The Hallaca Rant

One more Pueblo People episode before the year ends. This is perhaps the most controversial episode of this podcast to date

As with everything else, Venezuelan Christmas is deeply charged with national symbolism and pride. Not without reason, we take our traditions wherever we go and make big efforts to make sure they’re passed on to our kids. There are 6 million+ migrants trying to recreate what they had back home, and it’s amazing to see how they’re starting to impact their surroundings with Venezuelan culture. However, these traditions also suffer and inevitably get mixed with others as we adapt to our new homes.

The original subject of this episode was about migrant culture, but this discussion took a dark turn and has some strong opinions on hallacas, gaitas, the Elf, raisins and olives in the pan de jamón, and the long-standing debate on who brings the presents: Santa or Baby Jesus?

In the end, holidays are what you make of them and everyone has their own traditions 🙂



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