Leopoldo López Speaks From Madrid

People detained after his escape were released, but journalist Roland Carreño is still under arrest; There have been 85,000 blackouts between April and December

López also spoke in person with Spain's PM, Pedro Sánchez.

Photo: France 24

  • The Physics, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Academy of Venezuela released a statement about Nicolás’s announcement of a medicine developed by the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research that “erases coronavirus by a 100%.” They said that every scientific investigation oriented to developing medicines must be in line with international standards and under strict controls that guarantee safety. They exhorted the authorities to not publish wrong information or create false expectations in the population. 
  • Delcy Rodríguez said there were 353 new cases of COVID-19 in the nation and three new deaths, for a total of 90,400 cases and 780 deaths they’ve admitted to. 
  • The National Assembly approved the creation of a registry for Venezuelan migrants and refugees that have been victims of human rights violations, due to the complex humanitarian emergency and the crimes against humanity identified by international organizations in the country. This can be a key step in getting justice, appealing also to the courts of receiving countries.
  • Aixa López, president of the Blackout Victims Committee, said that in the semester from April to September in Venezuela there were over 85,000 blackouts. Táchira and Zulia are still the states worst hit by the electricity crisis. López insisted: “The system is collapsed and it requires immediate attention.” 
  • From the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López said on Tuesday that he’ll devote himself to three goals: a free and fair presidential election in Venezuela, bring those responsible of human rights violations to international justice and seek financial resources and international human aid, because ours is one of the world’s most severe crises and the one that gets fewer resources. He accused Nicolás of being a murderer, or being tied to drug trafficking and of ruining Venezuela. To do this, he used Bachelet’s report and the report by the UN Fact-Finding Mission. In addition to sharing the story of Pipo Rada’s murder and the stories of political prisoners he met, López said: “Venezuelans abroad will go back to free Venezuela and build a better Venezuela.” He emphasized that there won’t be a government in exile, that Guaidó will stay in the country, even willing to go to jail, and it will be Guaidó who will continue to lead this process, with the help of active deputies. 
  • Journalist and VP coordinator Ronald Carreño is still missing. His lawyer, Joel García, said: “We don’t know why he’s detained, no security body is claiming responsibility for the detention, he’s not allowed to talk to family, friends or lawyers. It meets all the criteria to be considered a forced disappearance as denounced by the Fact-Finding Mission.” Last night, Nicolás’s Communications minister Freddy Ñañez, rejected the “slandering campaign against the Rule of Law,” in a nation where people can disappear for over 30 hours. He said that Roland Carreño was “caught red-handed.” Later, the ANC-imposed prosecutor general said that they’re investigating Carreño for allegedly “delivering weapons and cash (…) for violent actions,” adding that “at the time of his detention (…) authorities found 12,000 dollars in cash and an R15.” Joel García replied: “It’s the same file they planted Roberto Marrero, they just changed the name. Same story all over again.” In any case, Tarek William Saab and Freddy Ñáñez are making evident that they’re responsible for Carreño’s disappearance even though they didn’t provide his whereabouts or allowed him to talk to family or lawyers. 
  • The AN approved an agreement rejecting detentions of Spanish Embassy personnel and the illegal raid of buildings under the jurisdiction of that government, after Leopoldo López’s escape. 
  • Two other detainees were released yesterday: another security guard from the Spanish Embassy in Caracas, Jhony Arvelo, and Nathaly Sifontes, Diana López’s sister in law. Diana is Leopoldo’s sister. 
  • Leopoldo López mentioned the importance of the unity of democratic factors on the support that other countries and personalities provide. He mentioned political parties, the civil society and a project for a country that allows Venezuelans to stand together. He also emphasized the need for more direct sanctions against human rights violators, mentioning 56 people responsible for this, all identified in the Fact-Finding Mission report. He mentioned the failed negotiation processes with Nicolás’s regime in the Dominican Republic and Barbados, assured a transition requires people who have been in power with the dictatorship, although Maduro won’t be included. That’s why he insisted on Nicolás’s responsibility, on his role as a dictator and how big of an obstacle he is in “building the road to free, fair, verifiable elections.” He defended the popular consultation the AN is planning and called it a mobilization proposal for a new cycle of support and protests that need the support of all Venezuelans. 
  • Deputy Juan Pablo Guanipa reported that the consultation will take place between December 5th and December 12th: “The consultation is in person, virtual and itinerant,” said Guanipa and explained that the digital platform will have a method to guarantee the identity of citizens. In person, you’ll only be able to participate on December 12th. Every day before that is digital only. 
  • The AN authorized the appointment of seven deputies in the Committee against Electoral Fraud, an effort to track violations of the Electoral Law and the Constitution, to establish responsibilities. 
  • The day after Jorge Rodríguez ordered so, the president of the CNE imposed by the TSJ, Indira Alfonzo, said they’re evaluating the possibility of holding a second electoral drill, just because the one on Sunday exceeded their expectations. 
  • PDVSA started using a place near the La Borracha island in the Caribbean to transfer oil from ship to ship for export, said Reuters. There are photos taken from a ship near the operation that showed two ships doing the operation on Monday. 
  • Pedro Sánchez received Leopoldo López on Tuesday, but not as the president of Spain but as the secretary general of his party PSOE. Leopoldo López assured later in his press conference that the president sees Nicolás as a dictator and wants free and fair elections. He highlighted Sánchez’s empathy with the Venezuelan cause. PSOE posted on social media a video of López and Sánchez with the caption: “PSOE wants a peaceful solution, because the Venezuelan people should suffer as little as possible.” 
  • Arancha González said that Leopoldo López was a guest at the embassy, free to leave when he wanted, because “a guest isn’t a hostage, a guest is someone who’s there, stays and can leave when they want to, and this is the case, he left the embassy on his own free will.”

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