Ideal for Rounding Up Dissidents


You can’t make this stuff up. Above is ملعب هوجو تشافيز‎ – Hugo Chávez Stadium to you and me – in Benina, Libya.

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  1. Let us mercifully draw the sheet over the PSF-ish contentions that the relationship of Venezuela and Libya was strictly diplomatic and economic, somewhat like that done by many other countries, only a bit more close, in the hopes of opposing unipolarity with a concerted voice.

    Not that such “business” as done with a tyrant like Gaddaffi by Italy, France and the UK was not wrong, especially when they sold weapons. Only that allying yourself with that guy is morally repugnant. And calling him “brother”, figure THAT out.

    Hey! Maybe we can rehabilitate even Mussolini’s (or Stalin’s) legacy in front of such an gullible understanding bunch. Benito only allied Italy with the wrong guy in hopes of building an alternative to “plutocratic democracy” and capitalism, after all… The consequences for Italy were not that bad, were they?


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