A Depressed Nation

Cecodap warned about the increased risk of suicide among children and teenagers in Venezuela.

  • Cecodap warned about the increased risk of suicide among children and teenagers in Venezuela. They had 4,989 sessions in 20 states in the country in 2021. 61% of patients were girls and women. The main causes for seeking therapy were sadness, anxiety, and depression, 39% of cases and 26% presented suicidal thoughts and could be at risk of suicide. They registered 72 similar cases in 2020 and 156 in 2021, 112% more. Cecodap underscored the urgent need for access to data, public policy for mental health, and investment for the creation of programs and specific services for women, teenagers, and girls. 

Maduro’s foreign minister Félix Plasencia met with the chief of the EU delegation in the country, Rafael Dochao, to strengthen dialogue and tackle topics of “common interest,” tweeted Plasencia on Wednesday. 

  • Jorge Rodríguez demanded the AN commission start working in creating the laws that will complete the labor law as it stands. Meanwhile, the “Día del Trabajador” bonus has been reaching citizens, for a total of 19.20 bolivars or $3.98. Less than one kilo of beef. 
  • “We’re breaking coffee production records and we’re breaking a quality record. It’s a productive-economic miracle,” Maduro. He briefly mentioned “wrong policies” and promised to hand out credits to double production.
  • The prosecutor’s office announced an investigation against the president of the Olympic Committee and former sports minister Eduardo Álvarez, for alleged irregularities during Copa América 2007 and the training and preparation periods of Venezuelan athletes for Beijing 2008. Yes, fifteen years later. It appears that some chavista factions are in conflict. 
  • However, the prosecutors haven’t mentioned anything about the murder of four Yanomami citizens who were killed by military officers in Amazonas in March. No warrants for their arrest and opacity. 
  • Josnars Baduel, son of Raúl Isaías Baduel, who died in prison, has been in jail for two years, for allegedly participating in Operation Gedeón. His sister tweeted that he’s been tortured and will require four surgeries because of that. 
  • The National Journalists Guild (CNP) reported that they documented 68 attacks against the press between January and April 2022.

The Venezuelan Observatory of Finance (OVF) reported that inflation in April reached 3.6%, accumulated inflation of 22% so far this year. The interannual inflation rate was 172%, it’s still the highest on the planet. 

  • The OVF also reported that the basic food basket cost $381 in April, a 31.51% increase compared to April 2021. 
  • Súmate warned that it’s been 90 days since authorities arrested the mayors of municipalities in Zulia and Anzoátegui for allegedly committing crimes, and because of that, the municipal councils should have called on the CNE to call new elections and it hasn’t happened. 
  • Cepaz documented at least 28 acts of harassment and criminalizing press workers, political activists, NGOs and citizens. They registered 99 incidents during the first quarter of 2022. 
  • The U.S. ratified its support for Juan Guaidó. Brian Nichols reported that they spoke on the phone and said that “all Venezuelans who fight for democracy and human rights will find an unconditional partner and ally in the U.S. We’re still committed to finding a negotiated path that benefits all Venezuelans.” 
  • Paraguay ratified that they don’t have relations with the Maduro regime and that they recognize Juan Guaidó, according to the new Paraguayan foreign minister Julio César Arriola, after Nicolás’s deputies met with representatives of the Senate. 
  • OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro reported that he had a meeting with David Smolansky to speak about the most recent report on the Venezuelan diaspora. Without going into detail, he said that the immigration crisis is getting worse. 
  • There are over 5.6 million refugees and 7.7 million displaced citizens because of the invasion, reported UNHCR. 

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