As if taking away their power to legislate wasn’t enough, today AN Chief Inquisitor Cilia Flores is announcing a Reform to the Rules on Debates inside the National Assembly.

You know what comes next: the majority will decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t. The opposition deputies, the ones representing a majority of Venezuelan voters, will be lucky to get a word in.

Add to that the looming sentence that will strip elected deputy Jose “Mazuco” Sanchez of his immunity, thereby disenfranchising the 72% of voters that elected him, and the picture becomes clear: the Ledezimation of the new Parliament is almost complete.

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  1. While i read this,im already hearing the thousands of young people(between18-27) already dressing up to go to the club tonight and sing “yo no quiero agua yo quiero bebida” and “weke weke weke” and others.

    There is not a single drop of anything in today’s youth, im 22 and im proud of being this age and having this mind.Just having this blog in my favorites is a change.

    Venezuela is living the darkest times i’ve seen,not that i’ve seen much but i’d love to hear older people agree or disagree. Nobody just cares, most only care about dancing,vallenato and going to the gym or talking in facebook. When the government starts taking their SUVs and pick ups,their beer and their clubs, they will move out of venezuela or just find another banal hobby.

    All hope is lost. The opposition are just tribes,just that. Chavez is a “marea roja”.


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