Chávez is now an embarrassment…to Sean Penn!

Seven years into his rule, Hugo Chávez, the man shutting down dissident media at home, became the darling of the progressive left around the world - with lots of help from famous friends along the way. Perhaps your 2007 visit to Venezuela has been forgotten, Sean Penn. Thankfully, the internet is forever. This post was originally published on March 4, 2011.


Pity Sean Penn*. After years working to position himself as an avant-garde progressive willing to push the envelope by hitching his brand to Chávez’s, his pet revolutionary starts unravelling all that work by standing by the mass-murdering Libyan regime.

As Chávez starts spinning wild tales of gringo conspiracies to grab Libyan oil fields that aren’t even compatible with the wild conspiracy theories Gaddafi himself is spinning, I just have a mental image of Penn watching the news back home and just letting his face sink into his hands: ¡que torta!

He’s now in Caracas, apparently trying to do a bit of damage control.

Sean, buddy, it’s too late. The whole world’s borne witness to the twisted spectacle of one mentally disturbed pseudo-leftie dictator standing by another. Not even Chávez’s own bought-and-paid-for journalists can stomach it.

In refusing to call out Gaddafi for plain old undisguised mass murder, Chávez crosses a new rubicon. It’s not that he’s putting himself beyond the pale of mainstream international opinion: he did that long ago, when he started shutting down dissident media outlets like RCTV. So we’re way past that.

Now, though, he’s making himself radioactive even to the 1% farthest left fringe of international public opinion: Chávez is now beyond the pale of people who initially put themselves beyond the pale by supporting him!

*Not really.

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  1. Epa Chabe,,,,,resulta que ” tu buen amigo Sean Penn“ podrìa ser ( a parte de biyuyero) un infiltrado del imperio mesmo,,,,”According to Penn’s mother, Leo Penn may have had distant Sephardic Jewish ancestry, as his family’s surname was originally “Piñón” (ver Wikipedia:
    eso sì serìa lo ùltimo, hahaha….

  2. Sean Penn is a twit as my old Brit friends would say.

    Another Hollywood nobody with so much undeserved money that the guilt has turned him crazy.

  3. Your image of Penn is wrong. He doesn’t have that kind of conscience that leads to “que torta!” thoughts. Penn is in Caracas as Chavez is promoting Penn and Danny Glover as members of a peace commission to be sent to Libya. Personally, I think you’d have trouble coming up with a funnier scenario but leave it to Chavez.

    Remember Penn has been convicted of domestic assault and has served jail time for assault on media. Keep this in perspective when considering his relationship with Chavez. They are both known by the company they keep.

  4. Lina Ron is one of the most blatant representatives of the intellectual level of Chavismo. She won’t be missed. Now if we can just get the rest of them to have similar problems maybe the country can start on the road to recovery.

  5. Hmmm….it looks as if Toro is going to continue to ape CNN. Fox, BBC and all the others who all have the true story of what is happening in Libya. Just as they had the true story of the WMD in Iraq.

    Phone Anderson Cooper, Toro, he knows what’s happening.

    As far as talking about Sean Penn is concerned …this is just a non-story and worthy of pride of place in intellectual outlets such as Noticias24.

    Toro – when are you going to address the hypocricy of the oil companies profiting in Libya ffom the Gadhafi regime? If they have any conscience they should give all the profits they made there to charity – just as Nelly Furado gave her million bucks to charoty after performing for Gadhafi in 2007.

    • Perhaps you shold check your sources, Furtado only said she would donate her monies after Lybia started to burn…

        • Quico is correct. Penn’s appearance is relevant whereas both Penn and Chavez are not relevant on the international stage but are gonna try real hard to be so. I think it’s a great story. I only hope Glover shows up tomorrow, except I think he has a tiny iota more self respect than Penn

          • Penn might be an idiot for his coziness with Chavez , or for that matter, any brutish tyrant who markets himslef as a “revolutionary empire-fighter.”

            But it would be equally foolish to think that just because Chavez or Gaddafi go wild with anti-empire rhetoric, the gringos are not pulling the strings right, left and center to ride the wave of the uprisings and substitute the tyrants they have themselves supported across the region with puppet “democrats”.

    • Arturo, What is it with you and “Toro”? If this is something so personal, why air it out publicly? Are you one of those people who love making scenes in public places? Do you really need his attention, sooo much?! Grow up.

