelan who, in moving to Europe, absorbed some of the Eurosneer attitude prevalent among the “educated” class in Europe. Regarding precisely what political attitudes are among the “educated” class in Europe, it would appear to me that they are more authoritarian than they were 20 years ago.

          • Duh…well yeah.

            Don’t you understand ANYTHING!?

            My God, you never fail to expose yourself as an ignorant jerk, or asshole. Take your choice.

            The EU was created as a “counter” to American greatness and influence. As if the Europeans with their violent history could counter the American experience and take the lead in the world.

            God Bless Trump.

          • Wrong Ira. EUROPE ITSELF was created as a “counter” to Trump. Even BEFORE Obama’s birth certificate was forged. All those languages. All those many different kinds of foreigners. All that violent history compared to non-violent American history. They all wanted to export that violent history to America from the very beginning, so they could spread, um, Europhilia.

            Europhiles. Those bastards. German last names. Moving to Venezuela and building little wooden houses and manufacturing sausages…so they could jump into America before the WALL gets built. Learning French, rather than learning even more English. Sucking on the teat of capitalism only to grow strong and serve up undersized main course portions. Communists. Nazis. Communist Nazis.

            God Bless!

          • Wrong Ira. EUROPE ITSELF was created as a “counter” to Trump. ”

            You outdid yourself, moron. You say the EU was created as a counter to Trump, decades before he even ran the first time.

            Now before you think that you’re so brilliant, and you want to make the claim that you meant the Trump “type,”…well you did a lousy job of expressing that. But what else is knew? I, however, know your stupidity, and understand what you were trying to say.

            The EU was created to transform Europe into a United States of Europe. Gee, where did they get that idea from? With the main goal of supplanting the U.S. as the world’s biggest power.

            Didn’t work, and decades later, they’re whining and crying like little bitches because the U.S. won’t play along, especially with carrying the lion’s share of expense for Europe’s defense needs.

            Trump doesn’t believe in globalism, and he’s making sure the U.S doesn’t take direction from Brussels. European history isn’t anything to be proud of or emulate. In fact, except for the UK, Europe has been a horrible place.

            And Canada and that Shmuck Trudeau? Give it a few years, and CC will be reporting on Canada called the Canada Chronicles.

            Trump tried to warn the world about the dangers of communism and socialism, but idiots like you just don’t get it and think Canadian socialism is “different.”

          • “You outdid yourself, moron. You say the EU was created as a counter to Trump, decades before he even ran the first time.”

            I’m talking about the Continent of Europe. It was created before the EU, after the world was created by God, but at the time that Trump was talking about getting in to politics and the people who know these things recognized he was probably the world’s greatest potential presidential candidate.

            Get your science right, schmuck. Secret Trudeau admirer. Globalist smelly cheese eater.

      • The greatest superpower in history was either the Ottoman empire or the British empire (depending how and what one wants to measure) the Macedonian empire doesn’t even make ir in the top ten. Like your political convictions your wrong but you being a socialist it doesn’t surprise me. Your ignorance and stupidity knows no limitation.

          • I have never heard such sound logic. But I got one for you. I’m rubber and you’re glue.

            Jesus the comments section has turned into a bunch of dumb asses with nothing to say. It’s like South Park for retards who were told by their parents that Trump good…any disagreement bad.

            Triumph and the USA are not perfect.

        • “¿Maybe the greatest superpower in history were the Yamnaya who invaded Europe and managed to imprint proto indoeuropean all the way from the Iberian peninsula to northern india?

      • Yea Kep, when I was a little boy there was a popular saying we learned in grade school:


      • Ignorant lying fact-free Trump haters…
        Canucklehead, you have provided us with sufficient evidence of that. Such as: Canucklehead dixit: Trump = Chávez – Impulse Control.

        I’d add, I’ve yet to see evidence indicating Trump built anything more than he inherited.

        Trump Tower is a mirage, right?
        “Ignorant, lying fact-free Trump hater” fits that comment to a T- or to a Trump. 🙂

  4. It would be good for Trump and Maduro to meet and Trump just stands strong. Free elections no negotiation. Would be a disaster if he became besties with Maduro like he is with Kim.

  5. UN–it’s all part of setting the stage. VPL’s contorted face at last night’s Ven. TV NM new sanctions broadcast spoke volumes. Venezuelans in general, higher-ups in particular, are so used to doing whatever they want with impunity in Venezuela (fixing elections/trampling human rights/jailing-torturing dissidents/assassinating rivals by death squads/stealing by the boatloads) that they are really ingenuously surprised when they are punished for it. Still, I do not, unfortunately, expect an internal solution to Venezuela’s disaster, and its spillover disastrous Regional consequences.

