The Underpaid Intern Defense

Why, on an episode of Kico Bautista’s Buenas Noches show back in september 2009, did Globovisión start running text messages along the bottom of the screen not even the most hardened gringo imperialist could stand by?

Things like “Urgent: Activate the networks of information, possible coup… Alert for Friday in the early hours of the morning,” and: “we have to march and not abandon the street, happen what may, and we must overthrow the tyrant once and for all. Despite setbacks, move forward with urgency (al mal paso darle prisa)”?

Simple: the Intern did it!

Dígalo ahí, Assange:

An Embassy source at Globovision claimed in a conversation with PAS Officer that the program’s producer left the filtering to an intern, who did not read all the messages before letting them be aired. The Globovision employee acknowledged that, “for the first time, we (Globo) don’t know how to defend ourselves.”

#11…at least now we know what he did before joining Chigüire Bipolar…