      Quico, your ignoring this guy reminds me of the joke:

      Masochist to sadist: “Hit me!”
      Sadist to Masochist: … no.

  6. The question is this: Along with Quico’s outing of Sean Penn, and Simón Romero’s outing of propaganda queen Eve Golinger, will Quico also out the reporters and editors of the media, who too, fawned over Chávez, gave oxygen to his movement, and now remain silent in their retreat?

  7. When I stated “media” I meant mainstream, the world over, with a far stronger readership/viewership than Telesur’s.

      • actually, I was thinking more along north american lines, only because that’s my “hood”, so to speak. But I’m also aware of the UK and euro media’s early fascination with the fat man.

  8. Even someone as base and low as Chavez speaking of Lina Ron’s “dignidad” makes me sick. She was a bleach blonde thug, period.

    • She was guilty of and completely unapologetic for:

      – Incite to riot
      – Arson
      – Assault and battery
      – Misuse of public funds
      – Hate speech

      Did I miss any?

      I won’t miss her.

  9. Oil companies, whether Venezuelan, Chinese or American have no conscience, nor are they in the business of having one. Ask francisco Illaramendi, Eudomario Carruyo and Rafael Ramirez. This does not seem to bother those that support the regime.

  10. Now, let’s not be blind. Sean Penn is a brilliant actor and a brilliant director. One of the most brilliant I have the pleasure of experiencing.

    Too bad such genius does not generally translate into political and moral savvy. He also happens to be a twit with a penchant for authoritarian dictators. With the misfortune of being born in a country with such short supply of those.If Leni Riefenstahl had been born in America… sigh!

    Fortunately for him, he lives in a time when fascism and shooting at people in the streets is completely discredited. That gives some sort of moral compass by statistical alignment with the magnetization of public pressure. Maybe people like him cannot identify the mass murder committed by Fidel Castro as essentially the same committed by other dictators because most of the public he cares about does not yet associate the two as the same…

  11. Talking about quality blogging and information…Im currently living in France and people here have a truly distorted images of Chavez and of Venezuela as a whole. This might be related to the media and a possible gap that exists in regards to Latin America in the news here but.. Even among intellectuals and university professors there is a sense of ignorance that beats that of the US’s “is venezuela a pacific island?” kinda deal ( this has been a question I’ve been asked several times in my 14 year experience within the US ). The French know where Venezuela is and that it is an oil producing country but beyond that there is a huge gap. For example, I was once hugged by a taxi driver after explaining that I had an accent because I was Venezuelan, after the usual “you are so lucky to have such a good president” (which I have gotten quite often). In reference to university profs I’ve been asked “so is it really all that dangerous, I mean the media just seems to really be blowing this out of proportion.”
    For the Venezolanos living in Europe (Spain aside .. maybe) is there any media source that discusses the discontent/embarrassment possibly felt here in Europe as well? … Is this gap of knowledge about Venezuela seen across other european countries? One would think that the insanities going on in the nation itself and that Chavez’s theatrics would have long caught european media attention and follow up.
    Saludos de Parigi!

  12. Sean Penn is nothing but a liar, coward and liberal piece of human garbage. As a Vet and one who has thereafter lived abroad, it comes to mind that the same ignorant idiots like Sean Penn put Hitler, a leftists in power some decades ago.
    I am sick and tired of putting up with the likes of the traitor, yes traitor, Sean Penn. He needs to take his sorry unethical, immoral and totally un-American big mouth to Venezuela and live there before someone like myself or another vet kicks his butt out of a country he does not deserve to live in.
    Chavez has been and always will be a criminal, thug and two-bit dictator; the likes and character that appeals to a scumbag like Sean Penn.
    Who really cares what Sean Penn says…time to shut off the microphone to the human toilet so typical of Hollywood, the biggest hypocrites in America. They fail to realize that we do not need them as much as they need us. And he is living proof why we need to bring back the draft; this bad boy would have been a born-again man under my or my NCOs care.
    Pack your bags and leave a country that is tired of you and your useless lifestyle Mr. Penn. For one who never earned the right to be called an American, it is time for us who have to call out your bluff and say Put Up or Shit Up or simply do all of us a one-time big favor, Pack Up!


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