  6. When you want to start a fight you begin by creating the right climate for it, you speak furiously against the party you want to start a fight with , you make it into a loud chorus of indignant voices edging world opinion towards the fight you want to start , there are now so many voices savagely condemning the regime at the same time that one wonders whether we are approaching a tipping point of some kind in regard to venezuelas terrible situation …….., Practically every world leader of note is speaking about the crimes of the regime against its people and how something has to be done about it ..there are no defending voices and if any appear later they will be apologetic and tame , calling for venezuelans to negotiate their differences in peace….., the regime is at its lowest point , it is a pariah in world affairs and not very popular inside the country either…..!! Time will tell whether this is only noise or whether it is the preparation for something more conclusive…!!

    • Back in the sixties and seventies beautiful people the world over just KNEW communism was the wave of the future, and fawned big-time over Fidel’s Cuba. They were then stuck making excuses for the train-wreck through the following decades. Some still do (“If it weren’t for the US trade embargo…..”).

      I think they learned their lesson and are not about to make the same mistake with Venezuela.

  7. “The impact of his speech, though, was quickly overshadowed by typical boasts, posturing and, what was no doubt the low point, an astonished laugh when he claimed that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.”


    Wrong. A very big wrong. A very big example of shoddy journalism. High School level stuff:

    Trump’s boasts (all accurate, by the way) and laughter came at the very beginning of his speech

    His comments on Venezuela came much, much, much (did I say “much”?) later, so his claims of American success certainly didn’t overshadow his LATER statements.

    Except for jerks like the author here, who don’t even know what side they’re fucking on and are the reason for today’s fucked up Venezuela.

    It’s really unbelievable how stupid and naive this is, attacking the guy trying to save your ass.

    • Very well said, yet another leftist author from CC that just can’t help himself blurring BS about Trump. When will you leftist cunts start to admit that Trump does something and your so beloved spineless lying piece of shite Obama DID FUCK ALL FOR 8 STRAIGHT YEARS. Oeps. .. let’s not forget that he did visit Cuba just before he left office.

      • And let’s not forget that Obama ended the dry foot policy per Castro’s request. Cubans trying to escape were no longer granted status when reaching American soil.

        WOW! What a champion for freedom and democracy he was! Done under the auspices of saving lives.


        Miami Cubans typically voted Republican, and Obama didn’t want more of THOSE!

  8. “Chávez spoke about the devil on that same scenario. Fortunes change, the glory days are gone and, while Hugo was praised for his speech…”

    Who praised him?

    Jose, do you ever step back, take a breath, and read what you’ve recently written before hitting the “send” button?


    • As I recall, blacks in Harlem disconnected Chavez’s live transmission from there before it could be broadcast, in protest/rejection of Chavez’s infamous/disgusting “sulfurous” reference to Bush. Even they couldn’t stand his thuggish barrio bullying.

      • Don’t remember that.

        I think Chavez visited Harlem, or maybe I’m confusing that with Castro decades earlier. Ironically…

        People in Harlem then lived like kings compared to today’s Venezuela. And living in Harlem today requires BIG bucks.

        • Castro did visit Harlem, as a rep of the downtrodden underclass. Chavez tried a repeat, and was disconnected due to his slandering U.S./Bush at the U.N. Maybe NM will be stoned?

  9. …The impact of his speech, though, was quickly overshadowed by typical boasts, posturing and, what was no doubt the low point, an astonished laugh…”

    They really can’t help themselves, can they?

  10. I listened to the speech, and the laughter I heard was anything but derisive, even from such as the UN where America’s avowed enemies sit. Some sounded nervous, but it seemed to me that most there were acknowledging that past administrations have accomplished little, acknowledging that President Trump’s administration has accomplished much, and laughing at the astonishing truth and irony, given that few presidents have been so ridiculously opposed both from outside the country and from within. “[Laughter] Yes! That IS true!” Almost like a boxer smiling after he gets hit with a good one.

    Boasts and posturing? He has accomplished more than any other president, in the face of the idiocy of the obstructionists’ “resist movement”. Subversion. And what is the “resist” movement doing now? Harassing U.S. Senators in restaurants, and throwing out lurid accusations that no one, not even the accusers, are willing to back up. Socialists masquerade about “democracy”, then when faced with a duly elected president who is not a mere political shill, turn and attack him – and duly elected congressmen who support him, and his duly appointed staff.

