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This was the pic of the day. Macron sitting woth Gerardo Blyde, flanked by Delcy and the usual suspects: Lula, Petro, and Alberto Fernández de Kirschner.

There had been talks of a government/opposition meeting that would take place during the UE/Celac summit in Brussels. Some are saying that this is the prelude to a return to the Mexico table. However, as we’ve said in our PRR, those talks have never stopped, they only go back to Mexico when they have something to show.

Gasoline update

According to Reuters, Amuay’s catalytic cracker is back online. This is PDVSA jargon for +70,000 daily barrels of gasoline may be in production. The problem is that Venezuela still has to share its meager gasoline priduction with Cuba (shrug emoji).

USo don’t expect this to solve the gasoline shortage.

Delcy goes to Europe

Delcy traveled to the UE/Celac summit under a special provision since she is sanctiones, she was received by a jolly committe and two kisses from Spain’s Pedro Sánchez.

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