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NYT: The Newest Immigrants Will Change American Spanish. That’s a Good Thing.“It is likely that by then, a Venezuelan variety of American Spanish will be plenty recognizable. Its muscle will have come about, in part, thanks to the current migrants like Venezuelans risking everything — losing limbs, even dying on the journey — to enter the United States. American Spanish thrives in its pluralism. ¡Qué vaina! Let’s fight for nuance.”

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We’re aiming for a compulsively readable Caracas Chronicles that features the kinds of debates that otherwise get lost in discussions in English about our country. We’ll do that by foregrounding our Venezuelan filter: Caracas Chronicles has always been about bringing a Venezuelan perspective on Venezuelan affairs.

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Carlos Andrés Pérez, Felipe González, Daniel Ortega, Rafael Leonardo Callejas and Óscar Arias travel to Chile for Patricio Aylwin’s inauguration, March 1990
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