    What President Trump has done – among many other things, such as possibly bringing an end to the now 68 year old Korean War, stopping a rogue regime from developing nuclear weapons to threaten Japan and the far, far more prosperous South Korea – is to free up American people from the choking socialist yokes. So I can say, WE have something to back up our boasts and posturing with, and we “overshadow” you mockers like Earth eclipses the moon.

    There is every difference in the world between a boast and a proud posture, on one hand, and empty boasts, failures, threats, and peacock pretense, on the other hand. What does socialism have to show for its [empty] boasts and pretense? Could that be 100,000,000 corpses? That’s a simple question.

    • “So I can say, WE have something to back up our boasts and posturing with, and we “overshadow” you mockers like Earth eclipses the moon.”

      It was like a solar eclipse looked at directly.

          • MRubio – Next time, just go with “I know you are, but what am I?”

            Canuck, the wife and I are having a swell time visiting capitalist Quebec City for a few days. Off to trailer park New Brunswick tomorrow. Turns out, most Canadians aren’t assholes, but are actually very nice people, even the French speaking ones. Can’t judge a whole country by some internet commentator.

          • Viva, thank you for that compliment to my countrypersons at least. As you indicate, I’m not typical of my country. I am old enough to know that is a good thing. For the country, that is.

            Globalist europhile urbanite spawn that I am, I would recommend spending an extra few days in Quebec City, studying the movements of Wolf and Montcalm, for example, or just eating the excellent food between climbing stairs. Shortly, an invasive species will be legal to smoke. I am sure you will be able to get it in a poutine form. Save the extra step.

            But if you can get some good, tasty bottom feeders out of the New Brunswick jaunt, and maybe even something freshly shot for pie filling, you probably won’t regret it. We used to cook fresh mussels on the beach around Chaleur Bay. Thanks for sparking that memory and happy travels.

          • We did climb (and descend) a LOT of stairs and hills/grades this absolutely beautiful day. Sampled some excellent local biers. Recommend the root vegetable and skirt steak poutine (washed down with a couple pints of the milkshake IPA) at Noctem. My apologies to anyone in Venezuela reading this. Our Uber back to the hotel was driven by a Congolese immigrant of ten years. Interesting man, especially his story of adapting to Quebec winter life after no winter life in the DRC. We traded tips on snow tires. He was a happy Uber driving capitalist.

        • And looking forward to having some tasty Fundy crustacean crawl and tail meat dipped in subsidized Canadian butter in a few days. It’s the best.

          • Get something for yourself at Bertrand Marois before you go. In the old town. Made to measure or off the rack.

            Now back to Das Kapital.

  11. I just watched Maduro give his “speech” at the UN. Typical whine fest. I almost had to throw up. That guy can pack more lies into a speech than anyone except Chavez himself. That was disgusting. Completely disgusting!

  12. 9pm and almost time for Maburros press conference. Hope he gets crucified by Venezulean media in exile.

    Thusfar he has been ditched by Trump. Keep our fingers crossed and he leaves here with empty hands. Even Eva Golinger tweeted that coming to the UNGA was an act of desperation. Maburro came because Trump implied a meeting. Trump ditched him and now he is rejected by everyone.

    • MABURRO CANCELLED THE PRESS CONFERENCE!!! The journalists were like, “you got to be f*&ng joking”, “are you serious”, “cancelled????” ,”yes cancelled.”

      Think this whole misadventure to the UN was a fracaso!!! Even Eva Golinger said this was an act of desperation. Hopefully Maburro is on to the airport with his tail between his legs!!! Definitely a sign of weakness.

    • NM killed any chance of a Trump meeting with his speech. He clearly indicated that he/they will leave only feet-first, running, or horizontal. He did say something interesting, however: Venezuela has the largest proven reserves of: petroleum (debate-able), probably gold (probably not true), and, bingo, PETROS (true, but I just made that up).

      • Yeah NET, killed any chance. They couldnt even go to Salt Bae’s NYC restaurant or go visit the NarcoSobrinos in jail. I think straight to the airport. If we see Maburros face on VTV in Venezuela tomorrow we know that he left the UN with a major case of blueballs and the only thing he accomplished was meeting with other scum in the axis of evil.

        All in all, I think it was a big mistake for Maburro to go to the UN and this will just make him look weaker both outside and within.

        Now the one thing I have to explain to people here is that the UN is like the Vatican. That is, they have their own airport at JFK and the UN is sovereign international space. Not many here know that piece of geography (and Poeta can rant on and on about the lack of geographic knowledge of el pueblo). Many here are crying because Maduro went to El Imperio and “got away with it.”

