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Maduro in Brazil

Nicolás Maduro left the building. Sadly, he’ll be back. We’ll be updating throughout the day, so check back. Feel free to share any thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

Gibbs is on point here

Someone will come out to say, this is not what Lula meant. That he’s just pointing Maduro in the right direction, but he’s just looking to minimize the “Venezuelan dictatorship narrative” at the expense of all the victims of human rights violations.

First trip in years

Maduro hasn’t been traveling much lately, except for the occasional Cuba escapade (one imagines). However, the ruler of Venezuela just landed in Brazil for Lula’s Isla Presidencial initiative, a presidential retreat in Brasilia that should take place on May 30th. The agenda? South America’s hot mess. We’re not betting that anything productive will come out of it, but it’s interesting to see how the shifting alliances have made Maduro more comfortable.

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Carlos Andrés Pérez, Felipe González, Daniel Ortega, Rafael Leonardo Callejas and Óscar Arias travel to Chile for Patricio Aylwin’s inauguration, March 1990
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