The master plan

Eugenio Martínez, aka Puzkas, has an interesting article in El Universal on the chronology of the primary date.

Contrary to common sense and the opinion of a majority of Venezuelans, the MUD decided to hold the opposition’s primaries on February 12th, 2012.

Not only is this date unnecessarily late, it is also the last possible date to hold them. Puzkas tells us why – the following weekend is the beginning of Carnival, and the weekend after that is the continuation of carnival. So that shoots down the following two weekends altogether.

After those two weekends comes March, but the CNE had already told the opposition they couldn’t organize primaries in March because it collides with the planning they have to do for the other elections – God only knows why they can’t plan things when they have nothing to do, like right now.

So February 12th is the absolute last possible date for a primary. And you know what that means – if the primaries are sabotaged or if something goes wrong, for any reason, there will be no primary. And guess who gets to select our candidate? The MUD, aka, Henry Ramos Allup.

It’s the master plan of that treasonous little midget – and he’s going to get away with it. Forget about primaries people, the devious Ramos Allup is going to pick the candidate.