Venezuela is in the Dark. Literally.

Venezuela has been under a nationwide power outage for over 15 hours. There's little information coming out of the country right now.

Photo: Valentina Lares

It seems as if the long awaited day of the massive power failure finally came and it’s even scarier than we imagined. There’s little to no information coming out of Venezuela right now.

What we know

  • The power outage started yesterday at 5:00 p.m. Caracas time.
  • Chavismo is blaming the US (something like Marco Rubio pulled the plug).
  • School was suspended.
  • The blackout quickly turned into a communications interruption as well. Cellular networks are failing.
  • Batteries are running out.

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There are no certainties at this moment, more than half of our team has been offline for over 15 hours. There’s little information we’ve been able to gather from our families.

The only certainty we have is whose fault this is.