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Showcasing once more his impecable sense of timing, Hugo Chávez picked Sunday evening for…a stirring denunciation of the Gaddafi Regime’s foes.

And that, my friend, is how the mind of a guy who names his pet roosters after his best friend and himself works.

Sic semper etc. etc…

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  1. Don’t see any Venezuelan troops -or Cuban troops in Libya-only hear a loud-mouth,
    blind,stupid. Question-Chavez who are the rebels- they are ARE the Libyan people
    who are fed up with the dictator- friend of Chavez, “brother” of Chavez.
    The Libyans are coming to help free Venezuela next, Chavez.

  2. Excellent timing on the part of Chavez. My guess is that if Gadaffi makes it to Caracas, it will be in a body bag.

    Hugo must have been reading How to Win Friends and Influence People. His standing up for Gadaffi will win him a lot of international support. 🙂 But at least Hugo is being consistent.

  3. “Showcasing once more his impecable sense of timing…” very true. International politics are the true blind spot of the Bolivarian Revolution (at least since the capable diplomats left or were shunted to rewarding, out of the way posts).

    And a showcase of the real beliefs and sympathies of Hugo Chavez and chavismo. Saddam, Gaddafi, Mugabe… this does not bode well for Venezuelans. It could be combined nicely for a warning to Venezuelans. Remember 11A and “Plan Avila”. I am not glad he is sick (retire man!), and I don’t buy a word about his transformation, but if it prevents him committing a bloodbath, it’s a boon and a blessing.

  4. I assure you all, Chavez is as safe as Obama inside the White House.
    This is very good for the middle east. But LatAm is a very different scenario, just like China or N.Korea. In the latter two, you CAN’T protest, you’ll get put down like a dog, and in China’s case you even get fucked DAYS BEFORE the protest takes place, thanks to very oppresive police and military and scary intelligence work.

    In LatAm, it seems people WON’T protest. Where are CUba’s protestors? Blogging? Maybe in older times, but right now, popular revolutions seem too far away. We are closer to a military coup actually, but still i wouldn’t say close,as the military have a “bozal de arepa infinito”. As corrupt as it gets. Seems we are doomed to hell. Nothing is coming here, not yet.

    • It pains me to say it, but you’re right. A Chavez ousting through popular revolution will only result in international condemnation at this stage. If he were to radicalize (as opposed to the slowed, controlled burn) it would be a different thing, but too late for people to act.

      • You really keep forgetting the important differences.
        1) the Arab revolution started in countries that had seen a dramatic decline in the purchasing power of the poor. By that I mean people couldn’t buy bread or cereals.
        2) there is actually more contact between Egyptians/Tunisians and outsiders than between Venezuelans and the rest of the world (REAL-LY)
        3) they reacted after having been under the boot for over 20, 30 years
        4) Libya only reacted as people saw there were big revolutions elsewhere

        Of course, what leaves me wondering: what the hell happened to Cubans?
        I suppose it has to do with how isolated their country has been since times when technology couldn’t linked us all and the embargo. And of course, Venezuela’s government that keeps paying for the Castro thugs to oppress their people. When one falls, the other will fall right away.

        • That’s true, Kepler. Many Middle easterners, specially the less-privileged and poor ones, have seen Europe, and lived there too.

          However bad their treatment might be by governments, and notwithstanding all the stupid xenophobia by MORONIC Europeans who see them as part of an “invasion” upon their culture (they come to work, dammit!), they have been exposed to democratic systems and have relatives raised there too. The contamination goes the other way too. The old autocracies and islamic fundamentalism are in for serious competition.

  5. Whatever non-sensical blabber is spewing out of his mouth…he doesn’t look sick to me. I could be very wrong, and God forgive me if I’m wrongly accusing a cancer patient of faking it, but shouldn’t he at least appear weaker if he’s going through his third chemo?

    Hey! look at me wildly speculating! I could go on Alo Ciudadano like the best of them.

  6. I actually welcome these statements…

    For all the chavista yakking yammering about a conspiracy to create a negative “opinion matrix” about “Venezuela” (read the present farcical Boboilusion) by intl. news outlets… It turns out that the worst of it is created by none other than Chavez himself and followers.

    Stand alongside Gaddafi. Stand alongside Hussein, Ahmadinejad, Mugabe, Lukashenko… stand along them and BE counted among them. He’s a wannabe dictator, we know that, but in public perception he IS in that group. Fidel is an exception to the rul. It probably has to do with being a darling of the left and with him and Che having won the title of the “most sexy torturers and executioners of the 20th. Century”….

    It’s like when he puts on a military uniform, or when his military commanders huff and puff that they’ll not accept an opposition government. This reinforces the idea in foreigner minds of a military regime, which to an extent this is.

    Somebody in the opposition should make a concise 1 hour video of all this, just in case he has to be ousted. It should stem any reaction and also prevent official reaction to the ouster in no time.

      • When push comes to shove, he shall call for deadly force to be used on Venezuelans… like he did in 2002.

        It only depends on how many of his supposedly hardcore followers and military suckups answer the call. It could be that most are opportunistic and he has to board a plane out of country. “Ouster” means there will be some violence involved.

        Anyhow, these interventions help the cause of the opposition no end… And a case should be made to Venezuelans that every single one of the leaders he supported used bloody violence against their own people. Hugo has done that too. Then, as a President he tried and failed.

        • “It could be that most are opportunistic and he has to board a plane out of country”
          (He left today-he’s getting lot of “practice” leaving-ha)
          Seriously, to be tried in International Criminal Court in the future with many of
          his associates. Which is exactly where Fidel and Raul should be too..

  7. No better contradiction of this rhetoric than the images of overjoyed Libyans freed of their lunatic dictator. Parenthetically, most of Venezuela’s Arab partners in OPEC are also calling for Qaddafy’s ouster and have been for some time. What does this say about Venezuela’s relationship with Saudi, Kuwait, the Emirates, etc.? Quite literally, Qaddafy’s only friend appears to be that other self-infatuated crazed proto-dictator with highly authoritarian tendencies.

  8. There is a lot of fear in Thugo’s voice. Fear that the “false democracts” could do the same to him. “Porque les da la gana.” “Because they want to” get rid of Gadaffi. He does not want to end up like his bud Gadaffi.

    His talking about “peace” at the end of the video reminded me of the Soviet invocation of “peace.” Socialism means peace, and all that. Peace meaning a secure hold on power.


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