The very reasonable Guido


Henry Rangel Silva is an example of some of the worst our country has to offer.

So, for a change, I thought I would end the week with a positive note. Check out this video by up-and-coming Venezuelan scientist and inventor (and long-time reader) Guido Núñez Mujica.

Yes, not all is doom and gloom in our country. There are people back home who are actually, you know, trying to make the world a better place. Enjoy!

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  1. To my mind there are two kinds of Revolutions.

    The fake ones, led by fakes who sell backwardness, dishonesty and opression in a different wrapping and for “noble” ends.

    And the real ones that change the way of doing things across cultures and countries. The guys here have a dream and might want to make even. But they are both honest and intelligent.

    What Guido et al offer is the kind of thing that can start real Revolutions.

    It’s not flight, even at Mach 2. It’s economic, safe flight for many. It’s not luxury autos. It’s reliable, mass produced autos for many. It’s not PCR. It’s PCR you can do for next to no money anywhere anytime. It’s the beginning of cheap DNA testing.

  2. Guido shared this with me earlier this week. AWESOME. I’ve been a big fan of this rising star for many years. We’ll all be hearing big things from this young man.

  3. This is great! I’m so stoked that this young man, to whom many of us contributed for this LavaAp project, has done so well! Felicidades, Guido!

  4. Gracias!

    Thanks a lot, JC. It means a lot to me to see this video here. It also makes me feel very good to read how you speak about our project, and I hope we can make it happen (and other projects we are working on).

    Life is tough here, but I really think that there is enormous potential despite everything, in Venezuela. Besides we need to prepare ourselves for the moment when this nightmare is over.

  5. MoronsinCaracas, it’s a product of the times. It is regular conduct by a lot of people that seeks to galvanize the country. I have Chavista friends, nice guys, although I generally think they are nuts for supporting Chavez. That said Chavez has time and time again called me evil, called my wife a traitor to the country and so on. So you can easily understand that with Chavez calling everyone that opposses him evil or a traitor, that many who oppose him start to do the same thing back to chavistas. At least I would hope you have the insight to see why that takes place.

    Chavez has been working to radicalize the nation for some 9 years or so, and it is working on every front. As a Chavez supporter, you should look first at the man your supporting before you come and critisize people in the opposition for doing the same thing. Otherwise you just come out looking like a hypocrate.

  6. Khyber i was thinking the same thing.
    Im just not willing to support anybody that splits the country,despite any other achievement or failure he/she may have had in the future.
    Chavista or Opposition, if you make the population divide with the populist bullshit,the propaganda or any other method,you’re an asshole.

    I can already feel a bomb coming.

    • Stalin, Hitler and Genghis Khan also did not split their countries up either, and we all know how ell they turned out to be.

      I am not saying that Chavez is like any of these, of course….

  7. I completely agree with MoronsinCaracas. Chàvez has never held an agressive, insulting tone towards people who prove him wrong [albeit using a positivist scientific method developped by Imperialists to opress people in the 3rd World]. All I remember is Chàvez sending venezuelans “love”, as he did on his brilliant, insightful and analytic Presidential Campaign.
    Has he called anyone “evil”? Of course not! You see, George Bush *was* the devil to begin with…
    It is utterly imposible to find Youtube videos of Chàvez screaming “shit!” on TV, or gloating, taunting, insulting and pandering to people’s fears.
    He’s just like Gahndi.
    And “Morons…” is just like Wynston Smith.
    (Ah, the good ole days of bona fide trollism are back, aren’t they?)

  8. Perhaps you have found your niche Guido, where your particular kind of analytical skills shine and where you can make a good contribution to your country and to the world.Keep up the good work.

  9. you’re absolutely right!
    Venezuela has always been at war with Eurasia.
    Crime has never been rampant.
    Production is booming.
    Venezuela has always been at war with Eastasia.
    VenIran is producing Cars and PCs at breakneck speed.
    Vargas can snub La côte d’Azur anyday.
    There are no more glue-fiend children.
    Venezuela has always been at war with Imperialism…

  10. Moron, please point where I said it was ok.

    I’m a canadian, and he has called the empire of the US, and all that follow it, evil on countless occassions. I’m not going to be bothered with finding it, but if I can stomach the guy for more then 30minutes this sunday, I’ll quote him for you. Seriously, you must be completely ignorant of what is taking place here if that is your arguement. Have you not heard his 4-8hr cadenas?

    You do accept that he did call bush the devil and worse right? And on many occasions he has spouted hate speech of how foreigners should leave the country. Are you going to dispute that too?

  11. I was going to say don’t feed the troll two post ago. For an old-fashioned troll it is: Offenses, innuendo, tendentious questions and accusations from the first phrase.

    Then Ministry of Truth showed us that ridicule kills trolls quickly. WAY TO GO!

  12. Who knows? Maybe everybody fussing with a motor engine is trying to make it better. But a gorilla with a monkey wrench should not be let near it.

    To hear every politician from the Paleolithic to now, they had good intentions and wanted the best. Every single one.

    People are not “evil” because of their stated intentions (which are unfathomable). But because of their acts and their reaction to their consequences. Evil people do evil, destructive things that ruin lives. At times good people also do destructive things and become bad.

    The difference, is that those that turn back to being good repent and try to amend or repay, reject the very animus that caused them to do such things.

    Chavez has done lots of those, and is not repentant of any, and still goes the same way. Sorry.


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