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To Russia With Loathe

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Venezuela on the Web

To Russia With Loathe: Funny relationship, the one Venezuela has with Russia. Of all the international partners that Venezuela has today, probably the weakest bond. A few days ago we learned that Russian oil replaced Venezuelan exports to India. While propaganda remains strong and some signs in Cyrillic still hang in Margarita restaurants describing the special of the day, the strategic alliance (both in energy and military cooperation) has weakened. But why is Venezuela gleefully joining the tone-deaf choir of support for Russia? Llanero poker, probably—a bit of leverage for negotiations. Graph: The Economist.

If you know any Venezuelans struggling to get their passports abroad, send them this video

Hunger Doesn’t Forgive

According to Transparencia Venezuela, PDVSA (roja rojita) has forgiven $70 billion to its key allies (Cuba, Nicaragua, Brazil and Argentina). And this refers to formal debt forgiveness, imagine all those outstanding invoices that will never get paid, like the current $22 billion tab that El Aissami & Co. left over the counter (we know that at least 3 of those 22 are already down the drain).

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