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The dictator’s plot

Perhaps it was the rejection he faced in Mexico after trying to attend López Obrador’s swearing in ceremony that hit him harder than usual, and that’s why he decided to come out this Wednesday and explain why Venezuela is a democracy and he’s not the dictator he is. According to Nicolás, people call him a dictator to justify actions against Venezuela as he faked shock because “since January, 4,142 negative news have been published about Venezuela,” a country in hyperinflation, with five years in recession, amidst a complex humanitarian crisis and with a record-breaking migration process. Such barbarity! The credibility of his democratic character resides on his grassroots origins, while in his imagination, “dictators emerge only  from the U.S. Embassy and from civilian or military elites.” He stated he’s proud because he owes the U.S. nothing (except the dollars he gets for selling them oil) and he declared himself a free and independent president.

The binational conspiracy

Without any evidence at hand, he claimed: “I have no doubt that the drone that was launched to kill me was armed in Colombia, under Santos’s supervision and by direct command of the White House,” adding that he knew the plan and told the world about it, but journalists didn’t publish his statements, which is why he now denounces the White House’s conspiracy to violate Venezuelan “democracy”, murder him and impose a dictatorial regime.

The credibility of his democratic character resides on his grassroots origins, while in his imagination, “dictators emerge only  from the U.S. Embassy and from civilian or military elites.”

He said that in the Tona municipality in Northern Santander (Colombia), 734 people are being trained to plant “false positives” to justify an attack on Venezuela, as well as a “command group of special forces” that’s being trained in the U.S. for “a surgical operation” that would neutralize the Libertador Air Base, the naval bases in Puerto Cabello and Barcelona. He added that U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton is the mastermind behind the plan to murder him, and warned Jair Bolsonaro that he’d give him “an unforgettable lesson” if he joined any plans for a coup.

But Putin’s cool

Nicolás wants the U.S. government to halt any plans to violate peace, because he doesn’t believe “that the future of U.S.-Venezuela relations will consistently be about plots and conflicts.” That must be why he gave instructions to Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza to summon the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires to “remind him, one last time, of the rules and let him know that if he oversteps, he should leave immediately.” After defining himself as a man of dialogue, he restated that he’s ready to talk to President Donald Trump. He said that right before he celebrated his fruitful meeting with Vladimir Putin and praised the military cooperation with Russia and the arrival of its aircrafts. Now, he’ll use five billion Russian dollars to increase oil production to a million barrels per day, plus “a bonus” of one billion dollars that he pulled from the Economic Vice-Presidency, because he recognizes the lack of investment in the sector.

My way or Maiquetía

On January 10, Nicolás will lose his legitimacy and become a de facto ruler. Because of this, various authorities have stated their intentions to break diplomatic relations. The (non) dictator, the man of dialogue, said today: “Let the governments do what they want. We held elections and I’m going to be the president until January 10, 2025 at least. Because nobody knows if I’ll run for re-election. If the governments want their ambassadors to leave Venezuela, let them leave. Whoever wants to leave, there’s the Maiquetía Airport. Those who stay must respect Venezuela.” He concluded these kind words declaring that he won’t be blackmailed.

After defining himself as a man of dialogue, he restated that he’s ready to talk to President Donald Trump, right before he celebrated his fruitful meeting with Vladimir Putin. 

About Canaima

Ignoring the most important data about the Campo Carrao mine, on the banks of the Akanan river, as well as the extraction methods used by Pemon miners (one again: there’s no such thing as ecological mining!); Nicolás spoke of armed groups in Canaima, denying that a native could shoot against the Armed Forces. He made Andrés Velásquez and Américo De Grazia responsible for leading mining mafias in Bolívar (when in fact, they’re illegal mining’s loudest critics); daring to denounce the “ecocide that’s been committed in Canaima” and ordering the ZODI-Bolívar to guarantee the safety and defense of nature. Rafael Uzcátegui from Provea wrote this morning: “Pemon natives who have condemned mining have been harassed, persecuted and intimidated by the Army, bureaucrats and various mafias, but also—and especially—by Pemon miners (…) Although some leaders and communities are resisting, it’s an open secret that those who engage in illegal mining in Bolívar are the indigenous communities themselves, since the government’s policies have made them miners.”

