Introducing the Venezuela Diaspora Project

Caracas Chronicles is the media partner of this podcast by Jesus Bolivar Segovia & Co., dedicated to the stories of Venezuelan entrepreneurs in the U.S.

In last week’s Weekly Arepa (if you haven’t subscribed, here’s your chance), we wrote about what will be our focus for 2021. Of course, this is an ongoing conversation, since we’re all still figuring out this new iteration of the country. But part of this “new focus” is recognizing Caracas Chronicles as the outlet for bilingual Venezuela. And here I’ll quote from the WA: 

“This is not just a space where a small group of Venezuelans share and discuss their views with foreigners interested in our country. Venezuela’s bilingual diaspora is rapidly expanding. It’s being enriched by a new generation of criollos who live, study, and work in English, but still have a deep connection with Venezuela. This audience will keep on growing. Our mission is to create a new ecosystem where it can hold quality debates, to explain what happened to us, to keep a record of our experience, and to think seriously about solutions.”

We want to do some more old-style blogging, but we also want to add new formats to what we’re doing, this is why we’re joining forces with the Venezuela Diaspora Project as their media partner. VDP is a podcast in English about Venezuelan entrepreneurship abroad.

“As Venezuelans start to craft and make our mark beyond our homeland,” goes its mission statement, “we thought it would be neat and useful to shine a light on the entrepreneurs and change-makers that are creating projects, building companies, and pushing for change in their areas of expertise.”

The VDP team:

  • Editing and Production: David Sira
  • Editing: Juan Jesus De Souza 
  • Design: Alejandra Rojas
  • Promoter (and “inspiration”): Francisco Marquez Lara
  • Host and instigator: Jesus Alberto Bolivar, also known in the caracaschronosphere as Chubeto.

To get a taste of what’s coming you can watch the first episode, featuring yours truly. We talked about my experience managing a small Venezuelan media company, the story of Caracas Chronicles, and the Herculean task of funding the business. I spoke candidly, as you will see:

Although, much more interesting is the second interview with Luz Zambrano, founder of Casupo, a DTC brand based in California. IG: 

Luz speaks about her beginnings, how she funded the business, and gives advice on adapting to customer’s needs and Covid. She also actively gives back to Venezuela supporting children with cancer through Fundanica.

Watch this space, we’ll be posting weekly.

You can also listen to the interviews on anchor and in your favorite podcasting platform.