The Real Chávez is The One Backing Gaddafi

Sooner or later, the balance of evidence becomes overwhelming: the real Chávez is the one convinced Gaddafi is facing a “campaign of lies” and keeps raving about wild gringo conspiracies where the rest of the world sees a genocide in the offing.

With all other members of the “balancing coalition” – from Beijing to Brasilia to Moscow to Tehran – aligning closely behind the consensus position, standing by the Libyan psychopath is strategically senseless: you do nothing to bring about a multipolar world by siding doggedly with international criminals disowned by all of your major allies.

It’s at moments like this when Hugo Chávez writes the story that historians will tell about him when all is said and done.

Nobody’s forcing him. It would be much easier not to. But this one is from the heart. This man will never condemn the murderous violence of a pseudo-socialist psychopath. It’s just not in his nature.