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María Carolina Strikes Back

45 days before the primaries, the attacks against them increase: from Diosdado to the Primaries Commission former vice-president… enemy and frenemy fire!

Friendly Fire

María Carolina Uzcátegui reappeared a month after her resignation from the vice-presidency of the National Primaries Commission, blaming a lack of technical and logistical conditions. Uzcátegui is now calling for the primaries’ suspension, (still) insisting on assistance from the CNE. Qué descaro!

A Postcard

María Carolina Uzcátegui’s position shouldn’t be completely unexpected: she’s close to some “alternative opposition” parties 🦂. In fact, she was a candidate of Eduardo Fernández’s Unión y Progreso party in 2020 and participated in a forum of Timoteo Zambrano’s Cambiemos party in April 2022.

A primary hecha con las uñas

One of Uzcategui’s criticisms has to do with the use of private homes and commercial venues as voting centers for the primaries. According to electoral journalist Eugenio Martínez aka puzkas, 30% of voting centers are private spaces and 29% are parks and squares.

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