Frontline on Aló Presidente: Simply Brilliant

Quico says: Frontline, PBS’s flagship current affairs show, has just released a documentary on el que te conté on its website. They’re calling it The Hugo Chávez Show, and it’s as close to The Whole Story on Chávez in 90 minutes as you’re ever likely to get.

Watch it. No, seriously, watch it. The production values are top-notch, and the analysis is on a level of sophistication well beyond what we’re used to seeing in foreign outlets.

This segment in particular, which methodically takes apart the way Chávez brutalizes his own ministers and supporters on Aló, presidente, includes some of the most insightful stuff yet on the way the man actually exercises power. The basic insight/paradox, that opposition supporters enjoy far more freedom of speech in Venezuela than government backers, is brilliantly shown, not told.

Don’t miss it.

The Spanish version está aquí.

[Hat tip to like 15 or 20 of you who’ve been bombarding my inbox with links to this thing…]