Fighting Violence Against Women

Feminist organizations demanded justice and respect for women’s rights on Thursday. The regime’s messages on progress for women are defeated by the reality of the country with a complex humanitarian emergency, collapsed public services and without policies to guarantee women’s reproductive rights. Activists demanded the decriminalization of abortion, medical care for femicide survivors and obstetric violence. Between January and October 2021, there were 235 femicides in Venezuela.

  • UNT leader Stalin González said the country needs an agreement and that neither part of the Mexico negotiation can decide who speaks. He said that they have to try by all means to reactivate the negotiation.
  • González said he agreed with María Corina Machado, that we should elect new political leadership in a consult, but that it should be organized by the National Electoral Council. He said the CNE must update the national electoral registry at home and abroad.
  • Juan Guaidó said that the next election will be held to separate Maduro from power and that we must seek the conditions to get there. He said the election on Sunday wasn’t free because it lacked the conditions to make it competitive. He said it was urgent to recompose and reassemble the democratic alternative. 
  • The Venezuelan Electoral Observatory said that 68% of voting centers used state resources for mobilizing voters, that 12% of centers registered voters being influenced to vote for one political party and that there were coercion practices in 8% of voting centers. One of ten volunteers said they saw voters had company when voting, without having requested it. 
  • CNE board member Tania D’Amelio said that there will be an election on Friday to elect 69 representatives to municipal councils and eight regional lawmakers for Indigenous communities. Chavismo keeps celebrating stripping Indigenous communities of direct voting and representation as an achievement.  
  • Julio Borges warned about the regime committing fraud in Barinas, after four days of delay in proclaiming a winner in the state.
  •  DGCIM officers raided the office of the Juan Germán Roscio mayorship in Guárico when mayor Ávila was being sworn in. A young woman was arbitrarily detained. 
  • Russia greeted the opposition’s participation in the election and said the criticism by other countries was “a politically motivated destabilization move.”
  • The UK criticized the conditions worsening in the venezuelan election and Nicolás’s regime rejected the statement, saying that it contains “unacceptable” expletives that reveal political hostility. 
  • Only 36.28% of the Venezuelan population is fully vaccinated according to the National Hospital Survey. They said 2.8 million people are still waiting for the second dose and 76.8% of healthcare personnel has received both doses already. 
  • Antero Alvarado, Gas Energy partner, assured that only 600,000 Venezuelan families have direct access to gas, the rest of the population has to use tanks. 
  • FundaRedes activists’ hearing was postponed for the 12th time because SEBIN officers didn’t bring them to the hearing. 
  • Pablo Montero’s lawyer revealed that the singer had many concerts canceled after he sang for Nicolás on his birthday. We hope he can make those 60,000 dollars last. 
  • Curacao arrested 33 Venezuelan migrants who were caught on a boat in their territorial waters. They handed them over to the police. 
  • The Washington Post reported that there’s been an enormous amount of Venezuelans crossing the border in the last few months and that it generates conflict for the Biden administration. 
  • Amnesty International revealed that the Peruvian State fails Venezuelan women who have survived gender violence. They report harassment, sexual blackmail, economic pressure to keep a job or a home. 
  • A U.S. federal judge moved the date of Alex Saab’s status hearing for December 6th, following a request by his defense. The trial is scheduled for January 3rd, 2022, and Saab must be there in person. 


Naky Soto

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