Today's Pro-Guaidó Protests Hit Even Small Town Venezuela

For years, protests have clustered in Caracas and a handful of big Venezuelan cities. Today, even places like Tucupita, Caripe and Altagracia de Orituco took to the streets.

Photo: Javier Liendo

Something astonishing happened this Saturday: protests not only overflowed Caracas and other large cities that have long been opposition bastions, like Maracaibo or Valencia; they expanded to small cities and towns, many of which used to be chavista strongholds. Nothing ever moved people in San Carlos or Altagracia de Orituco against the regime, but now, hit the hardest by the crisis, they’ve also joined mass anti-Maduro demonstrations.

While chavismo only managed to stage a single event in downtown Caracas, an event characterized by the usual state companies with attendance lists, the call made by caretaker President Juan Guaidó mobilized large numbers of citizens in at least 36 confirmed locations all over the country. Moreover, reports of repression aside from short-lived clashes in Caracas are non-existent.

Let me underscore that this isn’t common by any means. A lot of these places never rose up in demonstrations, much less massive ones. The civility, discipline, serenity and coordination exhibited in these protests was unparalleled by anything we’ve experienced before.

We’re still trying to grapple with what this new wave of peaceful, focused protests means, but in the meantime, please see for yourselves.

Cumaná, Sucre

Pto. Fijo, Falcón

Valera, Trujillo

Nirgua, Yaracuy

La Victoria, Aragua

El Tigre, Anzoátegui

Sta. Bárbara del Zulia, Zulia

Mérida, Mérida

San Juan de los Morros, Guárico

Calabozo, Guárico

Altagracia de Orituco, Guárico

Valencia, Carabobo

Araure, Portuguesa

Barinas, Barinas

Tucupita, Delta Amacuro

Maracaibo, Zulia

San Cristóbal, Táchira

Barquisimeto, Lara

San Carlos, Cojedes

Valle de la Pascua, Guárico

San Fernando, Apure

Carúpano, Sucre

Juan Griego, Nueva Esparta

Caripe, Monagas

Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar

Maracay, Aragua

Pto. La Cruz, Anzoátegui

Pto. Ordaz, Bolívar

Upata, Bolívar

Sta. Rita, Zulia

Guasdualito, Apure

Yaritagua, Yaracuy

Cagua, Aragua

Maturín, Monagas

Coro, Falcón

Pto. Cabello, Carabobo