Wrapping up 2021 With the Venezuela Diaspora Project

The Venezuela Diaspora Project goes over its first year

This was a great first year for the Venezuela Diaspora Project. Not only did we have great guests, but we learned a lot about how to produce this kind of content. Here’s Chubeto’s wrap up:

Six takeaways by Chubeto after the VDP’s first year:

  1. Connecting the diaspora is a good bet on wealth creation for future generations.
  2. Venezuelans are at the cutting edge of many tech trends, particularly crypto.
  3. For those who are well-connected fundraising is a walk in the park, for those who are not… not so much.
  4. There are many ‘unknown’ Venezuelans who are outliers in their industries.
  5. We need to bring in more women to the podcast in 2022.
  6. It takes discipline to generate content consistently.

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  • Editing and Sound: David Sira
  • Video Editor: Alirio Rodríguez
  • Design: Alejandra Rojas
  • Promoter (and “inspiration”): Francisco Marquez Lara
  • Host and instigator: Jesus Alberto Bolivar, also known in the caracaschronosphere as Chubeto.