        I basically have to give them a geography lesson and tell them that it was a complete disaster (thusfar…that is unless there is a one to one meeting with Trump and he gets all buddy buddy with Maburro like he is with Kim. However, I think he leaves his dirty work to his advisers (as he said in his press conference) and Mike Pence and Marco Rubio have the lead on this. If Pence and Rubio are leading the charge, then maybe not Feliz Navidad, but maybe Feliz Carnial or Feliz Semana Santa.

        BTW, I think the Rupublicans will hold firm because the DemoRats cannot hold their house in order (because democratic socialism is a loosing ticket). Following if Republicans can hold onto a slim majority, they can do whatever they want foreign policy wise. Regardless, moderate red state democrats are against Maduro and Trump is crazy enough to do whatever he wants regardless of public opinion. So just got to keep the war drums beating and these guys will collapse like a house of cards.

        • Very good, Guachi. Maduro/sanctioned companions (CF/JR) had diplomatic immunity during their visit, but, outside UN territory, they would be in US territory, subject to US action. I thought his appearance was a calculated risk (following up on Trump’s possible overture indication), but didn’t pan out for him. Still, his lying speech to a mostly-empty auditorium wasn’t bad, except he insulted the US/Colombia/Mexico(dumb)/Chile/others, as he tried to play to the Africans (Mandela)/ non-aligned nations/LA countries having suffered military dictatorships in the past, but with the incredibly lame excuse/quote from Simon Bolivar that the US, in the name of “Liberty”, would only bring LA poverty and misery–the exact result of his “multi-polar” Bolivarian Socialism Of The 21st Century. While speaking, one could see the education/training/thinking of a one-way-thinking blinder-wearing Castro-Cuban-Communist Apparatchik.

  13. Itate, PC, etc… attacking everyone who has a different pov.. as usual..

    Going after Kepler because his name is german.. wtf?

    As a reminder Trump’s grandfather, then named Drumpf was deported from Bavaria for skipping out of his required military service.. sound familiar to Space Cadet Bone Spurs? And Im sure you support our military just as Drumpf does… calls out China, without proof (though its likely true), without 1 word, not one word, about the biggest scandal of his administration where the US was attacked? Yeah, you guys tell me what patriotism is all about. Orange will be the new jumpsuit.

    • As a reminder Trump’s grandfather, then named Drumpf was deported from Bavaria for skipping out of his required military service.. sound familiar to Space Cadet Bone Spurs?

      So what? My father told me that he suspected that some of our German ancestors who left Germany in the 18th century did so to escape military service. (One who left Germany in the 17th century for the Netherlands before going on to New York left Germany for religious reasons.)

      It’s the old lefty illogical meme that only those who served in the military have the moral legitimacy to advocate military action, but those who have not served in the military have the moral legitimacy to advocate against military action. Of course, Bill Clinton, who didn’t serve in the military, had the moral legitimacy to send military forces overseas. 🙂

      Anyone who has followed Kepler for a period of time realizes that “Kepler” is a blog name to illustrate the proclivities of that particular blogger/commenter for math and science stuff, and number crunching approaches to Venezuela. His digging up unusual names from the Maisanta database made for some hilarious reads.

      • Triumph wanted a billion dollar military parade. Who loves military parades more than authoritarians and dictatorships of the left and right? Oh, I forgot. In free democracies they clamor for them.

        Even Republicans and his own advisors said to him it was a terrible idea.

        But I’m sure some people here would disagree and consider it Nazi and fascist to not have one.

        You rubes know who you are.

  14. BT, Kepler has been here a long time. Like his comments or not, shouting him down as a commie\nazi by these newbie who drive a single mindset is destroying credibility of this blog.

    Remember Kepler has always been antichavista, proposed activism in the smaller communities to foster opposition pov’s. Like or not, he has a earned a bit of respect, and consideration. But to shout him down because of his handle is typical of the newcomers who attack journalists with sexist and sexual comments, homophobic attackes, racist attacks, etc.

    I enjoyed the link earlier this week or last to Katie, reading the comment section was thoughtful and thought provoking NO cursing or attacks.

    You’ve been here a long time BT… tell us all honestly if you haven’t seen this as well?

    • I don’t particularly like Kepler’s Eurosneer attitude. I used to often reply to Kepler’s Eurosneer utterings. For example, Kepler once made the assumption that Texas was WASP country, shall we say, and when I replied with a recitation of the diverse origins of my neighbors, Kepler made a sarcastic reply which gave the impression he thought I was bullshitting. (Had he seen the tax roll, he would have been persuaded, but I was not about to to lose anonymity.) Whatever. He also once assumed that because I live in Texas, and was on the right (or perhaps better said NOT on the left), that I was a churchgoer. Not a correct assumption- which I didn’t reply to, IIRC. (as comments were lost in various software updates, no longer accessible.) Kepler is like a lot of furriners, who assume that they know more about the US than they actually know. There was a commenter named Alejandro- also living in Europe- who comes to mind.