Is it going well?

While he forgot about 3% rate of daily inflation in November, the monthly rate of 144.2% and the yearly rate of 1,299,724%; ignored his false promise to eliminate the tax deficit and the fact that 48% of Venezuelan homes are poor; amidst a default! and eight billion dollars in late payments, as well as the monthly report that the OPEC published this morning, revealing that our production dropped by 4% in a month; with Citgo’s default and the risk of the nation losing this important asset, while various economists estimate that a new reconversion will be necessary in a few months, Nicolás had the nerve to claim that: “The program of economic recovery is going well,” promising important announcements for tomorrow.

He was bold enough to say that Sunday elections were successful and impeccable.

He’s the hub

He was bold enough to say that Sunday elections were successful and impeccable. He claimed that he watches CNN in English and reads Bloomberg every day; sadly, despite this practice, he said nothing about Alejandro Andrade, Raúl Gorrín or Alfonso Gravina Muñoz, PDVSA’s former acquisitions officer who plead guilty of corruption yesterday.

Nicolás the victimizer once again played the victim, too concerned with himself, with denying reality, the crisis, hunger, forced migration, diseases, the nation’s huge setback in any progress indicator. Democracies aren’t explained. Only dictators deny being what they are.

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  1. OK, I have to admit I saw this information on another website (Aporrea) a couple of hours ago, and all I could think of is, “Does anyone really believe any of the bullshit that is coming out of his mouth anymore?” I mean, how in the world does a half-assed, wannabe Stalin in Venezuela know the machinations of the planets Super Power? And all being planned out at Eglin! WOOT! Eglin? Why not McDill as long as he is going to pull names of AFB’s out of his ass? It’s closer to Miami… or did he screw up and think Eglin is NAS Key West?

    Seriously, if the guy takes off his shoe and pounds it on a podium (WE WILL BURY YOU!), I will know the End Times are near.

    BTW, does Caracas have a version of Baghdad Bob?


    That’s another 2 billion judges just declared that Maduro owes. The first link is trouble because it imperils Citgo, which is as good as gone, That will put a massive crimp in Veny oil exporting as well as lost revenues.

    Someday, probably sooner than later, the Chavistas will run out of cash flow opportunities. Miracle they haven’t already. Probably won’t go over real well with the generals.

  3. Thank you Naky,
    NM will never admit he’s part of the problem, that he really has no control over others in his “government”. He will eventually fall.
    It is really sad that so many will suffer until his fall.

  4. Gracias Naki. Its good to hear your voice again here.
    Maduro is a die-hard dictator. Putin has a soft spot for sich people and their regimes. Ots got to do with his opposition to change from below snd the perils he sees in democracy. Meanwhile, what money Sechin can make on Venezuelan oil can offset the costs to Russia of being there. Rosneft’s efforts also impress people as being the one company/country still interested to develop the Ven. oil and gas sector. Russia is unable to have such influence anywhere else in Latin America. Venezuelan geology is sufficiently simple to enable low-tech Rosneft to make money. That is not possible elsewhere in Latin America.

  5. The Russian planes are gone as quick as they came in to protect Maduro.

    There is still nothing in these articles about how to get Venezuela from the abyss

    Naki for president!!! (assuming she explains one day how she did not participate in the ”hora loca” of the glorious period 2003 to 2010)

  6. I sincerely hope you (Naky) are on the road to recovery!!!

    “denying reality, the crisis, hunger, forced migration, diseases, the nation’s huge setback in any progress indicator.” Socialism in a nutshell I would say!

  7. Mr Maduro is so utterly predictable , so flagrantly farsical in his statements that there is little reason to pay them more than cursory attention before yawning an turning to something else . he used to be called mentira fresca now all his lies are so well worn and dated that not even the appeal of novelty adorns them. he used to be offensive now he is just boring ………! You can see him trying so hard to become notice worthy with so poor results that one almost feels sorry about him , he is such a mediochre performer that the more he talks the less credible he becomes.

    • Good observation! He and Occasional-Cortex here in the U.S. are birds of a feather. She was a bartender in NYC, and recently got elected to the U.S. Congress. Her idea is that money is free, just appears out of nowhere, and belongs to the pueblo.

