Victor Cardenas: Fintech Young Gun | Podcast

This week, the Venezuela Diaspora Project brings us the story of Victor Cardenas—a 19-year-old Venezuelan who built a tech startup during the pandemic

Victor Cardenas is a 19-year-old sophomore at Stanford University. He’s also the co-founder of @tabtabapp, an app that allows you to split the cost of subscriptions and other recurring payments like rent and utilities with friends.

Raised in Caracas, Venezuela, his teenage years were impacted by the beginning of Venezuela’s hyperinflation. He built his first ‘fintech’ at the school cantina that was forced to sell food without cash and hyperinflation.

Victor shares the story of how he built his startup during the Covid lockdown, how he developed a prototype and found partners to carry his idea forward, and how growing up in Caracas shaped his entrepreneurial experience.


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