Chávez starts to pay the price for that Bolivar sword replica UPDATED

Not a Bolivar Sword photo, but I love the expression on Hugo's face...

Even longstanding Chávez ball-coddler Nikolas Kozloff is appalled by his chumminess with Ghaddafi

Update: Now long time friend-of-the-house Al Giordano piles on – taking it out, bizarrely, on Evita Golinger and Telesur.

It’s like these guys’ heads would explode if they even entertained the simple, Occam’s Razorish explanation for all this: that Chávez consistent­ly expresses his admiration­, respect, affection, solidarity and deep brotherhoo­d with autocrats because he shares their understand­ing of power, and of a leader’s role with regard to his own people.

[Hat Tips: Sully + Setty]