An open letter to foreign correspondents in Venezuela


It’s based on this snarky little post we wrote a few months ago. The full letter is in the Spanish language blog.

Bottom line: don’t cite GIS XXI numbers if you want to safeguard your credibility. It’s a sham pollster and, as we have established in the past few days, just a chavista propaganda outfit.

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  1. I’m genuinely offended that you slammed JIZZ XXI without referencing the Foundation for Democratic Advancement… como no le haces swing a esa bombita?!?

    • Oh dear, no. Consultores 21 is the best Venezuelan pollster. Those guys have tons of credibility. You’re better off asking a cab driver for facts than asking GIS XXI.

        • I think so. They sample rural areas and have wider coverage than Datanalisis. But Datanalisis is OK.

          • As I remember it’s the 10,000-50,000 inhabitant areas that C21 gets to and nobody else does – 17% of the country lives there. Nobody really polls “caseríos” (<10,000 population, 5% of the the country.)

            Numbers are from memory, don't quote me.

  2. When I read the polls these people publish, the only thing that comes to mind is: “Who the hell names a firm after a bodily fluid, specially that one”.

    (Sorry, that’s offside -ed.)

      • Everyone and their grandmother was expecting this; the questions are:

        -Will they go through with it?
        -How will the voters react?
        -How will the government manage this? (Could be a boomerang or it could catapult another candidate)

        Interesting times ahead…

    • GIS XII, 30.11, NOAR… the government has several pseudo-pollsters at its service.

      And some legitimate ones which sometimes work for them, like Seijas.


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