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Friendly Reminder: It's a Dictatorship

Chavismo just decided to reboot the CNE in the middle of a critical stage of the opposition primary race. Join the fray in the comment section.

What Happened With the CNE?

  • Chavista CNE members resigned to their positions.
  • Consequence: The AN has to name a commission to appoint the committee that will decide over new member submissions.
  • Chavista deputies said that if the committee had to be formed, then they had to replace all CNE members. Including those that didn’t resign.
  • CNE members connected to the opposition, Roberto Picón and Enrique Márquez didn’t resign.
  • The AN is proposing some classic chavista big wigs to the commission, including Cilia Flores—the first lady gets to decide who will oversee her husband’s reelection.
  • The opposition’s National Primary Commission was in the middle of deliberations on whether the CNE should assist the primary election or not. It seems the decision was made for them.

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Las figuras de alto nivel del chavismo designadas para la comisión preliminar del Comité de Postulaciones del CNE -> Gracias Alberto News por el video. ¿Tu que piensas? #CNE #Primarias #presidenciales2024

♬ original sound – Melanio Escobar
Cilia Flores will be in the commission that will appoint the authorities that will oversee the process in which her husband will run for re election
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