A Seat At the Negotiation Table for Saab

Jorge Rodríguez announced that the regime decided to incorporate Álex Saab into the negotiation. Saab was detained in 2020 in Cape Verde due to charges imposed by the United States for money laundering. The opposition delegation expressed its dissatisfaction with the incorporation through a statement.

  • “We want to let the public know that we’ll be adding ‘diplomat’ Alex Saab as a member of this delegation and as a delegate to the social table approved in the partial agreement,” said Jorge Rodríguez, head of the regime’s delegation. The problem is that this Colombian citizen is in prison in Cape Verde and has an order for his extradition to the U.S. and that the impressive campaign to build a narrative surrounding his alleged innocence didn’t stop that process. As journalist Roberto Deniz says: “Chavismo has never done so much for someone as they’ve done for Saab.” His lawyer, Baltasar Garzón, assured that this case could negatively impact the negotiation process taking place in Mexico. 
  • Juan Guaidó said that the national table of social care that was agreed on in the Mexico talks would replace the previous technical vaccination table which didn’t meet after June. 
    • He said they had a disposition to progressively lift sanctions because they want a solution and explained that the team of this table would be created to provide assistance during the complex humanitarian emergency, so it should be installed as soon as possible. The Unitary Platform hasn’t decided who would represent them, but Guaidó mentioned the work of Dr. Julio Castro and deputies Manuela Bolívar and Miguel Pizarro. He explained that the opposition seeks reparations for the victims, so the negotiation and the ICC are independent. 

ANC-imposed prosecutor general Tarek William Saab said that he started another process against Guaidó. This time he mentioned the case of Monómeros and accused him of treason, stealing assets and other charges. 

  • An aircraft coming from Isla de Sal, Cape Verde landed at Simón Bolívar International Airport. Roberto Deniz said that the plane left from Morocco, stopped in Cape Verde and flew to Venezuela from there. 
  • Yesterday, there was a preliminary hearing in Barranquilla, Colombia where the judge in charge of the case against Alex Saab chose and examined the elements presented by the Prosecutor’s Office to continue the process started in 2019, when the Colombian justice system charged him for asset laundering, association to commit crimes and embezzlement. 
  • After hearing the defense of former minister Rafael Ramírez, Rome’s Court of Appeals decided to demand a ruling to define if he’ll be extradited to Venezuela or not. Ramírez defined himself as “a politician under persecution.” 
  • As lawyer Mariano De Alba warned on Monday, the Spanish Audiencia Nacional suspended handing over Hugo “El Pollo” Carvajal to the U.S., until they know the status of his asylum petition.
  • The UN confirmed Maduro’s attendance at the 76th General Assembly on September 22nd. Maduro has been using public resources to campaign for the PSUV and he said the elections were free and transparent. Diosdado Cabello will be the PSUV campaign chief. 
  • Maduro appointed former Aragua governor, Rodolfo Marco Torres, as his Water minister, a public utility that has fully collapsed. Rocío San Miguel from NGO Control Ciudadano warned that this increased military presence in Maduro’s cabinet by 32%. 
  • Maduro’s UN ambassador Héctor Constant demanded lifting sanctions in his speech today. 
  • A member of Maduro’s delegation in México, Francisco Torrealba, assured that renewing the judiciary branch will be done “according to the constitutional time frames.” 
  • PDVSA retirees and pensioners protested on Libertador Ave. in Caracas to demand payment of their salaries and benefits. Workers from several states attended the protest, except workers from Zulia and Lara who were traveling to Caracas and were sent back. 
  • Journalist and political prisoner Roland Carreño was taken back to El Helicoide prison after he was hospitalized for a week because he had coronavirus and suffered several hypertensive crises. His lawyer Joel García warned that taking him back to prison “threatens his health and his life.” 

UNICEF condemned that humanitarian aid kits arriving in Venezuela to help the most vulnerable part of the population were being used for political means. 

  • OCHA denounced the lack of nutritional supplements and medical equipment, a situation that limits implementing projects to prevent malnutrition or recover from it. They demanded being allowed to import super cereal for children, doubling the rations and providing high-quality meals at schools. 
  • Senior citizens in Apure and Los Teques denounced that their vaccination centers ran out of the Sputnik V vaccine, despite having appointments and confirmation that they’d be getting the second dose until Wednesday. In Los Teques, they said that they were being charged $10 per dose. 
  • FEDENAGA president Armando Chacín said that the country is only producing 40% of domestic demand. 
  • Several cities in Aragua are still in the dark and haven’t had electricity two days after the explosion at the Santa Cruz electrical substation. 
  • Olympic, Pan American and world champion Yulimar Rojas is in Venezuela. The queen of the triple jump was happy and said that her already amazing achievements are just the start and that there are many more to come. Yulimar wants to jump 16 mts. She already achieved 15.67 m.  

Naky Soto

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