Rafael Osío Cabrices: Editor in Chief of Caracas Chronicles

One of Venezuela’s most accomplished editors, and one of its most brilliant thinkers, is taking the helm of Caracas Chronicles. We’re honored to have him and, well, a little bit giddy too.

Photo by Cynthia Rodriguez.

We’re enormously excited to announce that, starting today, Caracas Chronicles has a new Editor in Chief. Rafael Osío Cabrices is one of Venezuela’s most accomplished writers and an experienced news editor, with deep expertise in explaining Venezuela to the rest of the world. 

A long career at El Nacional that saw him lead the team for Primicia news magazine back when it was absolutely compulsory reading, established him as one of the most astute newswatchers of his generation. Three of his books — El Horizonte Encendido, Apuntes Bajo el Aguacero and Salitre en el Corazón — have solidified his reputation as one of Venezuela’s most perceptive and sharp chroniclers. His columns are gorgeous without fail. And at the head of a team of writers, there’s just no one better.

His columns are gorgeous without fail. And at the head of a team of writers, there’s just no one better.

We’re bringing Rafa on to help complete Caracas Chronicles’ transition from its roots as a blog into a more professional news site based on exacting journalistic standards. Our focus will remain on explaining the news, rather than reporting them, and doing so in a way increasingly centered on the needs of our foreign readers. Not because we don’t love our Venezuelan readers, but because we have, um, other things in the works for them.

Over its sixteen years in existence, Caracas Chronicles has experimented with all kinds of editorial approaches. Reaching out to one of Venezuela’s top news professionals and handing him the reins is a new one, though. Quico Toro will still be around to help, of course, though more in the background, as Founding Editor. And Raúl remains CEO of the company.

One thing we’re certain of: the editorial team has never been in better hands. Welcome, Rafa!