A well regulated militia being deeply threatening to the security of an unfree State…


Over in Spanish, I think the unthinkable about Chávez’s plan to press absolutely everybody into serve in his militia

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  1. I was worried sick about the militia things but i remember a few months ago the talks about the mandatory military service and well,that didn’t work out. Remember how hard it is for the chavistas to actually put something in motion.

    but he didn’t have the enabling law back then,or did he?

    • Unfortunately, what paranoid delusions are in HIS mind are acted upon, no matter how ineffectually they are carried out. Forget about real military threats (i.e. in the Middle East), this nut case believes that the invasion is happening now and plans to react accordingly.

  2. We would hope he did. Only he will not ARM it.

    Otherwise, it could be turned AROUND when things got out of hand and assorted thugs and hardcore loyalists began to think of shooting people up.


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