Maduro Complained About Public Services

Among other news, Maduro admitted that public utilities fail in Venezuela and blamed the sanctions and incompetent officers. OAS commissioner David Smolansky said that there will be more Venezuelan migrants than any other country in the world soon.

Photo: El Ágora Diario

  • After nine years in power, Maduro admitted that public utilities fail in Venezuela and blamed the sanctions and incompetent officers: “You tell me which head has to roll so we can improve everything. We’ll unblock bureaucracy and indolence in public institutions and deliver public services to the people,” he said as if he didn’t have a responsibility in the collapse. He speculated it would be the best year of economic growth, but didn’t say which public policy he’d implement to do it. “I want to change everything that must be changed to make all services work, including public transportation” and added that he intends to solve the water supply problem during the first quarter of 2022. 
  • Roberto Picón, the board member of the National Electoral Council (CNE), said that candidates for the new election in Barinas in January can be nominated until December 6th. He assured they didn’t receive any notification from the Comptroller’s Office about  Freddy Superlano being barred from running for office, despite they received “around 30 notifications allowing or barring people.”
  • Súmate said that the Electoral Chamber of the TSJ “confiscated the autonomy of the CNE” with the rulings that annulled Freddy Superlano’s election. 
  • CNE published the results of the second-degree vote that took place in eight states on November 26th. CONIVE, an Indigenous organization tied to chavismo, obtained seven posts while Orpia got one in Amazonas. 

Former Barinas governor Argenis Chávez used Diosdado Cabello’s video to refute how the next candidate for Barinas will be chosen. “I made it clear that the decision about who the candidate would be was to be made by PSUV national direction,” he tweeted alongside the video where Cabello said that Maduro is the one who will decide. 

  • During Ángel Marcano’s swearing-in ceremony as governor of Bolívar, Diosdado  Cabello asked for praise from the CNE and the Plan República for their work on November 21st.
  • CEOFANB reported that they detected and neutralized a plane from Colombian Drug Trafficking Armed Terrorists. 
  • The fourth shipment of Iranian oil for PDVSA will be unloaded in the next few days, reported Reuters. This exchange has allowed PDVSA to increase production. However, oil exports decreased in November because of the delays in deliveries due to the oil’s poor quality. 
  • Carlos Abreu Bello, so far unknown, but known as the owner of northern Monagas or PDVSA’s Loki, just became famous because of being named as the beneficiary of PDVSA contracts in Orinoco, using “intimidation, threats and fraudulent negotiations.” 
  • The Venezuelan Infectology Society rejected the use of Abdala and Soberana 2 as a booster shot. They expressed their concern for schools demanding parents to offer a letter justifying why they don’t want to have their children vaccinated using these vaccine candidates.
  • Lima mayor Jorge Muñoz Well said that 800 thousand Venezuelans live in Lima and are in need of “health, education, housing and access to work, which generates “tensions with the established population.” He assured they’re working on being able to recognize the rights of Venezuelans, “so they can live with dignity.”
  • OAS commissioner David Smolansky said that there will be more Venezuelan migrants than any other country in the world soon. 
  • Maduro’s regime published Official Gazette Nº 42.261, two days after the election, a resolution stripping the governor of Zulia of the power to control airports and tolls. The decision was signed by Maduro. 

Twitter Safety’s official account reported they suspended 277 Venezuelan accounts that were amplifying accounts, hashtags and topics supporting the Venezuelan government and it official narrative,” using an app called Twitter Patria which was also suspended, alongside similar apps from Mexico, China, Russia and Uganda. 

  • Victoria Nuland, U.S.  Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, said that she met yesterday with representatives of the unitary platform. She expressed the support of the U.S. for the negotiation process and called on the regime to return to the negotiating table. 
  • The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference reported the death of Mr. Aldo Giordano, for COVID-19. He was a diplomat who was committed to the democratic cause, a precise spokesman, and was even brave enough to reject decorations offered by the regime, May he rest in peace. 

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