Talking NFTs with JN Silva

In this episode of the Venezuela Diaspora Project, Chubeto talks to JN Silva—a trailblazing digital artist who's at the frontlines of the NFT movement

In this episode, we dive into the world of NFTs through the voice of JN Silva, a New York-raised Venezuelan photographer and digital artist who has extensive experience working with major brands like Nike, Sony, Don Julio, and many others.

JN has been leading the charge of a movement that is transforming digital art ownership while empowering artists, media companies, and individuals with a new tool to exchange/hold value. Enjoy the conversation:

He’s amongst 40 artists that got featured in an NFT drop by Time Magazine:

“With a career that spans over a decade, JN Silva has showcased his work all around the world, and has a long history of building and fostering community across mediums. A former educator, Silva has taught photography workshops and led photo walks all over the world, while working with major brands and photographing iconic images of the world’s leading artists. His recent entry into the NFT world marked a clear shift for the photography community, and he has on-boarded hundreds, if not thousands of artists into the world of NFTs via his artist collective, Animus.”

Check out his work on Instagram and his website.

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  • Editing and Sound: David Sira
  • Video Editor: Alirio Rodríguez
  • Design: Alejandra Rojas
  • Promoter (and “inspiration”): Francisco Marquez Lara
  • Host and instigator: Jesus Alberto Bolivar, also known in the caracaschronosphere as Chubeto.