      I now generally roll my eyes when Kepler goes into Eurosneer mode- there you go again- except to occasionally document where he is mistaken. (Which is not to say that when I don’t reply with documentation, Kepler’s Eurosneer attitude corresponds to the facts on the ground. Rather that, I don’t see the point of bothering to reply.) For example, Kepler once claimed that the US Armed Forces enlistees came from the dregs of civilian society. It was easy to document the falsity of that claim. Over the years, Kepler has greatly reduced his Eurosneer utterings- even before he stopped commenting so much.

      It is a howler for someone to assume that Kepler is German in origin. Here or on his blog he has given the results of his genetics test. I forget the details, but it was typical of the mixed racial backgrounds of most Venezuelans.

      Absent the Eurosneer mode, over the years Kepler has made many astute observations as a commenter and also at his own blog. Rather like Canucklehead, who goes off the deep end regarding Trump and Republicans, but has many astute comments to make regarding Venezuela. (See my comment on this thread.)

      Regarding the nasty tone of comments , I would reply that Canucklehead and also Kepler are both sinners and sinned against. I have provided plenty of evidence for Canucklehead’s nastiness and/or “faulty memory”(a.k.a. bullshitting) in various of my comments. I would also add that Canucklehead’s nastiness predates Trump’s rise to power by many years.

      • JC, you needed 5 paragraphs to say what you could have said in a couple of words.
        Kepler is a socialist/communist/Marxists and therefore will lie about anything and everything at any time.
        17 words needed (y)

        • Kepler is a socialist/communist/Marxists and therefore will lie about anything and everything at any time.

          Your statement indicates that you have not been reading Kepler for very long. What would have been the attitude of a “socialist/communist/Marxist” towards the Caracazo of 1989? Basically that the Caracazo was “spontaneous” uprising of “the people” against the repressive right-wing Fourth Republic oligarchy. Something like that. Kepler has made many comments about the Caracazo: Advanced Google Search: kepler [email protected] CC.
          For example, let’s look at this comment from Kepler from Twenty-five years of hatred, in response to a comment that “Chávez is a product of the Caracazo.”

          Sorry, but Chávez is not product of that. El Caracazo was basically a clash from the government and the extreme left. The extreme left used in a very planified way the events of the Caracazo. They enticed people to go and get shot. This is something they had been escalating for years. I happened to be next to the “scene” of these groups and my information is corroborated by others.

          You should try to read a little bit about what Chávez was already doing before 1989 – and not only Chávez within the military.
          You should also try to find out what many within the extreme left were doing.
          The Soviets were training a lot of people in producing this kind of events.
          The Cubans as well.
          El Caracazo was a perfect excuse.

          Further down the thread there is another comment from Kepler.

          Actually, both “hypotheses” are nothing but one.
          The Russians and the Cubans were training dozens of people for many years on something that can be translated as sabotage and insurrection tactics.
          These people had been preparing others for years in communist centres – not all of them – in the main cities where violence happened – people who on their turn would stir the masses which, undoubtedly, were pissed off.
          These were people who were living in these communities, mostly grew up in those communities or moved around to indoctrinate others for years.
          And that was the perfect occassion but other ones would have popped up sooner than later. These people then moved around, enticed others to plunder, started the use of of violence and were waiting for the military to carry out the usual cat and mouse spiel they were INCREASINGLY carrying out.
          I also saw before 1989, in 1988, how these extreme left were infiltrating every peaceful group of students at the UCV and how they got into the marches and provoked on a very efficient way the right chaos for the brute cops to attack and the whole thing to escalate.
          These people were armed

          Kepler’s comments on the Caracazo are hardly those of a “socialist/communist/Marxist.” Which is why, while I don’t agree with Kepler’s Eurosneer stance regarding the US (His “US-Americans” spiel is a howler), I consider Kepler an authoritative source on Venezuela. I would also add that when I have posted a fact-filled comment in response to some PSF’s fact-free rant, my recollection is that Kepler has often praised my comment.

          I don’t doubt that Kepler is more left-wing than I am. Venezuelans tend to be more left-wing than Americans (NOT Kepler’s “US-Americans”), a consequence of the main money generator in the country being government owned for two generations.


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