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High Honors for El Bus

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Keep on Busin’

The German Embassy awarded El BusTV with the Sophie Scholl prize for their commitment to democracy.

Long live the Encava.

Here’s the speech by Laura Helena

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Lula & Lulito

Capriles didn’t miss the opportunity to hit on a Lula talking point, saying that “the intelligent position (for the U.S.) to avoid defeat in 2024, was to shake the game board and change the rhetoric” toward Venezuela (leaning toward sanction lifting).

It’s interesting to see how the primary candidates start showing contrasting positions on key issues.

Anyhow, this reminded us of that time when someone called him yellow Lula on this blog.

“We have to move, we can’t keep doing the same because we’ll get the same results.”

Henrique Capriles
Capriles interviewed by the Atlantic Council
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