Lima Group Meeting Results, Livestream -featuring, Quico Toro

In another excruciating Monday for chavismo, the Lima Group is meeting today, regarding how it can help the cause of Venezuelan freedom. And after that meeting, the discussion continues with our very own Quico Toro as panelist.

Photo: Canadian Council for the Americans, Alberta, retrieved.

Panel starts at 5:45 pm EST (02/04/19)

With everything that’s going on in the international arena regarding Venezuela, the Lima Group is meeting today, February 4th, in Ottawa, Canada, to specifically address the “ways in which the international community can further help the Venezuelan people.”

And guess who’s a panelist on the discussion after the meeting? If you said “Well, that’s Francisco ‘Quico’ Toro, founder of Caracas Chronicles,” congratulations, sir, your psychic powers are as sharp as ever! His intervention will be live-streamed above, for your convenience.

Look, we can’t sugarcoat it: Mondays have been crappy for chavismo lately. Today isn’t over yet, and new governments from the European Union have manifested their support for Caretaker President Guaidó, including Portugal’s and Iceland’s. The Canadian government just announced its support to the oppo cause (through 53 million dollars in humanitarian aid) and the only new shoulder Nico got was North Korea’s. Not precisely the crowd you want on your side when you’re trying to look democratic.

Chances are this Lima Group meeting will add more evidence and testimonies to what chavismo has done to Venezuela, just when the whole world is watching. We’re very proud to have Quico at the event, so don’t miss it, it’s gonna be good.