  8. Welcome back Naky. I am absolutely thrilled to see you contributing again.

    Oh, and what Indio Arrecho said. This country is officially DONE.

  9. Is that true, no drug related articles here? Come to think of it I can’t remember any….. What is the reason? Too dangerous?

  10. Yuuuuuuppppp (yeah I stole that 1) I couldn’t agree more, Cuba-Narco-Corrupt Chavismo-Marxism-Socialism will be hanging around for maybe even the next 50-100 years. Back in the day people though Castro would never last ………;),,,,,

  11. Good grief. I feel compelled to post because I see Naky writing again and wanted to wish her well.

    Then I make the mistake of agreeing with Indio Arrecho as to why he believes the country is finished and my post gets deleted? Really? For that?

    There’s a reason that the day Toro announced a new “civility standard”, in my mind’s eye I saw Delcy Rodriguez with a beard making the announcement.

    • Hey MRubio. How have you been?

      And yeah, I’ve noticed.

      I remember Kepler made an “Orange Man Bad” reply to Pepe a while back, including indefensible and objectively wrong nonsense like the idea that the US is the only developed nation where suicides are currently increasing.

      I came out swinging, complete with a couple references to scholarly studies of suicide rates abroad.

      My comment went down the memory hole.

      So I tried again.

      And after even my naive rear end got the message, I started chopping it down and cleaning up my more combative language.

      Same result.

      So I was forced to make an extremely rump post showing how the heck Kepler couldn’t double check his own claims, and calling CC out for how “convenient” it was.

      • I think I was among last to reply to Kepler, not in nice terms, his facts were not right many times, or he made a confusion between facts and opinions. Is this a free speech zone or not? Kepler probably silenced himself. But he should be allowed to post.

  12. MRubio,

    I don’t know who makes the decision to delete comments on this blog, but possibly (possibly) yours was deleted because they deleted the Indio Arrecho comment and all responses automatically go with it?

    I had responded to your comment, just to say was good to see you were still alive. Mine was deleted, too.

      • Wish I had copied IA’s comment because I didn’t see anything there that was factually incorrect. Can you pull it back up and debate it, or is debate no longer considered part of being civil?

        • I have it in an email that is automatically sent to me by this blog whenever someone leaves a comment. I speculate it was deleted because IA was critical that CC blog does not have articles describing the Venezuelan government’s participation in the narcotics business, or because of the last sentence in which the IA uses the R word to describe Maduro’s son named “Nicolasnito”

          But, this is just speculation. To know for certain, we’d need the censor to explain.

  13. Obviously the notion of a “civility standard” left a bad taste in my ass which is why I quite posting until today when, for the first time, I saw Naky posting again. She may have posted before recently, but I’m no longer following the site as before. She’s a gem and I was thrilled to see her back.

    Now, are you saying the new standard is that there we’re not to be critical or observant of what goes on here? Again, I’ve not followed the site closely to see the censor in action.

    Having said that, I do seem to recall at least one article posted here (or at least think it was here) some months about Godgiven Hair and the Cartel de los Soles, but beyond that, IA was correct in that the subject seems to not be brought up these days for some reason. And that’s a shame in my view because there is no doubt in my mind that, today more than ever, one way to keep the generals loyal to the regime is to look the other way while they deal their drugs and rake in enormous profits.

    This country is literally being divided into pieces these days.

    Where would Maduro be if the armed forces were no longer loyal to him? In fact, where would we be, those of us still here?

    • Yes welcome back again Naky! I really want to know how this pans out guys. I need to know what the rules are before I waste my time posting something thats gonna get deleted. Don’t even know what provokes it, it’s like trying to win at Calvin Ball playing against Calvin.

  14. How many times has Maduro and before him Chavez announced that there is a henious plot by their local or international enemies to do them in and topple the govt ?? hundreds of times but whose counting…they never happen , just one way of playing the heroic victim to their constituency………… ,

  15. Naky,

    I have missed you. Your cogent and yet seemingly effortless and breezy writing style is a pleasure to read.

    Keep up the fight. We need you.

  16. He has been flying in and out of La Orchilla past few days aboard the Airbus.

    Something is going on in La Orchilla. May be r&r or meetings. Not related to fake announcement of Russian base.


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