Juan Andrés Lattuf: Making More Than Burgers in Spain

In this episode of the Venezuela Diaspora Project, Juan Andrés Lattuf explains his journey from a kitchen in Venezuela to becoming a successful restaurateur in Spain

Juan Andrés Lattuf introduces his new city, Barcelona, while explaining his journey from the kitchen to growing a restaurant chain in Spain.

Juan trained as a chef in South Florida and Venezuela, and then to Barcelona to pursue his passion for food. He created Chivuo’s and a restaurant chain that thrived during Covid, thanks to his pursuit of innovation and relentless customer focus.

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  • Editing and Production: David Sira
  • Editing: Juan Jesus De Souza
  • Design: Alejandra Rojas
  • Promoter (and “inspiration”): Francisco Marquez Lara
  • Host and instigator: Jesus Alberto Bolivar, also known in the caracaschronosphere as Chubeto.