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Todo Está Chevron en Venezuela

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Reuters: Venezuela’s oil exports surge in July to highest in over 3 years

“In July, Venezuela’s exports of crude and refined products averaged 877,032 barrels per day (bpd), 22% above the previous month, with shipments mostly going to Asia, according to internal company documents and data seen by Reuters.”

We’re still far from the volumes promised by Tellechea (over 1M bpd), but the focus on the relationship with Chevron and other Western partners has been fruitful for the government. Of course, this is not close to enough to bring the economy about, like some analysts/opinion framers say.

Vape Prohibition

The Maduro regime just imposed a strict prohibition over vape usage, commercialization, and marketing.

While vapers may be annoying folk, entitled little smoke blowers who believe their shisha burps smell like roses, this is an exaggerated old fashioned measure against the habit. Plus, experience tells us that these kinds of prohibitions never bring anything good.

Wonder if there will be a transition back to traditional ciggarrettes. The Astor Rojo returns with a vengeance.

Resolution #414 – Ministry of Health

The Revolution Cracks Down on Labor Leaders

6 union leaders and labor activists where sentenced to 16 years in jail. According to Maduro’s general prosecutor (Tarek William Saab), they were engaged in a conspiracy that involved raiding a military facility to steal 120 rifles.

The truth is that this is just Maduro quashing unions and the prospect of future worker protests in one swing.

Venezuela is where labor rights went to die.

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